Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vermont Doll Lovers, July 15, 2017

The Vermont Doll Lovers met yesterday at a member's family home. The weather mostly cooperated, although this being Vermont we did experience intermittent clouds, making photography on the screened-in porch occasionally problematic. Five members attended. I am missing a few doll sculpt names. Sorry about that.

Here are Modern Wizard's dolls:
The big girl is a CP Juri 2005 head on a ShinyDoll Thaasa body. Her name is Sardonix. I believe the others are hybrids.

Lyrajean brought an assortment of Volks dolls:
YoSD Kira and Yuh
SD Date and Jun Tachibana
SD Chiyo and F36
And two Unoa Quluts: a Lusis with a new face-up and a Sist.
Bittersweet Blue brought a Paradox Megu 2 head on Dollzone body, a FairyLand MiniFee Chloe, and a Hujoo Berry:
My apologies if there is only one photo. I couldn't fix the others.

Fey Ladybrought two big boys, a Dollzone Brant (seen here with Modern Wizard's Sardonix), and an Angell-Studio David with custom face-up:
Finally, I brought elves (Creature Doll Lucia, Lumedoll Meissa and WithDolls Ruby, Egon and Angela) along with Dollmore's Judith Girl Scents of a Rose Zinna:
Check out Lucia's shoes. I made them!

Looking over the photos, I'm impressed by how many doll companies they represent. I'm glad our taste in dolls is all over the board, because we get to see more dolls that way.

Next meeting is in August.


  1. So many brands and dollies! Your girls looked wonderful as always. I do hope you had a great time!! :D

    1. Thank you! It was fun trying out a different location, even if it made photo-taking a challenge.