Sunday, July 30, 2017

More Outfits for FID

Last week I mentioned I was working on an outfit but wouldn't show it until it was done. Now that it's done I'm not sure I want to share it. Okay, I'll share it but just so you know, I'm not particularly happy with it. The pattern is Metro Coat from Designs by Jude. Seeing as previous patterns for 19-inch Tonner male dolls all fit without alteration, I felt confident going in that this would fit FID men. Imagine my surprise, then, when I couldn't get the upper arms through the sleeves. I don't know if the narrow sleeves were solely to blame and the shoulders would have fit otherwise, but it was obvious that this coat would need another home, so I tried it on Model Delf Avalanche.
Length is no problem as it's supposed to be long, and a roomy fit is acceptable for a coat. Although the pattern envelope shows the coat in black, the mandarin collar inspired me to use an Asian fabric instead for an ethnic-influenced garment for FID Bichun. Avalanche gets to keep it for now, so long as he doesn't get too comfortable because I also want to try it on my Soul Vito. I'm almost hoping Vito is too tall to wear the coat, because I can't easily adjust the fastenings if needed. I didn't have in-scale buckles so I arranged decorative metal pieces on either side of each snap set. That makes for an annoying number of individual pieces to remove in order to reposition snaps, unless I can do it from the opposite side. Here's a close-up of the pseudo-buckles:
Originally I had planned to make a pair of pants (from the Date Ready pattern) for Bichun to wear under the coat. I saw no reason not to make the pants anyway, figuring that sooner or later my two kilt-wearing men would want a change of clothes. After I made the pants in dark brown, I pondered what to do for a top. It occurred to me that I could pair the pants with the off-white shirt I made the week before, and then pair last week's gray striped pants with the gray FID shirt I bought from Iplehouse. Problem solved without sewing another shirt. Win-win.
Miho scored my last project of the week: a skirt and vest made from MHD Designs' L'Ecoliere pattern for Kaye Wiggs minis. The pattern includes a blouse, which I started sewing in a pretty pink cotton but abandoned without adding the fastenings. It looked too much like a pajama top. If I find a pattern for pajama bottoms I'll finish it. Too bad the pink was a fat quarter--I don't have enough left so I'd have to find something that coordinates with it. Luckily I had a white Iplehouse blouse for JID girls that fits perfectly. I sewed the skirt and vest from a gray-and-white stripe menswear fabric and have enough left over to make pants for one of the guys. For that matter, I probably have enough to make an entire suit!
If I use this pattern again for FID, I'll add darts to the front of the vest to minimize the boxy fit. The back is gathered with a small self-belt, so the back fits fine. With Miho and Bichun looking suitably businesslike, I decided to let them interact with a tiny laptop. I wanted it to look like an internet café--too bad I forgot to get out my coffee cups. Not only that, but when Bichun sits his pants ride up. He needs socks! At least the pants are loose enough that he can sit in them.
Next I'll have to sew something for an incoming Raccoon girl. She's queued for shipping, which means I haven't got a moment to spare!


  1. They look very business like- vests with darts are probably even harder to sew in that size. Great job. And congrats on the new Raccoon girl!

  2. I've just remembered another vest pattern. It was designed for old YID boys; I reduced it on a photocopier and used it for several mini mature boys. They fit Miho better than the boxy one, so I can make her one to match her skirt.

    After a week my Raccoon girl is still queued for shipping. Must be a long queue! At least her outfit is done.

  3. I really like the fabric you used and the pseudo buckles are great! :D
    Miho's outfit is lovely too!
    I must say I'm impressed by how fast you sew, you did so many gorgeous projects on this week! I admire you, honestly!

    I hope your Raccoon girl ships soon!!

    1. Thanks! I'm about to post this week's blog with 3 more outfits. One of these days I need to stop and take a breath!