Sunday, July 9, 2017

Introducing Creature Doll Lucia

I suspect many BJD collectors have yet to discover Creature Doll. It's a fairly new company, started by Tae-Wong Park in late 2016. Mr. Park previously worked as a sculptor for both Iplehouse and SoulDoll. The Iplehouse connection will be fairly obvious to anyone who collects those dolls. I don't see as much SoulDoll in his work, but then most SoulDolls that passed through my collection didn't stay long. So far in his first year with his own company Mr. Park has produced two Limited dolls and three Basics. All are 45cm tall mini-mature females. Two of the five are elves. The two Limited editions had full sets that included a considerable amount of (resin) armor. Armor is not a prime selling point for me, no matter which company makes it, but I'm a total sucker for elf ears. So I ordered Lucia, the only Basic with elf ears.
Lucia before face-up
Lucia is a lovely doll with a slight smile but no visible teeth. I ordered her with the optional face-up. After reading comments by DoA members who had received theirs about how very pink her makeup was, I contacted the company and cancelled the face-up. Of course, that meant I would be painting my own, which can be a challenge on a size 5-6 head. In fact, I ended up painting her four times because there was a slippery spot above one eye that wouldn't hold pastel powder or paint. The last time, after removing the previous face-up and while the resin was still wet, I sanded the area lightly with a fine grit craft sponge. That took care of the slippery resin and I was able to complete her face-up.
With completed face-up
Considering how similar their physical measurements are, I was eager to see how Lucia would compare to my Raccoon Dolls and FIDs (Fashion Iplehouse Dolls). Lucia has bigger feet than the other girls. On the plus side, she stands more solidly and her proportions look more natural. On the minus side, I'm having trouble finding shoes that fit. The problem is not with the length of the foot itself but with the ankle construction, which will not support the doll if the foot is tilted away from its locked-in position. It's the Iplehouse ankle--exactly. Creature Doll introduced heel feet with its newest girl, Lilith, along with a pair of high heel shoes. Until now the only shoes available were combat boots, which are not my style. I should have added the feet and shoes to my order, as it hadn't shipped yet, but I decided to wait and see what shoes I had that would fit the flat feet instead. I have three pairs of dorky looking flats (same style, different colors). Nothing else works. So yesterday I placed a separate order for heel feet and shoes. The shipping cost is half as much as the cost of the items. Next time I'll order the heel feet with the doll. Of course, now I wonder if I have other shoes that will fit the heel feet. The cycle starts again.
Raccoon Sarah, Creature Doll Lucia, FID Miho, FID Bichun
One Creature Doll feature that I wish the other girls had is the split elbow peanut. This joint makes it possible to bend and simultaneously turn the elbow, allowing more natural arm movement. It doesn't make for the prettiest looking joint, but you can't have everything. The FID and Raccoon elbow peanuts are solid pieces. In order to work well, the solid peanut needs to pull down from the upper arm and up from the lower arm. Theoretically you should then be able to position the upper and lower arm pieces nearly parallel, with the peanut forming the curve of the elbow. This presupposes that the parts will lock in place. In practice, I find it doesn't always work. In fact, it seldom works. The Raccoon joints seem to lock slightly better than the FID, but neither girl can touch her shoulder. In my opinion, Creature Doll's split elbow peanut is sheer genius!
Split elbow peanut joint
What Iplehouse calls its Mobility thigh joint (and charges extra for) comes standard on Raccoon and Creature Dolls. I never appreciated the joint until I started collecting the Raccoon girls, when I discovered that it really does allow the leg to turn out more gracefully. It's a more attractive look, although the line of the joint itself is not as aesthetically pleasing in a bikini-clad doll as is an uninterrupted thigh piece. The knees on all three dolls are similar looking; they just seem to work better on the Creature Doll.
I haven't tried many outfits on Lucia yet. So far she can wear a blue dress I made for WithDoll Priscilla and a qipao I ordered from Raccoon Doll. We would have tried on more things except I got sidetracked by three consecutive days of sunshine, which allowed me to work on face-ups. Believe me, this area gets so much rain that the minute it looks like the sun might last all day I immediately gather my art supplies and start painting. So in addition to Lucia, my FeePle Moe 60 Cygne got a new face-up this week, too.
New face-up for FM60 Cygne
As you know, I tend to name my dolls and then promptly forget what those names are. I can't in this case because she is my third sculpt named Lucy. Okay, it's Lucia, but it's too close. So Raccoon Lucy is the only one I actually call Lucy. Withdoll Little Fox Lucy goes by Lulu, and Creature Doll Lucia will answer to Lily.
Raccoon Lucy (in heels) with Lucia
Well phooey...I received notification that Creature Doll is sold out of both heel feet and shoes. No idea when they will be sold again. Apparently there is a production problem.


  1. She is so pretty! I think she looks like a sweeter Elf Grace, and just your size :D
    (I am about ready to issue hospital tags for my dolls at this point to keep the names straight)

    1. LOL on the hospital tags! I should do the same.

      I noticed while doing Lily's face-up that she has one eye larger than the other. It's making me take a closer look at CD's other sculpts. The company has a free shipping event going on and I'm thinking of getting another girl. Somebody stop me!

    2. Nooo I am enjoying your posts with these girls so much! hehe!

  2. I love Lucia's smile, she looks so gentle. I've got to take a look at this company, thanks for introducing them!

    1. That's what drew me to Lucia. She looks gentle and serene. Some of my other dolls have a fierce, don't-mess-with-me expression. It's nice to have a girl that doesn't glare at me.

      Creature Doll is still a very young company. It will be interesting to see where he takes his dolls.

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  3. I asked if they had a website, but I found it now. That's why I deleted the comment.

    A doll for every mood, that's great :)

    1. Website is in case you came up with the wrong one. (I don't see anything there about A doll for every mood.)

    2. My last sentence was in response to the smiling and glaring dolls :). Thanks for the link!

    3. Ah, I totally misunderstood. Glad you found the site.

  4. I have only seen little information about Creature Doll, but I need to congratulate you on getting such gorgeous and lovely girl! I love that blue dress on her! Do they share measures with Withdoll girls?

    The faceup you did turned out great, and... peeking elf ears!! *dies* so cute!!! I think she fits great with Racoon girls and the FID crew! Fashion dolls are getting really popular lately on the BJD hobby, so it is great to find new additions!

    That peanut elbow joint looks super clever! I think you should totally do a comparison with other more 'traditional' elbow joints! I do hope they can resume the feet production soon, though.

    Cygne's faceup is also lovely, and she looks very natural and different from other Cygnes I've seen :3

    1. Thank you Musume! Creature Doll's waist is very close to WithDoll's, but the bust and hips are larger. Because the blue dress is somewhat large on WithDoll, it actually fits Lucia better. It also works for Model Delf girls.

      I think CD's production problem is with the shoes rather than the feet, even though he cancelled my combined shoes/feet order. I ordered a second girl (Mei) and added heel feet to the order and I haven't heard a word back about any problems.

      I need to take more photos of the split elbow peanut in action. My other dolls look so stiff and doll-like in comparison.

      Thanks for your kind words on Cygne's face-up. I realized it was time for me to stop trying to copy FairyLand's makeup and just paint her my way. This is the first time I've done darker lips. I think I like it. :)