Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vermont (and Montreal) Doll Lovers, June 17, 2017

What an exciting meet-up we had yesterday! Not one, not two, but three members of a Montreal BJD group paid us a visit. With resin! Bring on the photos!

I'm starting with the group photo we took at the end. It's incomplete, as Bittersweet Blue had to leave early, but it's still an impressive group. Although we started arranging them by size, our efforts were frustrated by the fact that some dolls had chairs instead of stands. Then two of Lyrajean's cats decided to sit in a pair of shoes and one of Modern Wizard's tinies fell asleep on an air mattress. You'll need to enlarge the photo to see all the tinies. See if you can find the itty bitty cat skeleton. (Click on photo to enlarge.)
Here are Modern Wizard's dolls: Elfdoll tinies Kai, Olivia sleeping, Dodo and Winky. I think the cat skeleton is hiding in the sand.
Lyrajean's dolls included Volks SDGr Jun, Date and Chiyo, tinies YoSD Kira, Custom House Ai Uriel and Sariel, as well as her cats Hujoo Freya (in leopard suit), Spiritdoll Bastets and Calico Critters:
And this big girl (Spiritdoll Camellia) with tiny Xagadoll Sylvia at the bottom of the photo:
From Montreal comes Sevore's Wind, a 45cm Myou Doll:
Also from Montreal comes this group. From left to right (apologies for cutting Unoa Lusis in two--she gets her own photo below) Assaliah's Unoa Lusis, YoSD Ayumi and Unoa L-Bi; Sevore's Iplehouse hybrid Raffine head on nYID boy body; and Urban Hermit's Impldoll Joshua, Immortality of Soul Anima head on Ringdoll Grown body, with tiny Impldoll Simon and Mattel Harley Ken:
Here is the Lusis who got cut in half in the previous photo:

Vermont's Bittersweet Blue brought a tan MiniFee Chloe and bathing beauties Dollzone Linlan (on the right) and (does anyone know who the girl on the left is?):
My crew rocked the beach theme (if I do say so myself). Here they are as a group. Back row, left to right: Iplehouse FID Lawrence with Raccoon girls Gene, Monica and Lucy. Front: Dollmore Judith Suntan Maxima Zinna and FairyLand tan LittleFee Ante.
Here are a few more shots:
That's it until next month. Theme to be announced.


  1. Sounds exciting! I even recognize some of the dolls (I've seen them on DOA. I love the last picture, the girls with the matching hats and bags.. Wish I could have been there..

    1. Thanks Mia! I crocheted the hats and bags. Actually, I made everything my dolls are wearing except the shoes.

      And I see from my email that the official blog post is finally up, so I'll have to look at it and update mine.

  2. That is awesome, I hope you had a lot of fun! The group photo was great, so many dollies there! I love reading your meetups posts :3

    1. It was great fun! Conversation was lively. I sometimes wonder if meet-up posts are of interest to anyone who wasn't there. I'm glad you like them.