Sunday, June 4, 2017

More Beachwear and Some Revisions

Shall we start with the old or the new? I know: let's mix the two.

I'm still working on swimsuits and other beachy stuff for June's doll meet-up. Here we have Raccoon Lucy in a blue bikini I showed a while back--it was actually the first bikini I crocheted--paired with a new short cover-up. It's just a square piece of fabric, folded diagonally and tied sarong-style. Beside her is Raccoon Gene in my latest bikini, a pink one this time. She has a cover-up, too, but I don't like it so she'll get a re-do. Seriously, it's so bad I won't even show it.

I remade Suntan Zinna's swimsuit, or at least the top part of it. Along the way I ditched the belt and added straps instead of the ties that previously fastened behind her neck. I like it better this way. She borrowed some oversize sunglasses from Model Delf Avalanche and I made her a reflector so she can work on her tan. I love posing this girl. She's so flexible. She's my beach diva.

Next we come to the Opulent gown (Designs by Jude) which I sewed for my Raccoon girls. The silk flowers I used for trim didn't work for me, even after I repositioned them. I removed them in favor of a row of beads that match the beading on the underskirt. Then I put the gown away and forgot it until someone asked about it this week and I realized I hadn't taken photos. With my slim-body Raccoon girls currently modeling beachwear, I tried the dress on the remaining Raccoon girls only to find that it didn't suit their pear-shaped body type. It was too tight for FID Grace. (This is the pattern I plan to adapt for her Outlander wedding dress. Obviously the bodice will need to be enlarged. I want to work on this dress so much I can taste it, but I have to finish all the beach stuff first.) Finally Model Delf Annette tried the gown on and liked it well enough to wear it after I moved the snaps to accommodate her slimmer torso. It's still a bit long but it should hang better once I put her on a stand with a thick enough base. She is not using a stand in the photos.

Finally I spent a large part of the past two days trying to crochet a swimsuit for LittleFee Ante. "Trying" is the key word, as I keep taking it apart. I'm finding it difficult to use the patterns in the My Crochet Doll book, probably because the crochet terminology is British rather than American. I get just so far in following a pattern until I encounter a term that I don't understand. I should root around online to see if I come up with an explanation. In the meantime, I'll set it aside and make Ante a cotton play set that she can wear to the beach instead. I have a yellow gingham print and some sweet yellow lace that should set off her tan nicely. Pictures next week.


  1. Awwww hose swimsuits are so cute, and I love the shiny colors on their resin! Zinna's monokini looks great not!

    I understand that feeling of wanting to go ahead with a project so much!! Sometimes I wish I could sew with my mind xDD Anyways, Annette looks so cute!

    And crochet is so confusing, the same thing happens in Spanish: there are names for Spain-Spanish and other different names for Latino Spanish. Agh! Why would they do that?? T_T

    1. Thanks! My camera flash went off when I took the photos, which I imagine is why things look shiny.

      If I could sew with my mind, my closet would overflow with doll clothes. I can never keep up with my ideas. :)

      The crochet terms are crazy, right? English is English, same as Spanish is Spanish, so you wouldn't expect problems. It reminds me of an old saying about two countries divided by one language.

  2. The updated Zinnia suit looks so elegant! I actually like it without the buckle now because the top is so interesting--it's like a couture piece. Also there is just something so likeable about that girl. I wish I was on the beach too!

    1. Thanks Fishcake! I based the new top on the bikini crochet pattern. It's an L-shape where you bring the inside edges together to form the cup. I could have made it a bit smaller, but I'm happy with how it works. And I love how dimensional the backdrop looks. It actually looks like she's sitting on the boardwalk with one foot touching the ground.