Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up May 20, 2017

Four members attended yesterday's meeting in Essex Junction of the Vermont Doll Lovers: Lyrajean, Melface, Modern Wizard and Vermont chick (that's me). Our theme was Vice, although most of us didn't adhere to it. My excuse? No suitable props.

Lyrajean brought four Volks dolls: Hijakata, Date, SDGr Jun, and YoSD Kira. Little Kira brought a Hatchimal (still in the egg).

Melface brought a group of tinies, from left to right: a Ruriko Birdcage, an Obitsu 25mm (dark hair, no face-up), an Azone Pure Neemo Yui, a 2D Doll Miki (no wig or face-up), an Obitsu Chara head on an Azone Pure Neemo body (with flower headpiece), and a Polynian Shamrock robot.
 Modern Wizard also brought tinies: a Mattel Mulan repaint/reroot on a Spin Master body, a Barbie fashionista head on Wolf King Female Joker body, and a Barbie repaint/reroot on a Spin Master body. She also brought Re-ment food items in gluttonous proportions, none of which seem to have found their way into my photos.

I thought I'd give all my FIDs an airing, and since three of them were wearing Highland dress I added Soom Idealian51 Summer Monologue Cuba (romantic head) so my Jamie Fraser could be with his Claire (FID Grace).
Cuba and Grace as Jamie and Claire
FID Claude and Leonard
FID Miho and Bichun
FID Lawrence


  1. Your Miho is my favorite. I hope you all had some fun, you certainly had some fun dolly company :)

    1. Thanks! That is not Miho's original face-up. I repainted her, so I'm delighted that you like her.

  2. Yay, meeting!! Hope you had a wonderful time there!! Your Highland-themed group looks so great, omg, I love them all, the tiny details, everything!

    Miho and Bichun look great together!

    1. Thanks! I just finished making Claude his own kilt, belt and sporran, so he no longer needs to borrow ones made for a smaller doll. I'll show the outfit in tomorrow's post.

      Miho is very pleased with Bichun--and vice versa. I'll share more photos of them tomorrow.