Sunday, May 7, 2017

LittleFee Ante in Tan Resin

Succumbing to impulse last week, I ordered an in-stock LittleFee Ante in tan resin from Denver Doll. Yes, I already have an Ante; she's an elf. Her white resin has now mellowed with age. Although I still love her, I felt it was time she had a human sister. And I've been wanting to get at least one FairyLand doll in tan resin. So, win-win.
White Ante elf and tan human Ante
One of the pleasures of ordering an in-stock doll is that it arrives within days, unlike the months it takes for the preparation of a preorder doll from the company. Denver Doll always keeps a few FairyLand dolls in stock in each of the smaller sizes, so when you need a quick fix it's the way to go. (I still feel the pull of a tan PukiFee Zoe they have in stock. I had a natural Zoe years ago and foolishly sold her. If it weren't for the male Raccoon dolls due to debut next month, for which I am trying to save money, I would order Zoe in the blink of an eye.)
My three LittleFee girls: Lishe, Ante elf, Ante
Human Ante arrived so quickly that I had no time to prepare anything for her. Luckily I have wigs, shoes and clothing to fit LittleFees, so all I had to do was choose from my stash. Even so, I was surprised to find that most of my wigs in her size didn't suit her. (No wonder my existing LittleFees don't change wigs very often!) There was just too much hair; it either hung down in her face or else trailed on the floor. Her head is too big for the next size down. I have some cute mohair wigs that do fit, but they're old and impossible to style. I don't want her to look like she's wearing a dead animal on her head. What to do? Ooh, I feel an excuse for more wig shopping! (As if I needed an excuse: I bought four wigs last week for my FIDs.)
Wig from LeekeWorld
Tan Ante arrived with acrylic eyes. After trying some glass eyes, I decided to go with soft silicone eyes from Eyeco. They're 13mm, which turned out to be a perfect fit for her. I figured it was time to give Ante elf some Eyecos, too, especially as the tacky putty I had been using to hold her glass eyes was disintegrating. Going with soft silicone eyes lets me use Mack's silicone ear plugs to hold them. I've used the stuff for years without ever having it get sticky.
Hanging out with a friendly dragon
My LittleFees don't have a display space per se; they hang out on a bed made for Ellowyne Wilde. Ante's arrival bumped Little Shiwoo to the foot of the bed, but he doesn't mind so long as he gets the stuffed rabbit. He has put me on notice, however: the next LittleFee had better be a boy. We'll see.
Not to be left out: LittleFee Shiwoo


  1. Congrats on your tanned cutie. The eyecos suit her very well. I love the colour. And you little striped Shiwoo and his rabbit need a buddy :) (And if I don't hit the sign out button instead of Publish- again- I am actually posting this comment just once. Stupid me)

    1. Thanks Mia! Ante's eye color is Smoky Topaz. It works well with her tan resin. Shiwoo will eventually get a buddy. I've been thinking of an El elf. Shiwoo fussed about wearing pink--until I told him it's not pink, it's pale red.

    2. Haha- well it is pale red. I thought smokey topaz was some kind of champagne color. But eyeco has been mislabeling the smoke eyes for some time as smokey topaz- Jenny told me once after I received smoke when I had ordered smokey topaz. But no matter how they're called, they're great looking eyes.

  2. It's been so long since I've seen any of your smaller dolls!! What a treat! Love your newest Ante, that tan color is amazing! Hope you find the perfect wig for her :D

    1. I know. My little ones need more love! I wondered for a long time what FairyLand's tan resin looks like, and then I saw a tan MiniFee at a meet-up and really liked it. The brown wig Ante is wearing is a good fit, so I'm not really in a hurry to buy another one. She's not tired of the color yet. :)

  3. Impulse or not, congrats!! And I agree, one does not need an excuse for wig-shopping!!
    I do hope you can get the male RaccoonDoll soon! :D

    They all look so cute. The 1/6 size is so tempting!

    1. Thanks Musume! I love Little Fees. They're a great size--a little bigger than the WithDoll tinies, but still small. They're about the same size as Iple's BIDs.

      Raccoon keeps pushing his male dolls back. Now it looks like June. Will it be? I don't know. He's kept his fans waiting for over a year already.