Sunday, May 28, 2017

FID Bichun, a Kilt, Tee Shirts, a Swimsuit

I have a hodgepodge of stuff this week. First of all, FID Bichun arrived in time to go to last week's meet-up but didn't get a formal introduction. So here he is:
Pecs? Check.
Biceps? Check. Abs? Check.
Attitude? Check.
Seems a shame to put a shirt on that, doesn't it? He certainly thinks so.
Miho likes it, too. She's in love. About time, too. She's been lonely for too long.

If you looked at last week's post of my dolls at the meet-up, you'll have noticed Claude in a too-small kilt. I realized he needed one that doesn't look like he borrowed it from a younger brother. I put this kilt together early in the week, along with a new plaid, sporran and belt.

Those FID men not in kilts got tee shirts. Rex had his in time for the meet-up; I made Bichun's and Lawrence's tees this week.
I'm not in love with how the white one turned out. It's difficult to get on and off despite four-way stretch fabric. I was afraid I'd rip his eyelashes off. I'll make another tee from a looser knit. They all use the same pattern so that should do the trick. For now, here's the white one again. You can see how tight the neck is.
I didn't put a collar on Rex's (the blue tee in the photo of all three), which is probably why it fits so well. Bichun got a collar plus good fit, so go figure.

Last project of the week was a bathing suit for my Maxima Suntan Zinna. Next month's meet-up has a beach theme, so I've decided to feature my tan dolls. Two of the Raccoon girls already have crochet bikinis. I thought of putting Zinna in a crochet bikini also, but couldn't wrangle her into the top. She has extra torso joints--which makes her wriggle when I try to dress her--and the resin is too slippery for the yarn to get a grip. Plan B calls for a one-piece suit made of fabric. It's almost there but not quite:
The bottom half is a decent fit but the top is a disaster. I worked without a pattern, trying to drape, cut and sew as I went. The darts ended up too high to make the fabric conform to her bust. I thought of adding more darts, but it may be better to cut the suit right under the bust and substitute something more fitted on top. Zinna is simply too full-figured to go with an unconstructed top. The minute I try to change her pose she literally falls out of the fabric.
When I finish her suit, I need to crochet a bikini for Raccoon Gene; then I need to sew a romper-style suit for tan LittleFee Ante. FID Lawrence has black briefs that will have to do double duty as a swimsuit. We'll need a few hats and beach totes, as well as another blanket or two. Before I know it, the meet-up will be here.


  1. Bichun looks SO PERFECT for Miho! You have such a super group of those smaller cuties! I kind of like the flopsy Zinnia bathing suit--I have had suits like that :D and the best part is that little belt buckle!

    1. Thanks Fishcake! When I saw Bichun I knew he'd work well with Miho. I got him in the same peach gold resin so they'd match. I love this size doll!

      Alas, that cute little belt buckle is gone. I remade the top so the suit stays on better and no longer needs a belt. I'll show the finished suit in next Sunday's post. I also made a reflector so she can work on her tan.

  2. That check process was too fun xD Congrats on the newly-arrived-already-spoken-for guy! xD

    I think Claude looks awesome on that kilt!! About the shirt, can you remove their heads to put the clothes one? Although some dolls are so tightly strung that is a huge task.

    I hope you can get a good pattern for Zinna! Maybe a princess cut on the bra could help?

    1. Thanks Musume! I suppose I could remove heads to put the shirts on. The S-hook is secure so it shouldn't be too much trouble. I should have thought of that option.

      I based Zinna's new top on the shape of the crochet bikini cups. Worked like a dream!