Sunday, April 16, 2017

Vermont Doll Lovers Easter Meet-Up 2017

Four of us met yesterday to celebrate Easter with themed props (peeps and bunnies predominating) and dolls. Every month we find a new art display on the walls of the meeting room. As luck would have it, all the art was clustered on the two walls we normally use, so we set up against a bare brick wall instead. While it gave the photos character, it played havoc with camera flashes. I corrected as much as I could in Photoshop. Next time I vote for setting up on one of the white walls, no matter how much art it holds.

No one wrote down doll's names. I should know what most of them are but my memory is a leaky cauldron. So unless I happen to know them offhand, they are described but not named. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

I'll start us off with my group, which included my four FairyLand FeePle60s: Mirwen, Lacrima, Siean (boy), and my new Cygne. Both Lacrima and Cygne are showing off new face-ups done this past week when the weather warmed up. Also in the group are PukiFee Rin and WithDolls Lucy (fox) and Laney (lamb).
Modern Wizard's dolls include her ice cream-loving vampire hybrid, a Soom Faery Legend sprite, and a girl (in hot pink wig) made by one of our members.
Lyrajean brought four Volks SD dolls, plus YoSD Kira.
Last but not least, Bittersweet Blue brought a group of dolls that included an SD size Obitsu, a FairyLand MiniFee tan Chloe, a couple of poseable Barbies, a tiny Hujoo Freya cat and four other small dolls. She also opened a bag of teeny tiny dragons. I've never seen dragons that small!
Next month's theme is Vices. I'm pretty sure I have nothing that fits the theme, so maybe my WithDoll elves will finally get a chance to get out of the house for a meet-up. Their vice? I don't know. Maybe good elves gone bad? I'll have to think about it.

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