Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Fashions for My BJDs

This week I highlight fashions recently purchased for various BJDs, along with the finished Opulent gown for Raccoon Monica and a crochet dress I made over the winter.

After posting last week I figured out how to finish the sleeve lining for the Designs by Jude Opulent gown. (Not sure of the period. It feels vaguely 18th Century to me.) I decided I disliked the row of silk flowers edging the overskirt, so I removed them and scattered them across the front of the overskirt instead, where I positioned them over printed flowers of the same color, along with some extra beads to cover same-color dots. I didn't extend the decorations to the back, figuring they would get crushed when the doll is seated.

After all that work I'm still not in love with the gown. I don't know if the problem is the print or the color combination, but the total effect gives me a circus clown feeling. It bugs me so much I didn't bother making the petticoat. What I'd really like is to find a blue and white toile for the overdress and a dark blue for the underskirt. I'll see what I can turn up at the fabric store.

Brianna, my FM60 Cygne, has a new Casual Summer skirt and vest set from DollHeart. I had been eyeing this set for some time, thinking the style would suit her perfectly. It's hard to get an exact fit for a Moe body. Volks size SD10/13 comes pretty close, although I did have to move the skirt's snap to fit her narrower waist. Also the vest/blouse shoulders have a tendency to ride up, but I haven't figured out what to do about it short of tugging the front down every so often. If the back looks ill fitting in some photos, that's where my doll stand grabs her. I can hide the waist gripper under the lace in front but not in back where the edges are sewn flat. The outfit includes lace underpants, a sort-of macramé looking shawl that DollHeart shows wrapped around the doll's hips, and a length of lace for use as a headband. (It didn't work with this wig.) The outfit is sold out at DollHeart; I found it at Fabric Friends and Dolls. I added the necklace, which consists of a tiny corset that was part of a set of Steampunk charms.
The next DollHeart set is not brand new, as my SoulDoll Vito has worn the shirt and vest for a while. It's actually meant for a size SD13 boy so I finally put it on Sheehan, my F60 Siean boy, for whom it is a perfect fit. The set is called Unknown Future and consists of black pants, a gray-and-black striped shirt, brown vest, long brown coat, white scarf and jabot, and a rather large black hat. I didn't photograph the full outfit because I was posing him with Cygne and felt his outer garments overwhelmed her airy skirt set, but here are the pants, shirt and vest. I should have photographed the back, too, because the shirt has some nice detail with a narrow black ribbon laced and tied into a bow. Oddly enough, DollHeart's photos don't show this detail.
Model Delf Annette scored the next outfit, Pianissimo from Sadol. This set was originally available for both SD and MSD girls. Much as I would have loved to have it for Cygne, too, it was sold out by the time I made up my mind to buy it. Sadol now has both sets marked "Available Soon" so Cygne may get hers after all. Annette's set came from Fabric Friends and Dolls. Pianissimo consists of a striped dress with matching panties, white stockings and a navy blue beret. The fabric colors differ for SD and MSD sizes. I do wish some of these companies would pay attention to the wording on the charms they use for decoration. I can live with "Love" on the dress and panties, but the ones on the beret and stockings say "Hand made". Seriously?
Finally, I present a little crochet dress I made for MiniFee. The seller from whom I bought MNF Lishe sent a darling pink crochet dress with her. I always wanted to make another like it, and after almost three years of studying it from every angle I finally attempted it. The top was fairly easy. I got it after only a couple of tries. Even though I could see how the shoulder straps were done, I purposely varied them. The skirt was not so easy. Not that I counted, but at a guess I got most of it done, then pulled it apart and began again five times. Okay, maybe six. Some people can knock off a little crochet dress in one afternoon. Mine took all winter. But the next one will be quicker. The only thing I didn't quite figure out was the scalloped ruffle, as you can tell by looking at it. On the pink dress it is three scallops high. Mine is one scallop high and way too ruffled. I couldn't find any instructions for multiple rows of scallops done the same way (and obviously misunderstood the instructions I did find). I'm still searching, however, and will make another dress if I find the answer. The first photo shows Lishe in the original pink dress; the second shows Mirwen in my variegated blue-aqua-violet version. I would have preferred to make mine in a solid color, but had only variegated colors on hand. I figured it would do for a first attempt.
I had hoped to show off my first ever crochet bikini, but the finished bottom ended up too loose. The top, however, came out great! I plan to remake the bottom part this week, probably as connected triangles rather than as a fitted, panty-style bottom. Unless I find a doll who can wear it as is. We'll see.


  1. Monica looks so stunning!!! I love that outfit, honestly! You have some really good sewing skills! Sad that you don't like it, but I understand the feeling, I've been there =S

    Cygne and Sheehan look great, and they also go so well together!

    The crochet dress looks lovely, and I love the colors you chose :D I can't wait to see the bikini :D

    1. Thank you Musume! I'm happy you like the gown--I only wish I did, but after a week of looking at it I need to take it off Monica and put it away.

      I think most of the new outfits will go to the next doll meet, a week from Saturday. Hopefully I will be able to show the bikini in next week's blog. I have hopes of adding a hat, bag and blanket to the bikini for a complete beach set. Considering how long it takes me to crochet anything, it may take a while. :D

  2. Your girls (and guys) are lucky to have you ;). The lace outfit makes Brianny look very delicate, and the crochet work is great. I never have the patience for crocheting, that's why I admire it so much if people do not only have said patience but produce beautiful clothes. Maybe toning the circus-effect of first dress down by dying it with tea might work. I see what you mean, but I think maybe it's the size of the print, not really the colours. The cut is great.

    1. Thanks Mia! I find crochet easier than knitting, but I have yet to master any but the most basic stitches. And reading patterns is hard, which is why I like to study a finished garment and then see if I can reproduce it intuitively.

      About dying the circus dress: I'm afraid the color might come out uneven and streaky. At the moment I'm thinking of removing the flowers and beads on the overdress to see if that helps. On the other hand I'm so tired of looking at it that I can't see spending more time fussing with it.