Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grace and Rex: Fashion Iplehouse Dolls

Wow! Twenty-four business days from order to receipt. That's all it took for two dolls with makeup. No clothing, wigs, shoes or other add-ons, so no doubt that's why they shipped so quickly. Still, I was expecting a two-month wait so I got caught unprepared. I meant to sew for them--didn't happen, as the patterns I ordered arrived only a day or two ahead of the dolls. I meant to order wigs. Well, I did order some, but his didn't fit and I haven't ordered hers yet. They're both wearing temporary wigs from my stash.
Grace is a doll I originally had in SID size. Gorgeous doll, but I couldn't deal with how large and heavy she was. That's why I was beyond thrilled when Iplehouse released her in FID version. She was an absolutely-must-buy. She will be Claire in my Outlander themed dolls, which means she needs amber eyes. Iplehouse sent her with brown eyes, which will have to do for now. Everything else I have is either blue, green or violet.
Rex was released originally as an EID--and if you think an SID female is big, an EID male is even bigger. EID Rex, like Lawrence and Leonard, was one of those dolls I admired from afar but didn't buy. That said, I'm not altogether happy with his FID version. I think it's the makeup. Iplehouse photographed the makeup on real skin resin. It looked good, but the effect on normal skin is quite different. Maybe a different wig will help. If not, I may try my hand at repainting him. It's that dark shadow under his lower lip that bugs me. The sculpt is already indented there, so it will photograph dark even without a painted shadow. They don't paint the philtrum (the little groove under the nose), so why deepen an already deep under-lip indentation with dark color? It's a jarring note. Unfortunately, once I notice something like that it's the only thing I see.
The wig I bought for Rex was cream on top and black on the bottom. Although supposedly the same size as the others, it was too small to go on his head. I ended up putting it on Lumedoll Meissa and put Meissa's long blonde wig on Grace. I like how she looks as a brown-eyed blonde; however, Outlander's Claire is a brunette. For the time being she can borrow a wig I bought for FID Miho, but I'll need to order her a different style to go with the costume. Speaking of which, I am almost done sewing her Outlander outfit. I debated whether to show it today or not, then decided to wait one more week. (Or two, depending on when her wig arrives. I have to order it first.)

Meanwhile, here are some more shots of Rex and Grace.


  1. Dang, that was super fast!!! Congrats!! Iplehouse is working so fast, lately!
    I love the Grace sculpt, she is so pretty and I think she'll make a great Claire!
    Oh, how I wish IH will release a Rex-like JID, that mouth sculpt is so unique and pretty!

    I think they look great together, by they way! Oh, I know, I ship all of your dolls xD

    1. Thanks Musume! Claire's Outlander outfit is finished, but I need to add a piece or two to Jamie's outfit before I show them together. Hopefully another week will do it.

      I would be very surprised if IH released such a mature looking male as Rex in JID size. They seem to be locked into childlike sculpts for JID. I wonder if they even know that many collectors like to portray them as adults rather than children.

      Rex had a new dark brown wig. It makes him look so much better! Grace now has two dark brown wigs, one style for when she wears her hair up and another for when she wears it loose.

  2. Maybe they'll release a teenage doll between JID and nYID, but I guess they won't. Pity. Grace and Rex look great together. Did you make her dress?

    1. Maybe the newest CREAA doll is the in-between size? I wonder if anyone is buying those? Those long thin limbs are too Doll Chateau for my taste.

      No, I didn't make Grace's dress. That was part of a JID girl outfit. There's a blouse that goes with it.

      Rex has a new dark wig which suits him much better. I need to take new photos, but first I want to make him a shirt.

    2. I actually like them, or at least Zinnia. They remind me of Popovy sisters aesthetics. Nothing I'd buy, but they're nice to look at.
      Have fun sewing :)