Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Wandering Fashion Stash

I have a small stash of clothing left over from a former fashion doll collection. Every so often I come across it as I root around my basement storage looking for other things. I try to make note of where I saw it so I can find it again, only to search in vain the next time I want it. It's as though the box had legs capable of carrying it from one basement room to the other. I'd been on the hunt for it for well over a year without success--until it resurfaced a week ago, on a top shelf well out of my reach. Did I run upstairs for the step-ladder? You bet I did. And glad I did so.

The box contained clothing items for Tonner men and women, as well as for Franklin Mint character dolls. I found a jacket for Tonner men that looks like it will fit Model Delf Avalanche. I didn't want to take off his Highland garb so he didn't try it on. (SoulKid Yarn has been rehomed so Avalanche inherited the Scottish outfit Yarn had been wearing.) I also found a Tonner tuxedo jacket. How and when did that get separated from the shirt and pants?
Monica wearing Emme
I never had many fashions for Tonner's Tyler, probably because I bought dressed dolls and didn't change their clothes. The one outfit I have--Shakespeare in the Park--is too small for anyone currently on hand. I won't get rid of it because you never know when a future doll may come along who finds it a perfect fit. There was an outfit for Tonner's plus-size model Emme, which almost fits Raccoon girls. I'm debating whether or not to alter it. Not only is it loose on top, but when the doll is seated the high-low gown readily reveals whether or not she is wearing underpants. The shoes fit (if you like flimsy plastic shoes).
Vinyl Princess Diana fashions
Most of the stash consisted of extra outfits for Franklin Mint dolls: Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Laurel Empress of the Elves. I can thank a flooded basement in a previous home for the fact that I still have my Diana dolls. The flood damaged the boxes of both a porcelain Diana and the vinyl fashion Diana, so I never felt I could sell them. (The dolls themselves were on display in my bedroom and came to no harm.) That's good news for my WithDoll girls, who are now enjoying Diana's gowns. The gowns are a better fit on Priscilla, who has a large bust. They tend to engulf Emma's smaller chest. I also have Diana's wedding gown, as well as the pale blue suit that came with the doll. Although the jewelry fits WithDoll girls, I found that Diana's tiara suits Raccoon Gene's smaller head better, while the large necklace that came with Gene's pink gown works better on Priscilla, so they switched jewelry. The Franklin Mint clutch handbags are so small they look like wallets. Shoes don't work at all.
I can't see any of my WithDolls wearing Marilyn's gaudy red gown. Fortunately, the Marilyn Monroe doll is one that didn't sell--too many of them available at any one time--so I have the option of exchanging outfits. The boxed doll is wearing a cute pink and black gown that should look sweet on Priscilla or one of the elves. I don't know about the Lucille Ball I Love Lucy outfit. It's from the episode where Lucy and Vivian are on the candy-making assembly line. It would work as a waitress uniform if I ever want to pose dolls in a diner-like setting.
Ruby wearing Laurel
The final outfit available to me was one belonging to Laurel Empress of the Elves. Laurel was a beautiful doll resembling Arwen from Lord of the Rings, but because The Franklin Mint didn't have a licensing agreement for LotR they gave her another name. The outfit consists of a long green sleeveless tunic worn over a white blouse and brown trousers. Everything fits my WithDoll elves except the boots, but the tunic is a little too tight to wear over the pants. I suppose Angela could wear the blouse and trousers while Ruby wears the tunic together with the leggings and arm warmers I made for her. For now, Ruby is wearing the leggings with the blouse and tunic (above).
Laurel's tunic with my leggings & arm warmers
I have a small number of vinyl dolls left, some that did not sell, others I didn't want to part with or for whom I have no boxes. I'm beginning to see these less as a storage liability and more as an untapped source of extra fashions. I've already mentioned the possibility of switching Marilyn's two gowns. There is an Elizabeth Taylor doll with a gorgeous white ballgown. I also have a couple of Mel Odom dolls (Gene and Madra) whose outfits may fit MiniFee. I know MiniFee can wear Madra's coat.

As for Tonner's Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), I think I'll keep him just as he is.

And before I forget, here is Raccoon Monica in the unruly Iplehouse wig after I tamed it with a hot water soak. The "before" photo follows it.
The taming of the wig
I've given it another soak since the "after" photo was taken and it's looking even better. I think the trick is not to blow it dry, because the dryer seemed to add curl rather than straighten the hair. I thought it would do the opposite.


  1. Nice to read the found the box with outfits!! The gowns look great on your Withdoll girls! I love those wigs, honestly, they fit so well and look great :D Ruby looks great, too, I really like the sleeves details.

    The tamed wig looks great! You need to let it dry alone, and only use a towel to take of the excess water, the hairdrier would do the opposite. Sometimes you can also use a hair straightener if it has temperature control or your are very very fast. But it looks a lot better now!

    1. Thanks! Priscilla and Emma are wearing a Monique Gold wig named Hope. I have probably used the ash blonde more often, because the top has collapsed a bit. It's supposed to look like the reddish blonde wig.

      I did use only a towel to dry Monica's wig after the second soak. I didn't even brush it. Even so, the curl is beginning to return.

      I tried to switch Marilyn Monroe's two gowns, only to find that the pink gown and gloves had stained the doll's body red. And the red dress is so tight I can't get it on her at all. So now I'm stuck with a doll I can't sell even if the market opens up. And she's not even pretty. :(

  2. I would love to see your fashion dolls!!! you don't like them anymore? they sound like gorgeous pieces for collectors of those types of dolls.
    The outfits are very nice and your dolls are rocking them~
    Great job on the wig!

    1. I should take some photos of the fashion dolls I have left. After looking at Marilyn, however, I wonder if any of the others have suffered from being stored in the basement. I knew red could stain a doll, but I didn't think pink would. I'm also worried about Gene in dark blue. I'm almost afraid to look in the other boxes.

      I lost interest in the fashion dolls because of their limited posing ability. They're like Barbie, only bigger.

      I'm happy that Monica can finally wear the wig. Soaking also softened it, so it feels more like hair.