Sunday, March 12, 2017

FID Claude and Raccoon Temptation Monica

Yesterday was bitterly cold, with leftover ice and snow from the day before, so I skipped the March doll meet-up. Not to worry, though. If I don't have meet-up photos, I do have photos of two new dolls to share.

The first arrival was Iplehouse FID Claude. His SID version was the first big Iplehouse doll I fell in love with, early in the Elemental Guardians series. No way could I resist that sweet face with its quirky little smile. I eventually sold SID Claude for the same reason I sold my other big Iplehouse dolls: too heavy, too hard to manipulate, impossible for me to restring. Not to mention how much display space they occupy. Then along came FID Claude. Under 50cm tall but with all the detail of the bigger version. In other words, perfect. Even so I almost didn't order him, put off by a face-up that made him look too boyish for the mini Hercules body. (For the record, FID is a slimmer HID, not a miniaturized SID.) Fortunately the B-type makeup not only looked more masculine, but resembled the makeup I wish I had requested with my original Claude, so I ordered him. How could I not?
Claude arrived a week ago yesterday, having spent a mere two days in transit. I tore into the box before the delivery man even left my driveway. FID Claude did not disappoint, although the wig I ordered did. At least it wasn't intended for him, but for Raccoon Monica, who was in transit at the time. More about the wig later. I didn't order clothing this time, just brown boots for my JID boys to free up their black boots for the FID men. A word of caution about JID shoes and boots: the boots fit FID men, the shoes don't. Boots are always a bit longer than shoes, and male FID feet need that extra length.
I gave Claude the wig I had intended for Leonard. It's odd, to me Leonard's face looks slimmer than Claude's, but whereas the wig seemed skimpy on Leonard it fits Claude just fine. The wig is James from Facets by Marcia. Most of her wigs are by Monique, but she also carries a few styles identified only as being from a Custom Manufacturer. Inside the wig is a tag that reads JF Styler.
The shirt I meant to put on him was badly wrinkled after Lawrence wore it. I did eventually iron it but for now, in a hurry to take photos while I still had good light, I dressed him in pants and shoes and got to work. Even half dressed he gamely played up to the camera.
Raccoon's Temptation Monica in Sweet Mocha resin arrived Monday. You'll remember that the first Monica I received was the wrong color. I sent her back, not minding the extra 3 or 4 weeks it would take to re-make her if waiting meant I'd get the color I wanted. Finally the shipping notice came. I had tracked her progress and knew when she was out for delivery, so I started to panic when it looked like the mail carrier wasn't going to stop. Maybe he saw me in the window or else he happened to remember he had a package, but he backed the truck to the end of the driveway and walked up. Thank goodness!
So here's where Iple's miserable wig comes in. I wish I knew how they tamed it for their photos. I couldn't make it look presentable no matter how I brushed it or tried to pin it back. It sticks out all over the place, totally uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Not only that, but sections of the first row of the cap look like there is no hair attached. It's also extremely tight on a Raccoon girl, whose head is slightly smaller than an FID woman's. That's the second FID wig I've purchased from them--both were unwearable. Their construction reminds me of the cheap wigs I bought early in my BJD collecting days. It's not the quality one expects or normally gets from Iplehouse wigs. The first photo below shows the wig on Monica. The Iplehouse wig is on the left in the second photo with a For My Doll wig on the right. She's wearing the For My Doll wig in the other photos.
Back to Monica. The Sweet Mocha is such a lovely skin color, dark but still light enough to show every detail. I had already decided that she would wear a dress I made from a Designs by Jude pattern for DeeAnna Denton called Hollywood Ahoy! I had ordered Raccoon's pink evening gown with her in mind, but Gene claimed it when I returned Dark Mocha Monica. Gene has informed me that she will not relinquish her gown, especially now that I've finally found the small stash of clothing from my old Tonner and Franklin Mint fashion dolls. (I've been looking for it for well over a year.) None of the clothes fit Raccoon or FID women but the jewelry works, so with the pink gown Gene now wears a tiara and necklace originally belonging to vinyl Princess Diana. The dresses, surprisingly, fit my WithDoll girls.
I had trouble photographing Monica and Claude together. My camera takes its reading from her and Claude ends up washed out. Granted he is pale to begin with; even so I'll need to pair him with Normal Skin girls. With a darker girl, distance shots work better than close-ups.
Monica photographed better with FID Lawrence. Iplehouse Real Skin is slightly warmer in tone than Raccoon's Sweet Mocha but the colors are otherwise closely related. They work well together.
I now find myself in the unusual position of having no dolls on order. That's not to say there are no dolls on my want list, only that any new orders will have to wait until a doll sells or my tax refund arrives.


  1. Congrats on the arrivals!!! I also fell in love with Claude on the elemental guardians limited they did back then, how can you not right?? it was the first time iplehouse caught my eye too! Your ew Claude is amazing at a much better size and you didn't have to compromise on looks or anything to get him, so cool!!

    Your new girl is stunning, the skin color is marvelous.

    Have you ordered more iplehouse wigs in the past??? Maybe they should just focus on making dolls x.x......

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! I love Claude and Monica both. So glad I ordered them.

      As for the wigs, I have bought many Iplehouse wigs in the past and all were exactly as shown and excellent quality. I suspect they don't make the wigs themselves, but have another company under contract to do it. I can also imagine the conversation between Iple and the wig maker: "We normally don't make wigs this small." "Can you at least try?" "Oh, we can try, we just don't promise wonderful wig." And later: "These look awful. Surely you can do better than this." "Thank you, sorry, we try again."

  2. Congrats on getting Claude! I didn't knew you once had SD dolls, but I agree with your reasons about them. I also love Claude's smirk!

    Oh my, I would die of a heart-attack if the postman does that! But it was good that he remembered! Regarding the wigs, have you tried hot water? It can help a lot!

    Monica and Lawrence look stunning together! I ship it!! xD

    1. Thanks Musume! That's the second time my postman has done that. It's a wonder he didn't give me a heart attack! He should know by now: a long narrow box means a stop at my house.

      I will definitely try hot water. What's funny is that the wig doesn't look too bad until I put it on. That's when it sticks out in all directions. I like the style, so I would really like for my girls to be able to wear it.

  3. I second the hot water suggestion! It can tame all kinds of horrors :D I also sometimes get matching embroidery floss or yarn and "Fill in" bald spots on wigs. Occasionally you will get a wig that fits perfect and is the right style but has holes in the wefting :p
    Your blog is so fun. These little guys are just so perfect!

    1. Thanks Fishcake! I tried the hot water and it did work. I'll show photos in next Sunday's blog post. Embroidery floss, huh? I never would have thought of that. The only problem I can see with it is getting the right amount of curl into it. The wig is saddle brown, which is a mix of two colors, so it should be possible to get a match for one color or the other.

      People on the DoA FID thread refer to these guys as "fun size". I totally agree!