Sunday, February 26, 2017

Leonard Joins the Scottish Highlanders

I knew as soon as Lawrence arrived that I wanted to dress at least one FID man as a Scottish Highlander. Not Lawrence, however; he simply doesn't give me that Highlander feeling. Maybe Leonard or Claude. After living with Leonard for a week, I decided he would work.
The kilt essentially is a wrap skirt with pleats around the sides and back. You take a wide rectangle and fold it into even pleats leaving an unpleated section at either end. When worn, the unpleated sections overlap resulting in a flat front. These flat panels each get a pair of small darts at the waistline to accommodate the curvature of the waist. Add a long strip of fabric for the waistband, wide enough to fold over and trimmed to fit at the ends, and voila! That's all there is to it. The length is up to you. I leave the hem unfinished, merely pulling threads for a slight fringe at the bottom.
The fly plaid is a simple square. All I do to finish it is to pull threads all around to give me a short fringe. The fly plaid should be bigger than the one I made. The fabric was left over from another project and I didn't have enough to make it larger. I raided my jewelry box for brooches. I found a couple of Scottish brooches with amethysts in the centers; the stones clashed with the red tartan. The gold-toned brooch is not technically Celtic, but close enough. The brooch with the blue stone is Scottish. It's large, quite heavy and tends to pull the plaid down, but we use what we can find. And seeing as there is a thin blue line in the Glenn plaid, I had to go with the blue.
I gave Leonard the shirt I had made for Idealian51 Cuba and made a new one with slightly longer sleeve cuffs for Cuba. I also made both shirts slightly longer in the body than the pattern called for to make sure they wouldn't pop out of the waistbands. The shirt is from the Dandy pattern (Tamara Casey for Designs by Jude) designed for Tonner's 19-inch Mortimer Mort and Peter Pevensie. I omitted the jabot and the lace on the cuffs as I wasn't going for the dandy look.
For fun I decided to make a short vest. The Dandy pattern includes a long waistcoat, so I traced it onto tracing paper, stopping a little below the waist. As it was my first time using these pattern pieces, I made a muslin first, sewing the back and shoulders and basting the sides. It was a perfect fit so I kept the muslin for my lining and cut new fabric for the main vest. I sewed buttons on, only to discover that I had to nudge the fly plaid out of the way in order to see them. I guess the burning question is: how much do I want to show off the buttons?
I've spent the last few days searching online for the perfect wig. Why is it the ones I like are either the wrong color or the wrong size? I looked through my growing stash of size 5-6 wigs and came up with a Monique Gold Shaine, which I bought for my Raccoon girls. No matter how I comb it, it never hangs right. It's not like pulling it back and tying it will ruin its style. I had been looking for a red or a brown wig for Leonard, so I'm surprised the blond works, despite his dark eyebrows. As for Cuba's Ello-Rose wig, those wavy curls are impossible to brush or comb. What a mess! All I can do is spray it with water, re-tie it and hope for the best.
I still need to make flashes for Leonard. These are bits of colorful fabric attached to garters that help hold the socks in place. I made a pair for Cuba but they don't stay up; I need to fix them. On the other hand, the kilts are long enough that the flashes don't show so I wonder if I should even bother.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! And that the flashes are missing doesn't show, so maybe you can save that for another round of fiddly joy :). I love the little kilt bag. Now he just needs to learn how to play pipes...

    1. Ooh! I hadn't thought of making pipes. What a fabulous idea!

      I've had fun making the sporrans (the man purse that hangs from the belt) and have tried to make each one distinctive even though they're all cut from the same pattern.

      Thanks Mia!

    2. They turned out great, and if they are from the same pattern nobody will notice, they look different enough to me. Thanks for the term, I didn't know it had a name, but of course parts of traditional clothing usually do. I am looking forward to see what you do about a pipe!

  2. I love the outfits you made, they turned out so gorgeous!! And I'm amazed at that fabric, it looks so in-scale! I have never found something similar in here, honestly!
    I love your Highlander outfits!

    1. Thanks Musume! It's not easy finding small plaids. I've had the red plaid for years. There is only a little bit left now. I wish I could find more!

      I'm making a set of bagpipes next. They won't be very detailed. I don't have any tiny woodworking tools so the individual pipes will be quite plain.