Sunday, February 12, 2017

For Valentine's Day

Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of a snowplow scraping the road. That's all it took to convince me that I would be missing yet another doll meet-up. It's a fact: the older I get, the less I care to venture out on snowy roads. Whether the snowfall is minimal or a full-blown blizzard, I don't like to drive in it.

My dolls, however, were dressed for a Valentine's meet-up. What to do? I didn't have the heart to disappoint them, so I took photos anyway. I present them today in place of the meet-up photos I would have taken yesterday.

Brianna, a FeePle60 Cygne, would have made her meet-up debut--all by herself because she doesn't have a sweetheart. (My one F60 boy now has three girls to choose from. He'll stay undecided if he knows what's good for him. It keeps the girls on their best behavior.) I did make her a heart-shaped pillow for Valentine's Day. I think her wistful expression says it best: a pillow is a poor substitute for a warm-blooded lover.
She is wearing Zaoll Luv's full set outfit, a nice fit even though she is a few centimeters taller than Luv. Her wig is from Jpopdolls.

Luts Model Delf Annette also would have made her meet-up debut. She is paired with Model Delf Avalanche, who is beyond thrilled finally to have a girl made especially for him. Her outfit is by Sadol; his is sewn by me from a combination of Adams-Harris patterns that I originally made for a Limhwa Mono or a U-noa boy (I don't remember which but both boys wore it). Their wigs are from LeekeWorld.
I love how well engineered their bodies are, which puts me in a quandary right now. Do I buy the newest Model Delf boy or wait for Raccoon's promised male dolls. If the Raccoon guys don't appear soon, I know where my money is going.

Then we come to my odd couple: SoulDoll Vito Jin and Dollmore Zaoll Luv. I keep them together because of their heights; otherwise, their head sizes and overall proportions are a mismatch. I would love to find a girl that looks better with him. There was SoulDoll Vito Freya--a perfect match who unfortunately didn't stay very long. If I could find a girl with most of Freya's proportions (minus the bounteous booty)...well, bye-bye Luv.
Jin has a new wig, a Monique Gold Buttercup in chestnut/brown black. His outfit combines a Doll Heart shirt and vest with Dollmore Zaoll jeans and Iplehouse nYID shoes. Luv's outfit combines a blouse from an Adams-Harris pattern for SD girls with an Iplehouse JID jumper. Her wig is from LeekeWorld.

But what's this? Uh-oh! Trouble in paradise!
The head size is right, but she is quite a bit shorter than he is. Still, I can't deny he looks interested. So does she. And I have seen many human couples where the girl is much shorter than the boy. We'll have to watch this and see what develops!


  1. Wow they all looked so pretty and perfect for Valentine's day! Too bad the weather didn't accompany you. I get migraines if I'm out in the sun too much and when I was younger I used to not care and go out anyways. Now I only get out if I absolutely have to when it's too hot outside.

    Hopefully for next meet up the weather will cooperate, you always take the meet's theme to hear, and I love your creativity for it!

    1. Thanks! I don't like excessive heat either, but unlike you I have no excuse whatsoever.

      The March meet up is usually devoted to St. Patrick's Day. Several of my dolls have appropriate outfits, so it's just a question of which ones I'll bring. Of course, there is always a possibility of a big snowstorm in March. So we'll just have to wait and see.

  2. Poor F60 boy, condamned to be forever undecided! xD
    You have so many dolly couples, and they all look amazing!!

    Happy Valentine's day, and I hope you can go to the next meetup!

    1. Thanks Musume! No need to feel sorry for my FeePle60 boy--by remaining undecided he gets to spend time with all 3 girls without tying himself down to one. :D

      My Raccoon girls are all a-twitter because FID Leonard has arrived, so I'll have more couples to show off next week.