Sunday, January 29, 2017

Two Arrivals, One Return

One-half of my year's-end event purchases arrived last week. Oddly enough, I ordered them one day apart and they shipped one day apart--although in the process of shipping one hurried home while the other decided it would be more fun to spend the weekend in New York.

FairyLand's FeePle60 Moe Cygne arrived first. This doll was a must-buy because she is a larger-size version of FL's Project Liria, a very limited MiniFee release from mid-2015. (Only 67 full sets were available for sale worldwide. Needless to say I didn't get one.) Enter Cygne: An Ode to the Swan. As much as I liked the FM60 version's swan costume, I ordered the basic doll only. It was a matter of cost, first and foremost, as well as wondering how long a dress made of white feathers would take to start molting. Not that I'm allergic, but with three pet birds I have quite enough free-floating feathers around the house already. No sense adding even more of them to the air I breathe.
FM60 Basic Cygne
By basic I also mean blank. It's not that I didn't like her default face-up, because her makeup is one thing that made me fall in love with her. The question was, did I love it enough to pay $70 extra for it? The problem with basic dolls is that once you start adding back bits and pieces of the full set, you end up paying more than you would for the entire package. So I opted to do her face-up myself. I did an okay job, considering I risked temperatures only just above freezing and worked quickly to finish before the weather changed. I wanted to be sure she had a face to present at the next doll meet-up. I'll redo it when warm weather arrives for good.
Preliminary Face-up
I had forgotten that basic FM60 girls come with flat feet only, so I neglected to buy heel feet. I also forgot to order a different pair of hands. Moe girls come with #17 hands, which I don't particularly like. Luckily Denver Doll Emporium had both the heel feet and basic #12 hands in stock, so I ordered both. The acrylic eyes FairyLand sent with her didn't work for me. (Too big.) I changed them to 12mm glass eyes in aqua and ordered a pair in green that I thought I might like better. When they arrived I found I liked them as much as the first pair, but not enough to go to the trouble of removing Cygne's head to install them, so I put the green eyes in FM60 Lacrima instead. (In case you're wondering why it should be more trouble to change eyes in Cygne than in Lacrima, Cygne is very tightly strung. At the moment I'm having difficulty turning her resin key to remove her head. Lacrima has been around long enough to be easy to handle.)
That's an Iplehouse SID dress Cygne is wearing. (Sad to say it's no longer available--I've had it for years.) I was both surprised and delighted to find that it fit her. Of course the shirred top means it will fit any size bust, but the length is absolutely perfect despite the fact that Cygne (who will be named Brianna) is quite a bit shorter than SID women. She is also wearing a low-heeled shoe from Soom that fits perfectly with her flat feet. Changing to her heel feet won't be an issue, as FM60 girl hands and feet attach by way of magnets. Easy-peasy. (I wish all BJDs had that feature.)

Raccoon Doll Monica was the second arrival. Monica was issued as a Limited doll in two versions: Temptation Monica with a bold, bright makeup and Elegance Monica with a softer makeup. Both versions were available in the usual Normal and Sweet Mocha resins as well as two new resin colors: White and Dark Mocha. I ordered Temptation Monica in Sweet Mocha, the same resin color shown on Modern Gene below, who also wears the formal pink skirt and corset top I ordered at the same time:
Sweet Mocha Gene
Imagine my surprise and chagrin when I opened Monica's box to find this:
Dark Mocha Monica
I had to stand beside a window in order to get enough light to take the photo. The window is to the left, where the resin appears lightest. The yellowish cast on the resin comes from the box; it's not there when the doll is removed from it. And as you can guess from the foam surrounding her, which looks dark gray rather than black, the Dark Mocha resin is somewhat darker than it photographs. After talking with people on Den of Angels, I think the difference in color is the same as that between Iplehouse Real Skin and their Light Brown resin. Anyway you look at it, this doll is not the color I ordered. 

Regardless of doll company, BJD sales are considered final unless the doll arrives damaged. (Or unless you don't pay for it, or cancel your order immediately, before they start making your doll.)  On the other hand, this was obviously the wrong color, so I left messages both on Raccoon's Q&A board and via e-mail. I didn't expect an immediate reply, seeing as most Asian doll companies were already shutting down for a long Lunar New Year weekend, but I heard back within a day. Raccoon acknowledged the mistake and asked me to return the doll at his expense. Customer service doesn't get much better than that! It will take a few weeks to make the new doll. I don't mind the wait at all. It will be worth it to have the color I actually ordered. And since you can't see the resin color too well in the above photo, which was taken to showcase the outfit rather than the doll's skin tone, here is my gorgeous Sweet Mocha Gene in close-up.
Sweet Mocha Gene
I look forward to pairing my Raccoon girls with the two Fashion Iplehouse (FID) men still on order: Leonard and Claude. There is no telling how much longer their orders will take. Leonard is waiting for a sold out wig color to be restocked, while Claude awaits both a sold out wig and sold out boots. What really irks me about the second one is that the wig is not even for Claude, it's for Monica!


  1. Congrats for your new gils... well for one of them at least. Sorry you have to wait longer for the raccon one, but the sweet Moca is a gorgeous color.

    Brianna looks sweet and lovely, I like her a lot. I am waiting for a Cygne too, by the way ^^

    1. Thanks Mayumi! You'll love your Cygne. The sculpt is really cute, and if you ordered her with makeup she'll be gorgeous! I almost wish I had ordered the makeup...

      I love Raccoon's Sweet Mocha. The only thing I'm worried about now is how much I'll like her deep red lips on the lighter resin. Oh well, it's only paint. I can always change it, right?

  2. Cygne is such a pretty sculpt, congrats!! I think her faceup is really cute, you did a great job! I do agree, all dolls should have mag-on hands and feet! It is such a practical thing to have!

    You RD Monica is gorgeous! Sad to read about the wrong color, although the Dark Mocha is so pretty. It is also awesome to read they are going to change the doll! Great customer service!

    Hope your boys arrive soon!

    1. Thanks Musume! Brianna's face-up looks better the farther away you get from it. I didn't bother using my magnifier this time. It shows. That's what I get for rushing.

      The Dark Mocha is nice if it's what you were expecting. It came as quite a shock to me. I didn't even take off Monica's face protector to see what she looked like because I knew I wasn't keeping her. If Raccoon hadn't been willing to exchange her, I was going to put her up for sale immediately. Luckily everything worked out.

      Any doll company that makes extra hands and feet for their dolls should definitely make them mag-on. It not only saves time, but also fingernails and tempers.

  3. Wow your sweet mocha Gene is gorgeous!! Too bad the new girl came in the wrong color, though it was a very beautiful color too. Nice to know they will change the doll for you, as they should, be we all know some companies surprise us in a wrong way sometimes.
    The new FL girl is very nice, you did great with her first face up.

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! Gene is the benchmark by which I judge the other RD and FID girls. She's a lot for them to measure up to! What amazes me is that anyone can paint a beautiful makeup on such a small face. I can barely see well enough to paint a doll twice her size.