Saturday, January 7, 2017

Highlander Outfit for Soul Kid Yarn

I'm posting Saturday night, instead of Sunday, because I plan to binge-watch the entire second season of Outlander tomorrow on the Starz channel. After missing most of the first season, I only started watching in earnest near the end of season two. It didn't take long before I was hooked. History, romance and time travel. What's not to love? I'm currently reading the original novels by Diana Gabaldon--I'm a few hundred pages into book six, with two more books to go--and sewing Scottish highland outfits for my dolls.
My first Outlander-inspired outfit came together during the Fall, made for my Dollpire Kid Roo (a Dollmore Kid head on a Dollmore Judith Girl body).  I planned to make a male version for Soul Kid Yarn, who at the time was on order but hadn't arrived.
Fast Forward to the beginning of Winter. After some fit issues with the kilt, I finally have Yarn finished. None of my wigs felt right for his character, so I ordered an Ello-Rose from Facets by Marcia. It arrived yesterday. It's much fuller than I expected. The photo on the Facets by Marcia website makes the wig look rather sparse compared to the burning red bush I received. When I tied it back my black ribbon all but disappeared in the mass of curls. In a way I'm glad that the wig gives the illusion of a bigger head. Yarn's head is one size smaller than Roo's, so it evens them out.
I couldn't help wondering how the outfit would look on FID Lawrence. Though he tried it on I didn't take photos, because just about every piece of the outfit needs to be longer or wider before it will fit. Let's just say I liked it well enough to want to make him a Scottish outfit of his own. Lawrence is both brawnier and more intense looking than Yarn, so his Highlander outfit will look more like something he could brawl in.
I've also started on a dress for Narae inspired by Claire's Scottish gown. Note that all of these costumes are "inspired by" rather than attempts to reproduce costumes from the show. I'm using the same pattern as for Roo's plaid gown, but making it in a small green-and-ecru check homespun. I had hoped to have enough of it finished to show tonight, but the homespun had other ideas. The stuff unravels easily, which makes it get smaller as I sew. Luckily Narae is small enough that it should still fit when I'm done. If not, well, it won't be the first time I restarted an outfit.
It took three sets of photos before I got what I needed for this post. In the first set I didn't have Yarn's proper wig. In the second set I had the wig, but didn't notice until I was editing photos that one of his flashes (a garter with a decorative flash of fabric on it) had worked its way above one stocking. Today's photos show fewer distractions. Unless you count the doll stands, that is, but these two absolutely refused to behave without them.
A few notes about the costume. The tartan fabric worn over the shoulder is a fly plaid. It should be longer. I was a wee bit stingy and didn't cut it large enough. It's held in place by a penannular brooch. I've had this one for years and found it was a good size for the plaid. I don't know what I'll do when I make a second outfit, because my only other small pieces of Celtic jewelry are a Welsh love spoon and a Book of Kells bird. Guess I'll have to buy another brooch.
The furry thing hanging from his belt is a sporran. Kilts don't have pockets, so basically the sporran is a purse for carrying a man's essentials. Ladies don't wear these. Usually the decoration on the front consists of two or three tassels. I didn't feel like trying to make tiny tassels, so I chose pre-strung beads and used five to make them more visible. The only things missing from the outfit are the sgian dubh and a kilt pin. The sgian dubh is a small knife that is usually tucked into the top of one stocking. I don't have anything that small, although I suppose I could try to make one. Likewise I don't have a tiny kilt pin, although I did improvise a pin for his jabot out of a straight pin with a silver ball head. If I find another one I'll stick it in the kilt. The shoes are wrong, of course, but I'm no gonna try making ghillie brogues!


  1. Wow I love the outfits!! I have never been into Kilts and traditional Scottish outfits, so your explanations and descriptions came in perfectly! I really love how they look on your dolls, and the pattern of the kilt is so perfectly in-scale!
    I'm a fan of your sewing, you do really pretty things! Enjoy that binge-watching!

    1. Thank you Musume! I'm glad you like them. I'm not Scottish, but I've been interested in all things Scottish for years. In fact, when I lived in Pennsylvania I was able to get to Highland Games in 3 different places each year. Although some people hate the sound, I get thrills and chills when I hear bagpipes. Maybe I was Scottish in a past life...
      The Outlander binge was great, although I had to miss parts of it while cooking and when cleaning bird cages. The Starz channel doesn't show commercials. They show about 3 minutes of previews for other shows in between episodes, which is barely enough time to run to the bathroom!