Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Dolls' Christmas

After the elves brought the tree indoors last weekend, they returned to the forest to observe the Winter Solstice. While they were gone the other dolls took turns trimming the tree. First the Fairyland FeePle60s hung the red ribbon from the wall.
Only someone tall could do it.
Soom Idealian51, Soul Vito and Dollmore Zaoll Luv added the string of hanging lights.
The RaccoonDoll girls and Iplehouse FIDs paused for a photo, then went back to mixing the punch.
The Dollmore Kids and Judith girls hung the strand of golden bells.
SoulKid Yarn, the Bimong Naraes, and the Luts Model Delfs hung the yarn and bead garland that the smaller dolls had crafted, placing it low enough that the little ones would be sure to see it.
The Iplehouse JID boys, Fairyland Minifee and Unoa Quluts girls took a break from baking cookies and gathered for a group photo.
Next the children arrived: an Iplehouse KID and three BIDs, a Unoa Chibi, and three Little Fees. Little Shiwoo was heard to ask, "Is it time to sing now?"
Then, when no one was looking (except the photographer) the littlest ones took their places: a Doll Chateau Ada, two Aileen dragons, two WithDoll tinies, four Fairyland Realpukis and a Pukifee.
Finally came the moment they had all waited for--placing the star atop the tree. Although everyone looked and looked for it, no one could find it. Just when it seemed they would have to do without, the Iplehouse nYIDs came up with a sparkling substitute--a snowflake! Now if only it doesn't melt before Santa gets here.
Merry Christmas from our house to yours! May all your dolly dreams come true.
You can sing now, Little Shiwoo.
"Fa-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!"


  1. That is so adorable--the tree looks great! Have a Merry little Christmas, too!

    1. Thanks! And a Dolly New Year to you!
      I wish it had occurred to me before taking pics to have Frozen Elsa place the snowflake. But then I already had her playing Sugar Plum Fairy--and I thought for sure I could find a star. :)

  2. Awww, this is so cute!!! Merry Christas and a Happy New Year!!
    Hope 2017 is awesome for you!!

  3. Thanks! And an awesome New Year to you, too!

  4. Oh wow I didn't realize your collection was so awesome and big until today, love the photos!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas, I wish you the best in 2017!!

    1. Thanks! The collection is so big now I can only photograph them in small groups. The WithDoll minis were featured last week.
      Happy 2017!