Sunday, December 4, 2016

Luts Model Delf Annette

Luts started the Model Delf line in 2014 with four male sculpts: Abadon, Avalanche, Cian and Dion. All were smaller versions of sculpts in their Senior, Senior65 and Super Senior lines. (Just as Iplehouse is doing with its FID line.) I bought Avalanche. Instant love! The body's construction and posing are outstanding. Much as I was tempted to buy another guy, I decided to wait for the girls. When they finally debuted, there were only two: Annette and Blanchet. Both were smaller versions of Senior Delf dolls. They were cute, but seeing as Luts initially released four males, I expected them to serve up the same number of females and waited for the other two. When Luts finally released another pair of MDFs, they were one male (Alec) and one female (Garnet). Both were new sculpts. Unfortunately, I didn't love either of them. Since then, having learned that Alec's head is smaller than the other MDF male heads, I have revised my opinion. Alec might work quite well paired with Raccoon girls. If I had any money left I would buy him.
Box image shows a Model Delf male

There has not been a new Model Delf for some time. Finally I decided to order one of the original two girls. But which one? I went back and forth between Annette and Blanchet, unable to decide between them. What eventually tipped the scale in Annette's favor was her narrower face. Blanchet's round face made her look younger than I liked. I didn't care for either face-up offered, so I ordered Annette blank. She took 39 business days from order to arrival. Along with the doll I ordered an outfit, eyes and a wig. I lucked out with the Shining Purple outfit--right after I hit the buy button it registered as sold out. As for the eyes, I'm not sure Luts sent me the right color. They seem to be a uniform shade of light blue, whereas the ones I ordered were blue-and-violet. There is a possibility they put my eyes in the doll and wrapped the default eyes. I won't know for sure until I take them out to paint her, which I will do as soon as the weather cooperates.
All the goodies

I have to mention her packaging, because I've never had a doll packed this way. (I'd remember if Avalanche looked like this.) Underneath the clothing, wig, etc., was a shrink-wrapped package that reminded me of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is frozen alive in a block of carbonite. How on earth would I get this open? Very gingerly, I cut across one end with scissors, fully expecting to have to peel apart two sticky layers of plastic. You can imagine my relief when the package suddenly filled with air, revealing a pillow with the doll sandwiched in the middle. All that was left to remove were the black foam mitts covering her hands and the bubble wrap twined around her feet.
Shrink-wrapped doll
Poof! There's a pillow inside
Interior wrappings
For her body options, I chose type 2 for the elbow and knee joints as well as breast option 2. This gives her the more natural looking, rounded elbows and knees I prefer on my dolls. Breast option 2 is their basic breast--somewhere between flat and inflated. Both high heel feet and high heel leg parts were options with extra costs, so I went with the basic flat feet. They can easily wear low heeled shoes and boots, as you can see below. Before dressing her, I put her through a few poses. Because her only torso joint is just under the breast, some poses are impossible. For instance, she can't lie on her stomach propped up by her elbows, the way MiniFees can, because she lacks MiniFee's bikini-line joint. Her other movements are smooth and elegant, however, so all-in-all I am very happy.
Type 2 body with one arm extended
Note smooth curve of elbows
Note smooth curve of knees

I didn't put her in the Luts outfit right away, because I wanted to see how she looks in the Sadol outfits I bought for my Raccoon girls. (Sadol mentions Model Delf as one of the sizes their MSD clothing will fit.) Everything fit to perfection--including the hat, which is out of proportion on the smaller Raccoon heads. One word of caution, however; if you buy a MDF girl with the largest breast (option type 3), Sadol blouses may not button. Out of curiosity, I tried the Luts outfit on two of my  Raccoon girls. It fits the small bust but not the large bust, regardless of whether the body type is slim or curvy. I'm not sure if other Model Delf clothing will fit Raccoon girls. The Shining Purple set, which laces up the back, leaves a lot of skin exposed even on a Raccoon small bust. I'll have to see how it fits Annette.
Wearing Sadol (Classic M) K
Avalanche and Annette

And that's it. The last doll acquisition of 2016. Yes, I know. I've overdone it this year. Normally I don't buy a doll every month. Really, I don't. 2017 will be different. I promise. Okay, I have already succumbed to some holiday promotions (Iplehouse, Raccoon Doll, and FairyLand) but that's it. Unless I sell a doll I wasn't planning to part with, there is no money--or room--to add anyone else. I'll be turning more to fashions and stories in the coming year. I hope everyone is on board!


  1. Congrats on the arrival, she is gorgeous!! I have eyed the Model Delfs for a long time, to be honest. And those events were too tempting, to be honest!!

    May I ask for another comparison? I'm curious about your Model Delf with Withdolls and your Soulkid gentleman! If you want and have time, of course.

    1. Thanks Musume! You can't go wrong with a Model Delf. The only problem is they might spoil you for other dolls. I only wish they would produce more sculpts.

      I'd be happy to do comparison photos. I'm waiting for the snow to stop before I do Annette's face-up. The forecast is for sunshine tomorrow with temperatures slightly above freezing. If that is the case--they're often wrong--I will paint her and then take photos.

  2. Congrats!!! She is very pretty. Annette was the first luts sculpt that made me fall in love with their company. If I started buying dolls earlier than I did, she would probably have been my first. In the end I couldn't buy a doll for some years and when I could I went for SOOM.

    Love that Sadol outfit on her, Sadol makes amazing clothes~
    There's nothing wrong with buying a lot of dolls, same as there's nothing wrong with not buying any. You do what you want to do, I will be here reading all about it :D

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! There's nothing wrong with going for Soom. Their scultps are amazing and their bodies are very realistic. And if you are into fantasy their fantasy parts are awesome.

      Seeing how Sadol clothing fits her, I'm sure I will buy more from them. The outfits are very well made and well worth the price.

  3. Congrats! It's a very harmonic body you put toghether. Feminine and natural looking proportions. Your last words made me smile. And I hope you have a little peace and quiet before christmas to enjoy time with all your lovely new dolls.

    1. Thanks Mia! I knew I would like this configuration for her. It's basically the female version of the package I chose for Avalanche. His body is so amazing--the only thing I don't like about him is his goofy little smile. Annette's joints are a little stiff, but I'm sure she will loosen up a bit. I've finished her face-up. Now my only problem is deciding which dolls will go to next week's meet-up.