Sunday, December 11, 2016

Annette Gets a Face-Up

It's a good thing I don't make a living painting face-ups. This time of year I'm lucky if I get a few hours of sunshine a week, never mind temperatures above freezing so I can spray MSC outdoors without getting ice crystals on my face-up. Nor do I have the luxury of taking my time painting. If I don't finish a face-up the same day I start, it might be a full week before I get another chance. There were a few hours of sunshine one day last week. The temperature was just barely above freezing so I chanced it and painted Annette. There was no time for step-by-step photos. As it was I barely got her done before the sun sank behind some tall trees at the rear of the house. At least I can show you the before and after photos.

This is Annette before face-up.
This is Annette after face-up. Luts offered two makeup choices. This looks quite different from either of them.
While I was at it I changed her eyes. I didn't care for either her default eyes or the eyes I ordered as a replacement. Going through my eye stash, I did find a pair that look like my DollBakery small iris blue denim. I thought WithDoll Angela had these on but hers lean more towards aqua; I have no idea which eyes they are. Anyway, the blue denim eyes look great on Annette. (Oops. I need to lower one slightly--or raise the other.)
I also changed her outfit. This is the one I bought from Luts. I do like it, but it can be a pain to photograph. The black automatically triggers my camera's flash, which then has a tendency to wash out everything but the dress. I wonder what my neighbors thought as my window shades went up and down, up and down, as I tried to find a balance of light and dark for taking photos. The flash was less of a problem when I photographed her with Soul Kid Yarn and WithDoll Priscilla. I guess the other colors were enough to keep the camera happy.
I ordered the chaise during Tonner's Black Friday event. Originally there were three color combinations to choose from, but the one I wanted sold out before the event. Still, you can't argue with a bargain, even if the color is not what you wanted. The chaise was designed for Ellowyne Wilde. It's also supposed to accommodate Evangeline Ghastly. I have to wonder how Evangeline can recline on it--she's taller than Annette. The Luts outfit has an air of 19th Century French music hall and le cancan about it, so I thought it would be fun to pose Annette with Dollmore's Bitter Biscuit Zinna. All we need is Toulouse-Lautrec lurking in the background with his paints and easel.
One more photo from this shoot. I posed Annette with her head at the foot of the chaise and her hair trailing down to the floor. The black behind her shoulders is her skirt, which I pulled up so it wouldn't wrinkle when she sat on it.
For Musume: Here are Annette and WithDoll Angela. They're the same height but Annette has high heels on while Angela has boots.
Next Saturday is a doll meet-up day. We're supposed to bring doll foods for a holiday feast. I suspect my fake food is out of scale for the dolls I'm bringing, so maybe I'll bring a Christmas tree instead.


  1. She looks great, I love that faceup and eyes on her!!
    And the chaise is a great purchase, so congrats :D
    I think Anette looks nice with your Priscilla, are the head proportions too off?

    1. Thanks Musume!
      Maybe I should have photographed a different WithDoll with Annette. The head sizes are all the same (wig size 6-7) but stylistically some of the faces are more realistic than others. Angela has smaller facial features than Priscilla. She and Annette could easily inhabit the same universe. I'll try to photograph Angela and Annette together and post it here. Angela's dark resin usually throws the camera off, but then so does Annette's dress. It should be interesting to see what the camera does with both in one photo.

  2. Great job painting Annette!!! I never seem to finish a face up in a day, I wonder how you can manage!
    Love the Luts dress, it does looks like Toulouse-Lautrec could be in a corner painting :D!
    If you have trouble with the flash maybe you could cover it with some white paper or tissue, it should make it less harsh :)

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! I can finish a face-up in one day because I'm impatient. If I could slow down I might do a better job of eyebrows and eyelashes, although I am getting a little better.

      Covering my flash sounds like a good idea. I'll try that. What I really need/want are a pair of studio lights that I can position on either side of the doll to balance and soften the light. A new camera wouldn't hurt, either. $$$

  3. Does the blue gown fit Annette? It would look great with her eyes. Very fresh and lively look.

    1. Annette has a larger bust than Priscilla, but the dress is a bit loose on Priscilla so it might work. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion--I hadn't thought of it myself. :)