Sunday, November 6, 2016

Summer Monologue Cuba, an Idealian51 from Soom

I've always wondered how people manage to add Idealian51s to their collections. The order periods are so short! Summer Monologue Cuba was available this past Summer from August 12th through 23rd. That's twelve days, not much time to act if you don't already have the money squirreled away and ready to spend. I only managed it by selling my car and applying part of the trade-in to the purchase. Don't get me wrong. I don't normally sell something major in order to finance a doll. It just happened to be time for a new car. Can I help it if Soom put out a new Idealian51 at the same time?
All I can say is I'm extremely fortunate that the new Idealian was 51cm because the law of averages favors the 72cm guys. If you ask me, the smaller guys just don't get enough love. In fact, the last time Soom released Cuba was 2011 as A Guy with Sunglasses. Summer Monologue Cuba was offered with a choice of heads: a basic head (with open eyes) or a romantic head (with half-lidded eyes). It seemed to me the romantic head offered the greatest range of expression: romantic, sleepy, insolent, haughty, sly. Not as much room for interpretation with the basic head. Besides, the romantic head was prettier. It was a no-brainer. I went with the romantic head.
I ordered the face-up, but not the body blushing, wig or eyes. Knowing he was an odd size, I did order the shirt and pants, but not the shoes. The reasons for my choices: I never order body blushing (very little of it will be seen, so why bother); I have plenty of wigs and eyes to choose from; he would need something to wear until I figured out what to sew for him; and I hoped that Iplehouse nYID shoes would fit him. Now that he's here, I wish I hadn't ordered the clothing. The pants are very lightweight and wrinkled badly the moment I put them on him. The shirt won't go on. At all. Soom included a card with it that reads: This shirt is designed as not to be open. Since the fabric is weak we suggest you to wear it taking off shoulder joints for easy way to wear it. Take off shoulder joints? Really? No. Just no. I'm hoping I can get the shirt on Soul Kid Yarn. He's smaller. Mama mia!
My Soom Super Gem Quartz taught me to expect some assembly. Cuba came with his hands and feet already attached, which saved me some work. I knew I would be dealing with the head, but I figured it would be easy because the Idealian51 is so much smaller. How much effort could it take? How much indeed! The Super Gem head attached to the body by means of a resin piece shaped like a banana. It was relatively easy to insert through the strings, even if it did shoot out the other side just as easily. Enter the Idealian51, where instead of a banana we have a brain, as Soom calls it. (It looks like a walnut to me.) After some trial and error--which a quick look at the manual before starting would have prevented--I did manage to position the brain correctly. Heaven help anyone who tries to hybrid this head onto another body, or put a different head on this body. Maybe that's the whole point of the unusual assembly mechanism: to ensure that Soom heads are used on Soom bodies and vice versa.
We tried on a lot of clothing. None of my larger Iplehouse clothing fits, although the nYID shoes fit with socks. I had bought five pairs of trousers from Dollmore in their Zaoll girl size because I had read that they fit Soul Doll Vito guys. They do fit Vito; they also fit Idealian51. Not perfectly, because his male parts keep the trousers from going up as far as they should, but he can wear them at his hips. Zaoll shoes work without socks. My photos show him wearing MSD size sneakers that I find to be too large for my quarter-scale dolls.
I struck out on most of my tops. The only things that fit are the same tops that fit Vito--along with the School of Magic set from DollHeart. The trousers are way too long. I could shorten them, but then they wouldn't fit FeePle60 Siean. So for now Cuba is wearing the set's shirt and sweater with a pair of Zaoll trousers. Works for me. I may have to place another clothing order with DollHeart. Some of their sets come with short pants which might fit him. If they don't fit, he can continue to wear the Zaoll trousers with the DollHeart tops. All of my patterns will need a fair bit of tweaking before I can use them.
You may be wondering where he fits in among my other mid-size guys. I measured them all in shoes and wigs. At 51.5cm Cuba stands near the top end between Soul Doll Vito Jin (54cm) and Soul Kid Yarn (48cm). Iplehouse FID Lawrence (50.5cm) will bump Yarn down a spot. Then we have Iplehouse JID (47cm), Luts Model Delf and WithDoll (46cm), LumeDoll (45.5cm) and finally Dollmore Kid (44.5cm). I will line everyone up for a group photo after Lawrence arrives. In the meantime, here is Cuba between Kid Yarn and Vito Jin.
I was surprised at how well his height works with Iplehouse FID Miho. She is wearing high heels; otherwise the difference between them would be a greater. Even so, his larger head does not appear out of scale. Maybe he can partner some of those sassy Judith girls even though their heads are bigger than his. He has the body bulk to pull it off.

My only reference for Cuba being an island in the Caribbean, I have renamed him Grant. Try as I might I just don't feel a Caribbean vibe when I look at him. Grant wears a 6-7 wig and 10mm eyes. In my photos he is wearing a wig made for Iplehouse BID. It's a lot of hair on him and I have since changed him into a same size wig from Luts that seems more in scale. None of my 10mm eyes worked particularly well so I have him wearing 11mm Eyeco soft silicone eyes. I am currently working on a sweater vest for him to match Miho's dress. Our holiday meet-up is just around the corner and I'd like some of my dolls to look like they're inspired by the season.

I need to say a few words about Soom's box and shipping carton. They measure 80cm long. That's a lot of box for a doll technically considered a mini. I guess the longer boxes are necessary to accommodate dolls that come with additional parts--like wings, horns and various other animal bits. Still, when you order a smaller doll, it's no fun to pay extra to ship a big box. Just saying.

Edited on November 8, 2016

I decided to change Grant's eyes, which gave me an opportunity to show you the brain in place. It comes already positioned between the strings. You pull it up, simultaneously working the headback over the strings at the base of the neck, and slide the brain down into the compartment at the rear of the skull. And in case there is any question about which end goes where, there is a letter F etched into the resin signifying the front. You can just about see it on the front right lobe below.


  1. Congrats on getting him, he is so handsome! Although that note about the shirt is terrible =S I would be so pissed off!! And the huge box! Terrible service, honestly =S

    He looks great with Miho, really!

    1. Thank you! The shirt was a huge disappointment. On the other hand, if it fits Yarn it will look great with the kilt I plan to make. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  2. Congrats! HE is very handsome :D!!! I wonder how would he look next to a soul kid girl, He looks great next to the boys!

    That shirt note on the package is just awful, they should make better clothes, not give stupid caution notes, especially when their clothes are so expensive! And not even close to souldoll clothes quality.

    I also don't like huge boxes for small dolls. My shiny fairy May came in a box that is almost as long as an MSD and she's only yoSD, it takes so much space x.x...

    1. Thanks! He would probably work with a Soul Kid girl. I no longer have one for comparison, but both my girls were on older, shorter bodies than the current Kid girls.

      Soom clothing is nowhere near Soul Doll clothing in quality. What's worse, I read about their quality issues and ordered anyway because I wanted to see for myself. I've learned my lesson and won't buy Soom clothing again.

      Soul Doll used to ship their Kid dolls in the same size boxes they shipped the larger dolls. So you paid to ship the pillows they used for padding. Storing the boxes was a nightmare. The Soom box is longer than the big Iplehouse box. Thank goodness it's also narrower.