Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fashion Options: Between-Size BJDs

BJDs that come in standard sizes--Large, Mini, Tiny--give you plenty of clothing options. If the doll maker does not make clothing, you can buy fashions from numerous companies such as Doll Hearts, Alice's Collections, Nine9 Style and Sadol, to name a few. Add to these sources the many talented individuals who make and sell doll clothing on etsy and you have your pick of styles, colors, fabrics, etc. On the other hand, if your doll straddles two sizes, dressing it can pose a problem, especially if the doll maker sells no clothing or else provides only limited pieces that are not replaced when they sell out. Sewing is an option, but while I sew for my dolls, drafting patterns is a science that continues to elude me. Trying to adapt an existing pattern to a new size frequently makes me give up on the project altogether. What's a doll collector to do?
ID51 in Zaoll, F60 in DollHearts, Vito in DollHearts & Zaoll
Over the past year I have acquired dolls that fall between Mini and Large sizes: a Dollmore Zaoll Luv, a Soom Idealian51, and a Soul Doll Vito. (Actually two Vitos, but the girl is gone.) I am of two minds about including Iplehouse's new FID line in this discussion. Right now both the dolls and their fashions are Limited. I hope that as the dolls gain in popularity, Iplehouse will increase the clothing options and keep them in stock. In the meantime, I have put together a couple of outfits for Elle (FID Miho), shown below. I made the ivory/gold pencil skirt without a pattern. The top is Gracefaerie's #16 The Corset for 60cm girls, which fits her without any alterations whatsoever even though she is 45.5cm rather than 60cm. The red dress is my first attempt at crafting a dress by crochet. It started out perfect and lovely, but after a few weeks of wear it sagged and bagged. A sweater vest for ID51 met the same fate. I should have known better than to use acrylic yarn--my mother's afghans used to stretch out of shape, too.
Gracefaerie corset top (sized for SD girls)

Red dress crocheted by me
Dollmore makes a number of fashions available for its Zaoll line. The problem is the styles don't do much for me. There are few colors, with black and white predominating. I did end up buying jeans and dress pants, along with two sweatshirt-style long-sleeve tops, but I'm using them for my Vito and ID51 boys. My Luv has a couple of SD13 size dresses from Nine9 Style, along with pieces I collected and/or made over the years for other size dolls, like Iplehouse's discontinued YID line and 18-inch Kaye Wiggs girls. Believe it or not, both Luv and FID Miho can wear the outfit below (shown on KW Layla) made from MHD Designs L'Ecoliere pattern. Aside from the huge hat, the only part that didn't quite work for either of them was the blouse, because the cuffs were designed to accommodate KW girls' splayed fingers. I haven't yet made new blouses, but it's nice to know the pattern will be an easy fix. In fact, I plan to make a business suit (the pattern includes a jacket) for FID Miho from this pattern.
This fits both Zaoll Luv and FID!

After finding that both Vito and ID51 boys could wear the tops of my Doll Hearts School of Magic Nathaniel outfit, I deduced that I might safely order DH's SD13/60cm boy fashions and pair the tops with the Zaoll pants I already have. Most Doll Hearts outfits consist of multiple parts, so even if some parts didn't fit Vito and ID51, I was sure my FeePle60 boy could wear them. Win-win. Right? So, a few weeks ago I ordered two outfits: the Emperor set from DH's The Emperor's New Clothes and Unknown Future, a sort-of Steampunk outfit without gears or chains.
Doll Hearts Emperor set front & back

The verdict? FeePle60 Siean is the big winner here, as he is the only one who can wear almost all parts of both outfits. Grant (my ID51 Cuba) looked so ridiculous in the Emperor set that I couldn't wait to take it off, thus no photos. The shirt alone fit him. The stockings went all the way up to his crotch with lots of extra fabric below, including room in the sock for a much larger foot. The cuffs on the pumpkin pants wouldn't go over the knee with the stockings on. Even without stockings I barely got them past his knees and then found the waist was too big. The jacket made him look barrel-chested, plus its sleeves were too long. With his small head, he gave an overall impression of Henry VIII. Sheehan (F60 Siean) had trouble with the stockings, too. Why so long? The outfit is for 60cm boys and Sheehan measures 60cm. I eventually put him in a pair of Iplehouse nYID girl black stockings for a better fit. I still had to force the cuffs of the short pants up, but all-in-all, Sheehan makes quite a handsome Emperor. (Outfit includes a crown, not shown.)
Doll Hearts Unknown Future & Dollmore Zaoll
Hakkon (my Vito boy) ended up wearing only two pieces of the Unknown Future set: the shirt and vest, paired with Zaoll blue jeans. I had thought he could wear the white scarf but its size  overwhelmed him. He looked like he was going to a toga party. The coat is very long, although he can get away with it. I simply felt it was too early in the season to burden him with a long coat. (And then we got an unseasonable amount of snow.) There was nothing left for Grant to wear but Zaoll jeans with one of the Zaoll tops, along with Zaoll girl shoes, which fit perfectly. (See first photo.)
The rest of the Unknown Future set
Going forward I'm tempted to stick with separates that I can pair with the Zaoll jeans and dress pants. I don't know. Maybe I'll try one more Doll Hearts outfit. It's not like any parts end up wasted. It's just so much nicer when a total outfit fits.
November 2016 snowfall

Finally, let me end with a photo in answer to a question/comment Musume posted last week. Here is FID Lawrence with two of my WithDoll girls so you can check out overall height and relative head sizes. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) Hope this helps!


  1. This post is so full of information!! Being in between sizes seems to be a struggle for humans and dolls alike XD
    Can't believe you made some sd clothes fit them! that is certainly interesting.
    Love the snowfall photo, how magical it looks, hope you are not freezing too much!

    1. Thanks! As a person who keeps 3 clothing sizes in my closet to accommodate weight gains and losses, I guess I have a soft spot for dolls that fall between sizes, too.

      No one was more surprised than I was that the SD size corset fit FID! I thought I would have to take it in. While the Kaye Wiggs doll is a large MSD size, parts of that schoolgirl pattern also fit my FeePle60 Moe girls. You never know until you try things on.

      Most of the snow has melted, thank goodness. It's not an unusual amount of snow for January and February, but November is way too early for snow that sticks to the trees like that.

  2. Wow, loved the info/research you put in this post, it is very helpful!!
    And I really liked that Emperor set, to be honest :D

    Also, thank you so much for the comparison photo with the Withdoll girls. Sadly, I do not like the proportion at all, so I'm taking out the possibility of a FID man D: I guess they look too different from each other, although they are all lovely sculpts (plu, I love the dresses you made for your girls!).

    1. Thank you! It's not so much research, rather the ongoing battle to find clothes that fit. LOL

      I didn't like the proportions of FID and WithDoll girls either. I made no editorial comments so that you could draw your own conclusions. To me he looks like a dad with two teenage daughters.

      I didn't like Emma's short white dress with the Iplehouse JID girl boots, so I made a long underskirt in the same white fabric as the dress. Now the proportions work better. She kept the white cloak I originally made for Priscilla, while Priscilla got a new cloak in a fabric that looks like molten silver. She also has new DollBakery eyes, but I haven't photographed those yet.