Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fashion Iplehouse Doll Lawrence

First of all, because this is of the utmost importance to the very existence of BJDs and BJD artists, I want to state that today--Sunday, November 20, 2016--is ProBjdArtists Day. It is a day for bjd collectors to stand united against the practice of recasting. For those who are unaware, a recaster is an unscrupulous individual who makes a cast of a doll he did not create and then makes unauthorized copies for sale. Recasters profit from the hard work, ingenuity, and sheer artistic genius of true artists. When you buy a recast you support theft. When you buy an authentic bjd from the original artist, company or authorized retailer, you support art and the artists that create it.

Remember, a recast is a counterfeit doll and recasters are thieves. 
I SUPPORT BJD ARTISTS by buying original dolls. I hope you do, too. 

I could go on at greater length, but that would make this a post about recasting instead of an introduction to my newest doll: FID Lawrence.
The envelope contains Iple's Certificate of Authenticity

I was beyond thrilled when Iplehouse announced that their Lawrence sculpt would be one of the first three male Fashion Iplehouse Dolls produced. Lawrence! As some of you may remember, I was so enamored of the sculpt that I nearly caved and bought him in EID size when he debuted in Iple's Carved Heritage series. Then my practical side prevailed. EIDs are too big and heavy for me. There's no way I could restring one when he eventually loosened up. Not to mention the extra cost of the EID sized clothing and shoes. There would be no EID Lawrence for me.
FID Lawrence, on the other hand, is my perfect size. At 49.5cm he is roughly two-thirds the size of an EID on the model body. He is not a scaled-down EID, however, but a scaled-down HID (Iple's Hercules line). Thankfully they toned down HID's bulk for the FID. Not that he isn't well-built. Far from it. And the head sculpt is gorgeous! He makes my other male heads look like girls. I selected real skin resin and the face-up with beard, which delayed his arrival somewhat. Iplehouse does facial hair to perfection, but the process takes time because each hair is drawn individually. An editorial on Iple's site describes the process on EID Leonard. They estimate it takes 2,000 strokes to draw his beard. I expect it's considerably less for the smaller FID head, but you get the general idea.
With Raccoon Lucy

Lawrence came out of the box looser than any of my previous Iplehouse dolls. This makes him a little unsteady on his feet. Even so, he posed barefoot on my slippery dining table without doing a faceplant. Asking him to prop up a female FID is another story, because Miho only occasionally consents to stand unaided in heels. I immediately ordered more doll stands, because I know I will be ordering this size doll again.
With FID Miho

I bought Lawrence an outfit and shoes from Iplehouse. The pants fit perfectly. The shirt is snug. Thank goodness it's made from a stretchy fabric, because his shoulders and chest really strain it. In fact, he has taken to wearing the shirt partially unbuttoned, which looks very sexy--even if the visible snap does not. The shoes are slip-on loafers, which I appreciate because I dislike tying shoestrings. In addition to the outfits Iplehouse introduced with the guys, they also released a black sweater and black briefs. I ordered both.
Brawn, briefs and the Monique James wig

Lawrence is supposed to wear a size 5-6 wig. I did not order one from Iplehouse, figuring I had several here to choose from. As it turns out my 5-6 wigs don't fit very well. In the photo where he is showing off his well-toned body, he is wearing a Monique James. It's a tight fit and looks slightly off to me. I can't tell if the problem is the style or the color, but I'll save it for another doll. In the end I found an old size 6-7 wig called Lovely Shortcut that was too tight for that size doll. The dark brown suits his coloring and the fit is perfect. Wish I could remember where I bought it. I'm tempted to say either Luts or LeekeWorld, but if so they no longer have anything that resembles it. He likes this one, but I still want some additional wigs for when I want to change the mood.
Wearing the Lovely Shortcut wig. I should have combed it.
What else can I say about Lawrence except LOVE! Love the sculpt, love the body, love the size, love that they gave him light blue eyes. (Actually they might be light violet, but either way I love them.) Iplehouse is releasing Claude and Leonard as FIDs for the Christmas season, along with Mari and Bianca, and re-releasing the first six sculpts (Lawrence, Arvid, Felix, Miho, Raffine and Stella). You know I'm going to get one. But which one? Claude was my first love. Leonard is hot! And I wish I had bought Stella the first time. O money tree, where art thou?


  1. Nice to see you joining the #proBjdArtists day!

    And congrats on FID Lawrence, he is so handsome!! The faceup is so stunning I love it!! May I request a photo of him near your Withdoll girls? I would love to see that comparison, if it is not too much trouble :D

  2. Thanks Musume! I'll be happy to photograph Lawrence with my WithDoll girls. It may be a few days before I can do that because gray skies and snow make it too dark indoors for photos. There are a few inches of snow on the ground already, and more is forecast for the next three days. I'm not ready for this--I haven't even bought snow tires for my new car!

  3. Oh money tree, where are you indeed!!! Claude is one of my first loves from iplehouse so if I were you I would order him :D
    I wish SOOM did this with their supergem dolls, they would make me so happy

    Congrats on the handsome arrival!! So glad you can own him now, in a much fitting size for you. He is just so manly, love the beard, do they charge extra for it? I'm curious about that, it seems to be such a hard work!! I struggle doing a few hairs on the eyebrows, I wouldn't even dare trying a beard.
    Hope to see more of him soon, and I hope you can get another doll from this line soon~

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! Lawrence is so manly that he looks a bit odd on the shelf with the other dolls. Except for the height, the others look like children next to him.

      It wouldn't take a lot of work for Soom to produce Mini SuperGems. They already have the Idealian51 body, which is almost the same size as FID. All they would need to do is shrink the head sculpts, although fantasy parts might complicate matters.

      Iplehouse charges $5 extra for the face-up with beard, which is very reasonable considering the work involved. I wouldn't do it for five times that amount! Like you I struggle to draw eyebrow hairs. Not to mention lower eyelashes.

      If I can justify spending the money, I may order both Claude and Leonard. Much as I would like to get Stella, too, buying men for my existing Raccoon girls takes precedence. Lucky girls!

  4. I think Iplehouse made him with you in mind--he is absolutely perfect for those Raccoon girls! And a small Bianca sounds pretty tempting to me (I need to resist a new size though :D) Congratulations on such a perfect guy!

    1. Thanks Fishcake! My only disappointment when Iplehouse introduced the guys was that Leonard was not among them. And now he will be! [sigh, drool, grabby hands] I wish they'd hurry up and post the photos. I think the new ones go on sale Dec. 1st.

      I know it's hard to take the first step towards a new size, but once you commit to it it's full speed ahead. FID Bianca would be a great addition to your crew. Do it.

  5. Congrats! I guess this was the long awaited package? And what a package :). I love how he looks with Lucy, they have the same eyebrows. Miho looking beautiful, too, but I think he and Lucy make the cuter couple. I am sort of glad that fashion doll size is not for me - money tree not found yet. But I like looking at them.

    1. Thanks Mia! This was indeed the long awaited package. I'm sure the beard is what delayed him. I don't think I'll get Leonard with a beard--assuming they offer it--the wait is just too excruciating.

      If Iplehouse had opened the FID line years ago, the bigger dolls (and even the JIDs) never would have tempted me. I came to BJDs from collecting vinyl fashion dolls, so I already had that size and aesthetic ingrained in me.

    2. Haha, I remember a proverb about waiting long enough to grow a beard...
      I like their size and love them in pictures, and I was tempted by some, but somehow the tiny eyes and heads are not my bonding-material. I can imagine that it's the other way round when you start collecting with that size.

    3. The tiny heads and eyes do take some getting used to, even for me. And if you paint your own face-ups, that's more difficult with this size. Thank goodness Iplehouse does such lovely face-ups, so I don't have to try.

      I like that proverb. :)