Sunday, October 16, 2016

WithDoll Elf Hunter Ruby

I'll tell you a silly secret. When I first saw this doll's name, I thought Ruby was a girl who hunted elves. You know, like a vampire hunter hunts vampires or a ghost hunter hunts ghosts. So I was delighted to discover that she was an elf named Ruby who happened to be a hunter. Whew! That's a relief.
In the box

She was cute but her full set didn't thrill me: a bra, hot pants, a one-sleeved shrug that WithDoll calls a jacket, and a variety of arm warmers, leg protectors, and belts. It wouldn't be hard to make something in the same vein but more my style, which I did by combining a hodgepodge of pattern pieces. On the other hand, I will admit to instant lust for her bow and arrows. I almost opted to forgo the weapons in favor of making my own from wood, wire and polymer clay. Good thing I ordered them instead, because mine would have ended up way too short.
Option parts
WithDoll's options menu left me somewhat puzzled. They showed a resin shoe that hooks onto the ankle like a foot. Does that make it clothing or an option part? The quiver looked like it was made from fabric. Again, clothing or option part? Scrolling down to the bottom of Ruby's sales page I saw a list that showed both the shoes and the quiver as option parts. I really didn't care for the shoes but I wanted that quiver, so I selected the option parts but not the clothing.
What a long neck you have!
I also ordered her default fur wig, knowing from experience that WithDoll's elf ears sometimes get in the way of wigs fitting properly. It would be good to have at least one wig that fit at the outset. Ironically, I didn't care for the fur wig once I got it. One of my LittleFees is currently wearing it, while Ruby chose Roxy by Monique Gold. I believe the color is Foxy Red.
Unpainted long bow
After just over four months Ruby arrived, slowed down at this end by the lack of mail delivery on Columbus Day. Taking inventory, I saw the resin shoes but no quiver. I asked on Den of Angels and someone responded that she hadn't received a quiver with her order either. On Friday I posted a question on WithDoll's site. Is the quiver supposed to come with the option parts or not? They don't work weekends, so the earliest I can get an answer is Monday. I'll post it here.
WithDoll Elves Angela, Egon and Ruby
I ordered Ruby in WithDoll's (UV) Real resin, a light tan color with peach undertones. It reminds me of an Iplehouse Peach Gold with a bit more brown. WithDoll showed Ruby in Brown Tan resin. My greatest fear in ordering a different color resin from the one shown is that the face-up will not be adjusted for the new color. I ordered the default face-up and crossed my fingers. For the most part I like it, although I wish the lips had less brown pigment. At some point I will probably repaint them. I think I can manage that without affecting the rest of the face-up.

I took my first set of photos before I understood how to make Ruby hold the bow. After someone on Den of Angels explained how to pose her, I decided I would paint Ruby's weapons and take new photos. Ordering unpainted weapons saved me $30, not an insignificant sum considering I could do it myself for free. Yesterday, spurred by a weather report predicting rain for the next two days, I rushed through the job. My results provide ample proof of the adage: Haste makes waste. I painted a black wash over my detail work to hide it and then sprayed it with MSC. Now I'm thinking I should have buffed the raised design slightly to reveal a bit more color. Better yet, I should have used my photos of the unpainted bow and arrows for today's blog and waited to paint the weapons later when I could take my time. Lesson learned.
Red boots from Iplehouse for JID girls

Ruby came with both flat feet and heel feet, plus the option brown high heel feet/shoes. She also has two pairs of hands, one set of which allows her to grasp her bow and arrows. WithDoll included brown acrylic eyes, but no putty for inserting them. After trying on glass eyes in various colors, I selected a bright green that doesn't disappear against her skin. Luckily, I always have spare putty on hand.
Some of the color on the bow shows through
I made a pair of arm guards for Ruby just like the ones Angela and Egon are wearing. For some reason they're too big. It's just as well, because while the stiff guards work for the sword-bearing elves, I want something more pliable for my archer. I am attempting to crochet arm guards for her. If they don't work I'll make a pair from fabric, perhaps to match her leggings. All my elves still need cloaks. Ruby will get one with a standup collar to offset that swan neck.

Now if only she could stretch that bowstring enough to let the arrow fly!

Update October 18, 2016:

I heard back from WithDoll about Ruby's missing quiver. Apparently it should have been included in my package and they will send one as soon as possible. In other words, as soon as they make one. Ruby and I are very happy.


  1. She's so pretty! And she picked the perfect wig for herself. Your Elf Army grows! :D

    1. Aw, thanks! And just think--it all started with your Elf Angela.

  2. Congrats! She is really pretty! I like her default faceup. And she has lovely clothes! :) I also didn´t like too much of those bra and hot pants that was her full set outfit. They are pretty but not very handy when you are going out for hunting!

    The wig looks great on her and weapons are awesome. I hope that you´ll get the quiver later/soon. So weird that it didn´t come with other option parts.

    So nice too see pics of other Ruby dolls. I also ordered her in (uv) real skin. That is a lovely color!

    1. Thanks Wheatear! I had the same impression that Ruby's full set was not exactly the thing to wear for hunting. Ruby's resin photographs lighter than it is, so expect your girl to be a bit darker than my pics show. It's still a pretty color. I think you'll like it.

      No answer yet from WithDoll on the quiver, although the question has had 15 hits including mine. Maybe they're still hunting up a translator.

  3. Congrats11 she is so pretty and the wig suits her so much~
    Hope the quiver problem gets solved in the possible way. If they listed it as option parts it should come :(
    Love her skin color and she looks amazing next to the other elves of the forest~

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! I probably should have simplified my question to WithDoll. I most likely confused them. All I want is a yes or no. Does she come with the quiver? If so, I didn't get it. We'll see what happens.

  4. Congrats on receiving Ruby. I quite like her face up and even the lip colour. But that's probably because I am fed up with red and pink lips, and it makes a refreshing change. The option parts are great too. I haven't looked at Withdoll for a long time, but you've enticed me to check them out again.

    1. Thanks. The lip color is a nice change from red and pink. I only wish it looked more like my photos, because in real life it's darker. Thank goodness it's not plum--now there's a color I can do without!

      WithDoll is a great company if you're into slim minis. They also do adorable tinies. They don't do much with larger dolls yet, although they have promised a 60cm male soon. Their 60cm female has been available for a while. WD has a nice range of resin colors, too.

  5. Congrats on getting her, she is so pretty!! Nice to see the update from Withdoll, they have an amazing customer service :D
    Also, I love the wig and outfit you made for her, she looks really lovely <3
    I'm sure you will do an amazing work with the bow, I can't wait to see it finished!

    1. Thank you! WithDoll emailed me to say they shipped the bow with Priscilla, who shipped this week, so I should have both by tomorrow (Saturday).

      My last two photos do show the bow painted, but not buffed. You can see a little bit of gold paint on the bottom photo. I have since buffed it so it reveals more color. My crocheted arm guards look thick but not too horrible, so I will take more photos. The crochet reminds me of chain mail--except for the color. It's green! LOL