Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vermont Doll Lovers Halloween Meet-Up 2016

We're three weeks early but who's counting, right? The Halloween meet-up is always so much fun. Many of the dolls come in costume and folks bring all sorts of props. After mingling and taking formal photos for a while, we tend to get a little silly. That's when the dolls get creative and do stuff like balancing things on their heads, trying out coffins, pooping other words, the usual.

For some reason I took very few meet-up photos last month. I remedied that this month by taking way too many. So after spending hours editing in Photoshop, I put together collages for each attendee in order to show as many photos of their dolls as possible. Instead of going back through my meet-up posts trying to figure out which doll is which--because let's face it, I never write anything down--I'm just going to identify the owner and post the photos. They show up small in Blogger, so if you want to see any of them larger, just click on the photo.  Here goes!

These are mine:
Rapunzel found it necessary to beat off a little vampire with her trusty frying pan, while her chameleon, Pascal, made the rounds perching on shoulders and heads. (I took so many photos of Rapunzel and the vampire that I may give them their own photostory somewhere down the line.)

Bittersweet Blue:
I just LOVE the candy corn mouse! Great job on the mummy, too. When I tried that with my Realpukis, it looked like they were wearing oversized diapers.

Check out the Star Wars action between Rey and Kylo Ren. The Force is strong in these two--or else it's because I edited out the stand that lets Rey fly.

Modern Wizard:
One of her girls brought a foam person to the party. Or who knows? Maybe he simply shadowed her here.

Is there anything so cute as a small doll in an oversized witch's hat? You'll have to enlarge the photo to see the conjoined rabbit twins one little boy is holding.

Hope you've had as much fun looking at these as I had putting them together. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (A few weeks early.)


  1. Hi!
    Looks like a good time was had by all. :) Great photos!!!

  2. Love the photos! So many great costumes ~ Rapunzel fighting vampires is something you could seen in a movie! haha great work editing the photos, this was very enjoyable~

    1. Thank you! What's funny is that I never thought of putting Rapunzel and my Dollpire Shiloh together until I was setting them up at the meet.

  3. Hope you had a great time!
    Your costumes are great, but I love the Harry Potter's school uniform and Rapunzel's outfit!

    The candy corn mouse is so cute!

    Happy early Halloween for you too!

    1. Wish I could take credit for Harry Potter's school uniform, but it's from Doll Heart. I did make Rapunzel's outfit, as well as the Scottish costumes on my Realpukis. I love costumes!

  4. Nice photos! I have all the companies and sculpts on my blog, if you're really dying to know. :D

    1. Thanks! I think I have most of the companies and sculpts on my blog, too, but people will have to hunt through past posts to find them. LOL