Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soul Doll Kid Yarn, Winter Prince Version

Soul Doll released Yarn and Annamari, his corresponding girl sculpt, for Christmas 2014. I had been ogling them ever since, but panic set in after the girl costumes sold out. That influenced my choice of Yarn over Annamari; otherwise I liked her costumes better. She debuted in both an Ice Fairy version with two different costumes (ice fairy and visitor--unmistakably inspired by Elsa and Anna) as well as a School Girl version. Both versions came with the same makeup. Yarn came as either the Winter Prince or the School Boy, with a different makeup available for each. The school boy looked younger, although it's hard to say if makeup or styling was responsible.
I had a second, more pragmatic reason for choosing Yarn. There are plenty of girls in my collection but not so many boys. My Dollmore Judiths, in particular, are too tall to pair comfortably with any of them. (Why doesn't Dollmore make a boy in her size?) At 47cm, Yarn was tantalizingly tall. I questioned whether his head would be big enough. He wears a 6-7 wig; my Judiths wear a 7-8. Knowing that I could still pair him with other girls if he turned out to be too pin-headed for my Judiths, I ordered him.
According to Soul Doll's description of their Kid boy body (N.L.)--which is now the only boy body they sell--it is available with either shown or hidden double joints. The difference can be confusing. One is more visible when the doll stands, but results in a smoothly rounded joint when the doll sits. The other is less visible when the doll stands, but results in a sharply angled joint when the doll sits. Soul Doll's sample photos show a pale, unblushed doll against a pale background, making it hard to see the difference. I worried that I would order the wrong joints, then worried even more when the order selection process did not offer me a choice. Luckily I received the rounded joints I wanted. Curiously, Soul Doll sent extra elbow and knee peanuts. Extra hands and feet are common, but this is the first time I've received extra joints!

Yarn's Winter Prince costume is excellent quality, as is true of Soul Doll's clothing in general. The outfit consists of trousers, a belted shirt, a coat and a lace jabot. If I have any criticism, it is that it was difficult to get the coat on over the long-sleeved shirt. I should have put the coat on over the shirt and then put the combination on him, but of course I never think of that until I am struggling to coax long, lace-edged sleeve cuffs through narrow coat sleeves without tearing them. I plan to make him a Scottish kilt to wear with the shirt. The gray-brown-black plaid will pair perfectly with the black and brown shirt, with an extra length of plaid to drape over one shoulder. Although his feet are a little smaller than JID boy feet, with socks he'll be able to wear JID shoes with the outfit. A reddish wig will complete the look. Then he can play Jamie Fraser to my Dollpire Kid Roo's Claire Randall, seen below. (Those of you who are watching Outlander will need no more explanation than that.) Of course, Claire has dark hair so Roo will need to change wigs. Roo is on the Judith body.

I should mention that Yarn's head is a little small next to the Dollmore Judith heads. I haven't decided if the difference is enough to bother me. In the photo with Arasa Blue Zinna (below) Yarn makes her look like she has a fat face, but at least he's taller than she is--if you don't count the headdress.
His proportions pair more neatly with Narae and my WithDoll girls. Narae is wearing flat shoes, which make her look smaller than usual, but I like the height difference between them. Her princess dress and crown were gifts from Dollmore with two of my Judith Girl purchases. The dress is not a good fit on the Judith body, but Narae loves it. WithDoll Priscilla is wearing platform heels and still stands half a head shorter than her dance partner.
Even though I bought him a wig from Soul Doll, I ended up putting Yarn in an older wig from Kemper. It's one of those wigs that I try on each incoming male doll and put away because it's too tight, so I know his head is on the smaller side of 6-7. In fact, one doll who has worn it is Raccoon Sarah, who normally wears a 5-6. Maybe I should try some of my other 5-6 wigs on him. Here are a few more dance photos to close.


  1. He's handsome congrats!!! Love his outfit, but I loce your plans for him even more! I think that shirt will work awesomely

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to start on the kilt, if only the weather would clear up enough to let me see what I'm sewing. It's been a miserable month: clouds, rain, clouds, sleet, clouds, a bit of snow, clouds--yuck! I can't work on Priscilla's cloak, either. It's shiny and nearly black, so artificial light just glares off it. Maybe I should try the kilt anyway. At least I can follow the lines of the plaid.

  2. Belated congrats on the arrival!! Yarn is so awesome and I love his outfit!!

    And apparently all the girls are stalking him, poor boy xD I love him with your Narae and your Withdolls, actually. I had considered a JID boy for a future male doll (the only male character I have so far) but I love the height difference with Souldoll Soulkid!

    His wig is amazing, it fits him so perfectly!

    1. Thanks Musume! I'm thrilled with his height. It makes him so versatile. I was going to say that the Soul Kid is easier to pose than the JID but I can't tell until I undress him. His outfit, as lovely as it is, makes movement difficult.

      The Soul Kid will definitely work better with Coco. Not only the height, but the heads are the same size. JID boy heads are the same size as Dollmore's Judith girl heads, so they go well together except they are almost the same height.