Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rapunzel and the Little Fox

It may sound like the title to a story but it's not. Rapunzel's outfit is finished, and my Withdoll fox Lucy has arrived.

I made some changes to Rapunzel's outfit from what you saw last week. For one thing, her sleeves were too long. They're supposed to be 3/4 length, so I cut off about an inch and a half and re-sewed the lace. I replaced the lavender daisy trim with white daisies. They have pink centers, which makes them closer in spirit to the original dress's pink embroidery. I added a second row at the sleeve hem.
Finally, I decided against making a slip. The skirt was too full as it was and didn't need any extra volume. Instead, I sewed a piece of lace from the inside so that it hangs below the skirt. Of course now the skirt is too long. I made the mistake of measuring for length when the doll was wearing high heels, forgetting (or maybe ignoring) the fact that Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes in the movie so I would have to switch to her flat feet. This is one mistake I won't fix--there is simply too much work involved. It is what it is: long.
I ended up sewing Rapunzel's corset entirely by hand. I've made this one before and know from experience that I have trouble sewing the curves of the bust accurately on the machine. Add small pattern pieces in a slippery fabric and you get the general idea. I didn't want to waste time ripping out seams. This is one time when hand-sewing was actually quicker.
Dollmore's Rapunzel wig is not entirely accurate. They gave it bangs. The movie Rapunzel wears her hair swept to one side. It's nowhere near as long as Rapunzel's hair is in the movie, which I don't mind seeing how easily it tangles. Any longer and I'd be tearing my own hair out. Every time I change Pascal's position, the curl of his tail catches a few strands of hair and pulls them out of place.
My online search for a frying pan yielded two choices. (If you haven't seen the movie, a frying pan is Rapunzel's weapon of choice for dealing with unwelcome intruders. It proves so effective that by the end of the film the palace guard has adopted it.) I found an American Girl version on ebay, part of a gourmet kitchen set that someone was selling piecemeal. It was gray with a pink handle, not what I wanted at all. The other was all black and came as part of a Coleman stove set for generic 18-inch play dolls. Perfect! I ordered it, it arrived quickly, but not quickly enough. I had just finished taking photos, struck my set and put everything away when the mail arrived. Rapunzel will bring her frying pan to next weekend's Halloween meet-up; I'll get photos then.

On Wednesday my Withdoll tiny fox Lucy arrived, a mere two days after shipping from Korea. If only the waiting time leading up to it had been as short! I ordered Lucy on May 15th; she arrived September 28th. Allowing for two Korean holidays during that time, it still took four months. Was she worth the wait? Absolutely!
Like my little lamb, her furry costume invites cuddles. I think she may be a little bigger than the lamb, or maybe it's only that her head is bigger. If it weren't so hard to get their animal suits on, I would have undressed Lamb Chop and compared them side-by-side to see if there is any actual height difference. Lucy's head is definitely bigger, as are her eyes. Lamb Chop wears 12mm eyes, Lucy wears 14mm. I'm not sure if their wigs are the same size, because there is no size label in Lucy's wig or on its package. I know that Lamb Chop's size 5-6 wig is loose on her, while Lucy's is tight, so maybe they are the same size.
Lucy (whom I have renamed Lulu because I have another doll named Lucy) came with fox paws (hand and foot) as well as human feet and two pairs of human hands. I was able to get the hand paws on, but couldn't change the feet because the doll is strung absolutely taut. Because the paws aren't painted, you really can't tell which feet she is wearing. I thought the fox paws would help her stand more securely, but with the costume's long tail acting as a stabilizer, the smaller feet aren't a problem.
I didn't use the acrylic eyes that came with the doll, instead choosing a pair of light brown glass eyes from my stash. They are flat back eyes, so hopefully they won't make her head as heavy as it would be with full round glass eyes. She already has quite a heavy head for such a small doll!
Lulu and Lamb Chop are headed for the Halloween meet-up next weekend. In the meantime they are dancing with excitement (inasmuch as their fat little animal legs will let them dance). How cute is that?


  1. Lulu is so cute congrats!!! That was quite the wait though, I wish buying BJDs was faster haha

    The Rapunzel costume looks amazing!! And I think the wig is great for it, though it looks hard to manage. I think you did a great job, can't wait to see her with her frying pan too!

    1. Thanks! I wish the wait for BJDs were shorter. Sometimes, by the time a doll arrives, I no longer remember why I wanted it in the first place. Luckily Lulu is not in that category!

      Thank you on the costume. The wig is definitely hard to manage. I debated braiding it, but that might look worse. Separating those unruly strands into three equal portions--not to mention the thin braid that weaves through it--is a recipe for frustration. I'll take my chances with the wig as it is.

  2. Oh boy you had a few trials making Rapunzel's costume, but the result is beautiful. I do like the daisy trim on the sleeves, it's a nice finishing touch. I know what you mean about hand sewing, I find it easier to do curves and it gives a garment a much better finish.

    Love your Lulu, she's so darn cute, and well worth the wait. :) Her head does look bigger and she's definitely looking taller in the photos. Perhaps after the meet you can strip them naked and do a side by side comparison? Either way, congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Xanadu! I'm glad I changed the flower trim on the sleeves; the light purple stood out too much. Despite the problems, I'm pleased with how the outfit turned out.

      WithDoll makes the cutest tinies. I like that they have furry costumes instead of a resin animal body, because then I can dress them as human children without having to change resin parts. It will be interesting to see these two next to a PukiFee. I have the new PukiFee Rin on order. I expect they'll be very close in size.

  3. Congrats on the arrival!!

    I'm so inlove with Rapunzel's outfit, it looks amazing!! And the hair!!! OMG!! I can't wait to see the frying pan, to be honest. And you Pascal is adorable <3

    Lucy is so cute, those fluffy outfits look adorable! I so need the special parts of the newest cat release!

    1. Thanks, Musume!

      The meet-up is today, so you will see the frying pan in tomorrow's blog post. I'm also bringing my 4 Realpukis, whom I have dressed as Merida and her 3 suitors from Brave. I crocheted wigs for all 4 of them from varieties of eyelash yarn. They look ridiculously funny.