Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fashion Iplehouse Doll Miho

I have just received my first doll in the new Iplehouse fashion line--and I am in love! It took only six weeks from order to receipt for a doll with face-up and one outfit (the white dress and jewelry shown below). By comparison, I am at four months and counting for my WithDoll tiny Fox Lucy.
To look at any of the three girls in the initial FID release, you'd never think you were looking at a doll under 46cm tall. Iple chose to introduce smaller versions of three of its larger women: SID Yui and EID Raffine from their limited FOMA line, and SID Stella. Yui underwent some slight modifications and became Miho, the doll I ordered. Looking again at her sales page on the Iplehouse site, I see a difference between the doll pictured and the doll I received. My Miho's lips are parted. She's not showing any teeth, but there is a distinct space between her upper and lower lips. The sample doll appears not to have any space between her lips. An accident in casting, maybe? It will be interesting to see other Mihos as they arrive.
The FID ladies stand 45.5cm tall. There were two breast sizes to choose from: large and medium. I always choose medium when I can get it. It's neither too small nor too large. FID ladies are 2.5cm taller than JID girls, with the same size feet. Though I no longer have a JID girl for comparison,  I still have their shoes, and the high heel shoes fit FID ladies with some room to spare. Stockings would fill the gap; I happen to have felt insoles in mine. Miho came with three pairs of feet: flat feet, normal height heels and higher heels. Iplehouse had two styles of FID high heel shoes available (now sold out). I didn't care for either so I took a chance that JID heels would work. The red flats in my first photo are by DollinStyle. I bought them for my MiniFee girls and found that they are a good snug fit on FID. Of course, I never discover perfect shoes until they are just about sold out. Denver Doll had them for a long time and now they're gone. There is one color left in another style that fits Raccoon Doll.
As you know, I was eager to compare the Raccoon Doll ladies to the FID. In the photo above you can see Raccoon Doll Lucy on the slim body in sweet mocha resin, FID Miho in peach gold resin, and Raccoon Doll Sarah on the original body in normal resin. Sarah is wearing the DollinStyle flat shoes mentioned just above the photo. Raccoon's slim body is closer in size to FID, which made me hope they might be able to share some clothing. So far I've found only one dress that Miho can wear--Dressing Up for Tonner's 17-inch Hermione from Designs by Jude. I could barely fasten the snaps but I got it on. At least I know I can use this pattern to make something for her.
I spent most of yesterday trying clothes on Miho (who, by the way, tells me her name is Elle). She can get into a number of things I made for JID girls. The trouble is the styles are a bit too juvenile to work for a woman. If I can figure out which patterns I used--not an easy task when you mix and match pattern pieces like I do--I'll make her some things that look more grown up. Of the JID clothes I bought from Iplehouse, only two outfits work. One I haven't photographed yet. It's a bit young looking but it fits perfectly. The other is the clingy black and white dress below. This one is a little too tight, especially since I once took in the shoulders to adjust it for a small chested JID Asa. I'll let it out again and see if the fit improves. If it weren't made from stretchy fabric it wouldn't have gone on at all.
It's a good thing I have an FID male on order, because Elle/Miho is taller and more mature than all but one of my mid-size boys. In the photo below you can see her with a Lumedoll, SoulDoll Vito, JID boy, Luts Model Delf and WithDoll boy. Not pictured is a Dollmore Kid, who is a little shorter than JID. My long-departed MiniFee boy was even shorter. What's a tall girl to do? She'll just have to sit back and wait for Lawrence.
I fell in love with EID Lawrence when he debuted in Iple's Carved Heritage series. Much as I wanted him, there was no way I could handle a doll that tall and heavy, even if I could justify the price of the doll and the cost of his clothing. So when I saw that one of Iple's initial trio of FID men was Lawrence I didn't have to think twice about ordering him. At 49.5cm he'll be 2.5cm shorter than Vito. He'll be my first doll with a beard and mustache. No naval uniform, alas, but we'll adjust. If he ships as quickly as Miho did, I should see him in mid- to late-October. Squeeeeeee!


  1. Congratulations on the arrival of Elle, she's lovely. When it comes to Iplehouse dolls, it's sometimes difficult to choose a particular doll, as they are all so well sculpted. I don't have any as large as yours, my tallest is KID size.

    Were you hoping for Elle to have teeth or would you have prefered to have her with the same mouth as you originally saw on the website? I like dolls with their lips parted as she is now, but I have a real love of dolls showing teeth, they look happier to me. :)


    1. Thanks Xanadu! I've had Iplehouse dolls from BID up to and including one EID woman. Now my biggest is nYID. The FID size is my happy medium. :)

      I don't mind Elle's parted lips. It just came as a surprise when I realized why she didn't look exactly as I expected. The funny thing is she arrived on Friday but I didn't notice the discrepancy until I started writing my blog today (Sunday). I just hope they don't make any last-minute adjustments to Lawrence's sculpt before shipping him out!

  2. Congrats on your Miho!! She is stunning!!
    I hadn't noticed the open mouth, do you know if someone else got her so you can compare? I find the photo with the Raccoon girls very interesting, they all have different body types!

    The black dress with the white cleavage part is my fave, she looks amazing on it! And you have such lovely props!

    Also, congrats on ordering the fashion Laurence!!!

    1. Thanks Musume!
      MB Lilac's Miho has just shipped, so I've asked her to post a photo even though the doll will be blank so I can compare mouths. I'm wondering if the space resulted from a weak spot in the resin that gave way during painting. The artist could have sanded the broken edge smooth and continued painting. I was repainting a FairyLand Chic line male once when part of his eyelid broke off, so I know it can happen. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix it.

      That chair is one of my oldest props. It works for MSD through SD size, which makes it very versatile. The table that opens into a desk is from American Girl. It's an in-between size that will probably work best with FID. And I only noticed after posting the photo that my rug (an upholstery fabric sample) is upside down!