Sunday, August 21, 2016

WithDoll Happy Ending Story - Lamb Laney

It's official! I am over-the-moon in love with WithDoll's tiny dolls. This past Spring I ordered two: Lamb Laney and Fox Lucy. Both are Limited Editions making a return after their first sales period. (Thank you WithDoll!) Laney arrived on Friday. So gosh darn cute, I haven't stopped squeeing since her arrival.
At 16cm, the doll is close to FairyLand's PukiFee in size. I wish I had taken some photos of her in various poses before dressing her, because she is capable of some amazing feats of balance. WithDoll has a link to a very short video showing what their tiny dolls can do. It's worth checking out: Withdoll 16cm doll pose test. The bouncy background music is accompanied by whistling. My birds went nuts when I played it. If the link does not work you can go to and find the link under any of the tinies listed under Limited Edition. It's in gray print at the end of the photos.
Laney came with a basic girl body (you can choose a boy body if you prefer), basic hands, fist hands, basic flat feet, and lamb ears, hoof hands and hoof feet. The lamb parts are shown wrapped in orange tissue paper. WithDoll included 12mm acrylic eyes, but I used some 12mm silicone eyes from my collection instead. It's a good thing I opened the shipping carton from the bottom because WithDoll packed the wig and lamb's clothing (bodysuit and bib) on top of the doll box. Opening the carton from the top I might have sliced into one of them.
The first order of business was switching hands and feet, because Laney shipped with her human parts attached. I was surprised to see hooks for the hand attachment, because WithDoll's 1:4 size doll hands have magnets. Not that the hooks were hard to deal with, just tiny. I have a sculpting tool that worked perfectly for scooping up the string and holding the hook firmly in place while I switched hands/feet. WithDoll does not provide extra hooks, so change hands and feet someplace where you can't lose them.
Part of the cute factor with these dolls is how roly-poly they look. It's all padding. My mother used to tell of the first time she ever dressed me in a snow suit and sent me out to play. She had bundled me up so well that I couldn't move. Think of the lamb suit as a snow suit and the doll as a toddler. Once you get the lamb suit on, it's hard to find things like knee and elbow joints to pose her, but, oh boy, does she ever look adorable!
I had some difficulty putting on the wig, lamb ears and hood. Starting with the wig and then trying to get the hood up over it made the head seem bigger, the wig loose and the hood too tight. After a while I figured it might be easier to attach the lamb ears to the hood first (there are magnets for this purpose), stuff the wig into the hood, and then pull the combined hood and wig onto the doll's head. It was so ridiculously easy this way I wish I had done it first.
I will probably name her Lamb Chop, after the sock puppet that was ventriloquist Shari Lewis's most readily identifiable character. Now I eagerly await Fox Lucy's arrival. I have a story idea already percolating in my imagination. In the meantime, here is a photo of Laney with AileenDoll Dragon Lapis for size comparison. (I no longer have a PukiFee for a side-by-side.) Lapis is the 12cm full-size dragon, not the 8cm baby I've shown recently with my RealPuki Papilio.
Lapis: "Fatter and cuter than me! No-o-o-o-o-o!"


  1. Awwww she is so cute!!! I did that posing test with my Donny, and I was able to duplicate all the poses. This tinies really pose so well!!
    I love the name Lamb Chop, and cannot wait to see Lucy and what are you planning for them!!

    1. Thanks Musume! I just love her! I hope Lucy comes home soon, because I can't wait to see them together. Lucy's fox costume is so big and fluffy, it will probably make Lamb Chop look small by comparison. LOL

  2. What a cutie!!! she's so adorable, congrats!!
    And thanks so much for the comparison with Lapis, I once considered one of this tinies so it's great to know how it would look next to my Ashes :D

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like her. I like that she is bigger than Lapis instead of the other way around. They are sized to be good friends, once Lapis gets over his feelings of insecurity. Of course, if you want a doll that can ride the dragon, you would be better off with a RealPuki.

  3. Oh my, what a cuddly little lamb, I love her! She just makes me want to squeeze her. Congratulations for getting this sweet little cutie pie. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu. The lamb suit makes her very easy to squeeze. She's made for hugs!