Sunday, July 24, 2016

Progress on the Elf Costumes

You may remember that a few weeks back I showcased WithDoll Angela's unfinished elf outfit. Since that time she has acquired arm guards and boots, as well as a metal sword that she discarded for a lighter weight resin one. I remade her belt from some suede trim that is already embellished with contrasting stitches. The boots are from Iplehouse, purchased when I still had JID girls, so you can imagine how delighted I was to find that my WithDoll girls can wear them. In addition to the tall brown boots Angela is wearing, I also have short boots in white and dark red. Emma will get the white ones and Elf Ruby will get the red ones. The boots fit flat feet. JID girl high heel shoes fit the WithDoll heel feet, which means I won't be hunting for shoes for some time to come.
I made the arm guards from imitation leather that I've had for years. It's just thick enough and has what I suspect is a polyester backing, so there was no need to line it or finish the edges. I simply measured around Angela's wrist and just below her elbow, measured for length and then drew a paper pattern. One of my paper punches makes a 1/8th inch diameter hole, so I used it to punch four holes on each side of the guard, then threaded 1mm leather cord through the holes to tie the guards on.
Lumedoll Meissa (whose elf name is Sylvan Oakenbough) and Model Delf Avalanche (standing in as a fit model for WithDoll Egon Elf) both got leggings made from the Petits Riens pattern by MHD Designs for 14-inch Kish girls. I have variations on this pattern in 3 different sizes. It includes most essential underwear pieces for each size doll and comes in especially handy when I need a basic pattern to adapt. Both Sylvan and Avalanche are closer to 18 inches, but in comparing the corresponding pattern pieces I saw very little difference between them. If anything, the 14-inch pattern has a longer crotch which I figured would work better for the guys. Avalanche's leggings are too tight to go all the way over his well-muscled legs. They should work fine for Egon, who has a slimmer build.
The guys' shirts are variations on the knit top in Adams-Harris Pattern Company's Just Kickin', a pattern designed on the old SoulDoll Kid boy body. I gave Sylvan long sleeves and a collar, while Avalanche got a short-sleeve tee. Avalanche also got arms guards from the same pattern as Angela's.
I wanted both boys to wear tunics over the shirts and leggings. I chose the Adams-Harris Brummel pattern for the purpose. It was designed on the old Iplehouse YID body and fits similar 60cm boy bodies. One of the first things I did when I bought it was to reduce the pattern on a photocopier for use with my Limhwa Limho Mono. (I'm having a strong sense of deja vu as I write this, probably because I incorporated parts of Limho Mono's Brummel outfit into Sylvan's Steampunk costume earlier this year.) Knowing that the shirt fit Sylvan with room to spare (so it should also fit Egon) I used the front and back pattern pieces as the basis for my tunics.
I wouldn't be me if I didn't run into a few problems along the way. Avalanche's version of the tunic turned out just the way I wanted. Sylvan's didn't, and I blame my fabric choice for it. The fabric I used for Avalanche/Egon is supple and has wonderful drape. The suede-like fabric I chose for Sylvan is too heavy to drape much at all. I slit the front panel up the middle to make it more like a coat. Because there are no hooks or other closures, it hangs unevenly. In the end--after the bulk of the photos for this blog post were taken--I slit the back up the middle and removed a half-inch of fabric, which then decreased the back by an additional half-inch (in the seam allowance) when I sewed it up again. Unfortunately, even with one inch of fabric removed, it still fits like a coat. I may go back to the drawing board on this one.

In the photos, Angela is wearing the short resin sword that came with Iplehouse Kid Lisa's The Addiction full set outfit. The original sword I gave her was so heavy it was pulling her belt out of shape. But that sword was too pretty to give up on, so I have used it here as the sword in the scrying bowl (actually a Celtic candle holder). The sword symbolizes the unity of all the families in the elf clan, and each elf wears his or her family badge prominently. Each outfit will eventually have a cloak. I think I'll wait until all the outfits are done and then make them all at one time.
It occurs to me that Dark Knight Priscilla (on order) may not be an elf. WithDoll doesn't show a photo of her without a wig, and I can't see the tips of her ears. Egon, on the other hand, is identified as Elf Knight, so I suspect Priscilla is human. I'm working on a way to bring Priscilla and Emma into the elves' world, perhaps as spirits of the forest and water. And that means--costumes!


  1. Oh my I love your elven outfits!!! I totally understand, some fabrics do not work for some patterns at all.

    Hopefully all your Withdolls will arrive soon! However, as far as I know, DK Priscilla is not an elf, she has regular human ears. I was going to suggest Priscilla could be a knight rescueing Emma and ending up in the woods, but forest/water sprites is such a lovely idea!!

    1. Thanks Musume! I have a fabric that will work for Sylvan's tunic. Unfortunately, it's brown, so he will end up wearing a lot of brown! Maybe I should make him a green tee shirt to go under it.

      Nothing has shipped yet from WithDoll. I'm getting so impatient! Little Lamb Laney should be next, followed by Egon. I ordered Priscilla only 2 weeks ago so there is no hurry to make her outfit--other than the fact that I am eager to start on it. I should make Emma's first, seeing as she is already here.