Sunday, July 17, 2016

Papillon, Dragon Hunter Extraordinaire, Part 3

[This part of the story has already appeared on Den of Angels. Part 4 is in the works. Coming soon, like maybe tomorrow?]

Papillon waited two full days for Hakkon's return. When the giant didn't reappear, Papillon loaded his wagon with food, his bedroll and his sword, and set off for the forest alone. He wanted to find the dragons again before he forgot the way.
Pulling a wagon through the forest was a lot harder than riding on Hakkon's shoulders. Papillon's arms ached and his feet hurt. Things looked different at ground level. Would he recognize the dragon place when he came to it?
When he found himself walking beside a small stream, Papillon decided it was a good place to stop and rest. He took off his shoes and soaked his dusty feet. He might as well open his sack and eat something.
With his back to the wagon, Papillon couldn't see that his sword had begun to glow. The stream tumbling past the rocks muffled the sound of nearby chomping.
At last he caught a slight movement out of the corner of his eye. In surprise he jumped into the stream. A dragon! Eating his shoe!

"No! No, no NO! Put that down!"
The little dragon ignored him. Maybe Papillon could reach his sword. It was a long shot, but the greatest dragon hunter that ever lived would be a laughingstock if he didn't try.

He climbed up on the rock and jumped, landing on the wagon. The noise startled the dragon, which dropped the shoe and faced him.
Papillon inched forward. Almost there. Uh-oh. The sword's glow had attracted the dragon's attention. Edging back, Papillon felt the bag shift under him. Going down!
Now, this is a predicament!
Visions of hand-to-hand combat danced in Papillon's head. The dragon, however, had other ideas. It tugged the milk bottle out of the food bag. Good. That gave Papillon a chance to get back on his feet. As far as he was concerned, the milk was a small price to pay for his shoes and sword.
While the little dragon sat down, apparently puzzled by the bottle cap, Papillon mounted the wagon and stepped into the first shoe.

So far, so good. He climbed onto the rock. He could see the edge of the sword in the water.

Papillon grabbed the sword and used it to hook his other shoe. The shoe was slimy but luckily had no new holes. The dragon's milk teeth must not be strong enough to pierce the leather.
Stealthily, Papillon loaded everything he could reach into the wagon. He wasn't about to wrestle the dragon for the milk bottle. It could have the cloth sack, too. Keeping one eye on the dragon, he backed out of the clearing.
It's hard to walk quietly while towing a wagon that creaks with every rock and root it bumps over. So it was no surprise to Papillon that the noise drew the dragon's attention.
It's following me, isn't it?
Clutching the milk bottle, the little dragon trailed not far behind.
It followed Papillon all the way home.

"This is the end of the line, little guy. The milk train stops here. You should go home before your mama misses you."

No response. How could there be? The little dragon didn't speak Puki any more than Papillon spoke Dragon.
It must have understood something, though, because it crawled into Papillon's mushroom house and curled up in the entrance. No way could Papillon get in there now.
Papillon opened his bedroll and lay down in the open. There would be no sleep for him this night, only questions. The great dragon hunter had brought home a live baby dragon. What was he supposed to do now?
To be continued...

Papillon is a FairyLand RealPuki Papilio
The dragon is an Aileen Doll Pico Baby Ashes


  1. OMG this is the cutest story ever!!! Poor Papillon!! I laughed a couple times, too! Can't wait for part 4!

    1. Thank you! I posted part 4 this afternoon. Hope you like it.

  2. I already mentioned how mych I love this part, my favorite so far!!! :D I'll be patiently waiting for the next~

    1. Thank you! No need to wait any longer. Part 4 is already up. I'll also post it to DoA, probably tomorrow.

  3. This is so funny! Everyone is the cutest ever, even the dragon shoe-chewing baby!

    1. I'm thinking a baby dragon must be something like a puppy--and puppies love to chew shoes!