Sunday, July 10, 2016

Classic Blue for FeePle60 Siean Boy

I was going to post the next installment of my Papillon, Dragon Hunter Extraordinaire story today, then decided that two posts in a row featuring RealPuki might be too much tiny for some people. If you need a Dragon Hunter fix, I did post it to Den of Angels last week. It's Part 3. I'll post it here in a week or two.
Today I'm featuring a sewing project instead. I bought the Classic Blue pattern by Adams-Harris a number of years ago. It was designed for the old style Iplehouse YID boy, whose body was similar in build to other boy dolls in the 60-63cm range. I had made another of her YID patterns for a SoulDoll Soul Double boy without any fit issues, so I knew I could make this work for other dolls. But first I photo-reduced the pattern for use with some of my mini size boys. It worked very well with my Limhwa Limho and U-noa boys.
At some point in the intervening years I pulled out some denim fabric and cut the full-size pattern. I haven't had a lot of dolls this size, so I suspect I planned to make it for YID Mars, whom I bought when Iplehouse announced they were discontinuing the old YID line. Cut is one thing; sewed is another. The fabric pieces ended up in a plastic bag in one of my fabric bins. Every so often it would rise to the top, usually when I was looking for fabric for a different project. Finally I brought it upstairs to sew for F60 Siean. There it joined other projects that I meant to get to "soon" and slowly worked its way down to the bottom of the pile.
Eventually I reached for the fabric pieces and instructions, spurred on by the reproachful looks I intercepted every time I looked in Siean's direction. "You make new clothes for everyone here," he seemed to say. "When do I get mine?" The time, dear boy, is now.
If I said I zipped through this project with no problems I'd be lying. I experienced all the usual issues with an Adams-Harris pattern: typos, unclear instructions, missing pattern markings, etc. Is it too much to ask someone who publishes patterns for other people's use to read through the directions and fix typographical errors? What is a "cove" stitch? Do you mean a cover stitch? If you tell me to stitch wrong sides together when I should stitch right sides together, I'll waste a lot of time later ripping out seams. And don't tell me to sew to the mark on the pattern if you didn't print a mark on the pattern in the first place. This pattern includes a piece for a front coin pocket. The only instruction occurs on the page that contains the pattern pieces: "Cut 1 this side up sew to Right Side only." I decided the doll will need a coin pocket on the day I acquire doll-size coins. In other words, not gonna happen.
Anyone who designs patterns should have an ordinary home sewer (or two) give the pattern a test run. That should bring any problems to light. Fix the problems and only then publish the pattern. Otherwise, your ordinary home sewer is in for a very frustrating experience. I usually end up pulling garments from my closet so that I can examine their construction. Only then do I begin to understand how I am supposed to proceed.
All ranting aside, the outfit turned out well. It consists of blue jeans, a matching vest and a loose-fitting short-sleeve tee or sweater. Siean completes the look with a pair of sunglasses for the Joe Cool effect. He likes it. That's what matters.


  1. I think he looks awesome!! And I have done the same, countless time: pulling my own clothes to see how they are done. I specially did this on male trousers, so I could get the pattern and shape right. Glad to read I'm not the only one!

    Ohhh, and I *love* his glasses!!

  2. Thanks! I felt so bad that I hadn't sewn anything for him. He's been wearing a pair of cargo pants and a tank top from Iplehouse that I bought for YID Mars. They look good, they fit, but he wanted something of his own.

    I pull clothes from my closet every time I work on an Adams-Harris pattern. It should be the very first thing I do. LOL

    I'm not positive, but I think the glasses are Style Eyes glasses that I bought from Denver Doll.

  3. It sucks the pattern instructions had so many problems, but the end result is very nice, I'm glad you were able to finish this project!

    And I loved the 3rd part in the Papillon story :D I left a comment on doa ~

    1. Thank you! I really should post Part 3 of the story here soon. (I need to write Part 4, too!)

      These patterns always have errors, which is why every time I blog about an outfit made from one of them, all I do is complain. If only I knew how to draft my own patterns I wouldn't have to go through this each time.