Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Fairy Fun House for RealPuki

Ever since I acquired a FairyLand RealPuki Soso, I've been on the lookout for a suitable small house for his use. At first I considered bird houses that mimicked various architectural styles, but when the back lifted off (for cleaning) I was left with an open room that needed decorating and furnishing. I also looked at small dollhouses and single room boxes. Again, I would have to decorate--and in the case of an unfinished dollhouse glue on shingles and siding, install windows, and paint the exterior in addition to finishing the inside. Too much work. All the while I poured over mail order catalogs that featured fairy garden structures. Lots of inspiring stuff there, but doors and windows didn't open and there was no telling if the scale would work. In the meantime, Soso made do with some fairy garden furniture placed on a shelf in my bedroom.
Above, left to right: Pupu, Papilio, Soso and Kaka
Now, with three additional RealPukis in residence, I have found a great little resin house. It came from Hooked on Fairies and boasts three large window openings and a large door opening, perfect for looking in or out and for reaching in to position furniture and dolls. Even taking into account that the house is on stilts, the structure is still tall enough to accommodate the roughly three-and-one-half inch RealPukis with headroom to spare at the peak end of the roof. A planter box has five empty flower pots, in which I set tiny silk flowers secured with polymer clay. There is a removable ladder leading up into the single room.
Inside, there is space for a couple of chairs or a bed, plus one or two RealPukis. Actually, two can sit on the bed while two others stand, but that's pushing it. Even a RealPuki needs and wants some elbow room. I fashioned a simple bed from an empty Altoids tin, gave it a tiny mattress, pillow and blanket. I may have to put up some curtains that can be closed at night, if for no other reason than to keep the pillow from falling out the window! I'm also thinking that a small photo or poster would liven up the interior walls.
The only problem now is that Papillon (aka RealPuki Papilio) has claimed the house for himself. No worries. He's perfectly happy to let the others in to take a look. If they want tiny houses of their own, however, they'll have to come to me. I don't think I want four identical tiny houses. That would make it look too much like a 1950s motor court with cabins. So the hunt for fairy houses big enough to fit RealPukis continues. Maybe I should consider bunk beds. Then I'd only need two houses. Unless I buy more RealPukis. Hmm, I can see this spiraling out of control.
Above you can see the makings of the bed and bedding. First, an Altoids tin with the top still attached. Next is the tin with the top removed. Then the mattress and pillow, and finally the blanket. I nearly sewed a blanket stitch all around it, then realized most of it wouldn't show once the blanket was tucked in. So I left it plain.


  1. Using a tin box as the bed structure is very clever!! And the house is lovely!!
    I can see how this could become an entire village in the end haha, it would be so cute!! But oh the money and space!!

    Even like this, the photos are really nice, you can make a lot of lovely photos just with what you have at the moment :D!! Hope your other realpukis don't demand houses of their own any time soon

  2. Thank you! Yes, much as I would love to have a RealPuki village, space is the biggest issue. My dolls and their stuff have already overrun my room and migrated to the dining room.

    The Altoids tin is about the smallest box that will fit for a RealPuki bed. I toyed with the idea of leaving the lid attached and making a sofa. I might still try it, seeing as I have the extra box.

    No one else is demanding a house yet. Even so, I'm going back online to search for other structures--just in case. LOL

  3. This is so adorable! It reminds me of one of my favorite stories as a child, Nils Karlsson pyssling (or thumbling). I loved to imagine how such a tiny creature would live.

    1. Thank you! These tiny dolls do spark the imagination. The sky's the limit when it comes to inventing items for their use. Nowadays with the popularity of fairy gardens, it's possible to find all sorts of things for them online.

  4. Oh my this house is just too adorable!!! I love how your ReakPukies look inside!! And the idea for the bed was awesome <3

    1. Thanks Musume! I caved in and bought another fairy structure. The new one will be for Pupu--the others will hang out there. I can't wait until it arrives!