Sunday, June 26, 2016

WithDoll Angela Finds Her Elf Self

Usually, when I order a doll direct from the company that makes it, there is a waiting period of a month or more. That gives me time to plan a look for the doll and even to start making clothing if I have a good sense of her dimensions. Because Angela came to me in an unexpected trade, I had to find her something to wear immediately. No planning was involved or even possible. Now that she has been here a while and I have two more WithDoll elves on order, I have a clear picture of where I am going with them.
I didn't order the limited outfits with either of the incoming elves (Egon and Ruby). That leaves me free to come up with costumes that unify all three. For the girls I am going with sleeveless tops, shorter than waist length but longer than right under the bust. The tops will be paired with shorts and, under the shorts, leggings that are short enough to wear with boots, assuming I can ever find boots to fit their skinny ankles and narrow feet. (As soon as I wrote that sentence I remembered I have Iplehouse JID girl boots that might fit. I tried them--and they do! Now if only the colors coordinated better with my outfit fabrics.)
The boys (I plan to dress LumeDoll Meissa as part of the group, despite his smaller head size) will wear tunic tops over pants fitted under the knee. I may do a long-sleeve top to wear under the tunic. I've already bought boots for both of them. Both boys and girls will get cloaks and arm guards, along with weapons. Ruby is the only elf coming with bow and arrows, so I will try to duplicate the bow in polymer clay. I already have thin wooden skewers that I can chop down for arrows. My three birds molt frequently, so finding feathers for the arrows is no problem. The boys should have swords. I have a few letter-opener type swords in different sizes, but if they don't work I can attempt to fashion some thin metal into weapons. Key word there is attempt.
For patterns I am doing my usual combining act, picking pieces from whichever patterns will work. The girls' tights and shorts are adapted from MHD Designs' Petits Riens for 14 inch Kish Chrysalis girls. Logic says this pattern should not accommodate the taller, thinner WithDoll girls, but in fact the Kish dolls are thin in their lower half, only becoming childishly pudgy in their upper body. Even with the thinner lower body, I still had to reduce the pattern in width. For the top I am using the short top (minus collar and sleeves) from Gracefaerie's #14 Mini Wardrobe for 43cm Narae. This is one of my go-to patterns for slim mini fashions. I really should get the pants pattern, too. It's sold separately. I'll discuss the boys' patterns when I actually start working on their outfits. I have a cloak pattern from Gracefaerie but will probably not use it as I want a different shape. I may have to wing this one.
Angela's outfit still lacks accessories. The belt is temporary. I have some double stitch ultra suede on order which should fit my belt buckle exactly, along with some faux suede lacing for the arm guards. I also want to make her a small purse/carrying bag, because even elves need a place to stash their essentials as they make their way through the forest. I'll make a quiver for her arrows once I see how Ruby's quiver is constructed. Each doll will wear his or her clan badge: Angela's brown leaf signifies the brown leaf family within the Maple Clan. Ruby gets a red leaf, Egon gets an orange leaf, and Meissa belongs to the acorn family within the Oak Clan. (Only because those are the colors and shapes of the buttons I have.)

I've been having trouble finding a good wig for Angela. Those elf ears get in the way of all but one or two of my wigs. This week I came across a photo on Den of Angels of a SoulDoll Vito in a fur wig. Vito guys lack elf ears but have the same problem with fit because their ears are set so far back on their heads. I went in search of a fur wig for Angela. The funny thing is that I received one with her but never tried it on because it sheds the moment you touch it. I still didn't try it on her, but went through the other fur wigs in my stash and found a perfect candidate in the same blonde as her eyelashes. I trimmed a little bit off the front to make it fit better and liked the result so much I ordered another fur wig for my Vito Jin. (This move entailed a considerable leap of faith because only one of my other fur wigs fits him. Chances were not great that a new wig would fit any better, but it arrived, it fits, and I like it.)
Excuse the wonky eyes. I need to re-position one of them. (Things you never notice until after you have posted pictures.)


  1. Ohh nice to read all about your plans for your elves!!! I think they will all look great! I'm especially looking forward to their weapons :D

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to their weapons, too--with some trepidation, because I've never attempted to make weapons before. Crossing my fingers!

  2. You have some really nice plans going on here!! I really love Angela's outfit, it looks great!

    And using letter openers as swords is a good idea, I have seen some really nice ones!

    Hope your remaining elves will arrive soon!

    1. Judging by how long Emma took to get here, I figure it will be late July-early August for Egon and mid-to-late September for Ruby. That gives me plenty of time to get their stuff together. I've had a look at my swords. There's only one that won't work--it's heavy and the hilt is out of scale. Looks like I'm good!