Sunday, June 19, 2016

Papillon, Dragon Hunter Extraordinaire, part 2

I posted this chapter of the story two days ago on Den of Angels (Photostories Gallery). Here it is again for those of you who missed it on DoA or who do not belong to that forum.

Hakkon lifted Papillon onto his shoulder and secured him with a makeshift belt so he wouldn’t fall off. As they set off on their journey, Papillon called out joyfully, “Good-bye, mushroom house! I’m off to hunt dragons."

Soon they left the peaceful valley behind and entered a dark forest.
“You know where the dragons are?”
“More or less. I sometimes come across them in these woods.”
“Oh, boy!” Papillon could barely contain his excitement.

“Stop wriggling. You’ll fall off.”
“But I’m your lookout. With my keen eyes and your big feet, we’re a team that can’t be beat.”
“If you fall off, you walk."

“My sword is glowing!” Papillon shouted a few minutes later. “The dragon’s lair is near.”
“What did I tell you about waving that thing near my face?”
“Sorry. I can’t control it when it senses dragons.”
“Just be careful.”

“We have to follow. It points to where the dragons are. There! Put me down! Put me down!”

“Fe, fi, fo, fum…Watch out, dragons…here I come!”
But Papillon didn’t see any dragons. For some reason his sword stopped in front of an ordinary looking tree.

As Papillon watched, the tree turned slowly towards him, followed by three stumps with faces on them. The tree had a face, too. Was that what his sword sensed?

“Pardon me, Mr. Tree. My sword says there are dragons here.”
“A talking sword, is it? I have never seen such a thing.”
“Well, I’ve never seen a talking tree, either.”

“Magical beings are everywhere. Most people simply do not see us.”
“Where are the dragons?”
“You seek dragons? Why?”
“Because I am the Most Extraordinary Dragon Hunter that ever lived!”

At those words, unseen by Papillon, the little dragons that had been hiding behind the tree turned and filed silently into the cover of the woods.
 “Alas, little man, there are no dragons here. As you can plainly see.”
The tree must be telling the truth, because Papillon’s sword no longer glowed. The dragons might be gone now, but they were there earlier. He was sure of it.
Hakkon lifted Papillon up. "Shall we go home?"

“For now,” Papillon sighed. “But I want to come back. I know they’re near. I can almost smell them.”
Hakkon waited until they were almost out of the woods before speaking again.
“They were very near. But they got away.”
“You saw them?”
“I did.”
“Why didn’t you say something? I could have slain one!”

“It was a nursery. Would you slay a baby? A great hunter like yourself should hold out for a fully grown dragon.”
 “Oh…I guess you’re right.”
A fully grown dragon. Oh…MY!

To be continued…

"We are the tree pod people. We run interference between the hunter and the young dragons. When he gets close, we get in his way. It is the way of our kind."
 (I found these tree sprites on the website. I knew the moment I saw them that they would be the perfect accompaniment for my Greenman figure. They were all one color, making it hard to distinguish details, so I painted them in shades of brown, green and gray. Indoors they are so dark that they make my camera's flash go off, so I took them outdoors and photographed them in the morning sunlight.)



  1. Those tree props are so fun! They fit right in with the realpuki, and I am glad the dragons snuck away ;)

    1. Thanks Fishcake! I'm always on the lookout for props to use with the Realpukis. Luckily they're so small that lots of props work. The big tree is an incense burner. I found the little ones when I was hunting down a lizard with a saddle on it. (Don't ask. LOL)

  2. The trees are AMAZING!!! love this story, can't wait to read more :D~!

    1. Thanks Fantasywoods! I love the trees, too. The website where I found them has lots of really cool things. I'd like to try making some tree people myself from polymer clay.

      I have some ideas for the next chapter that I am still working out in my head. Once I know where the story is going I'll take photos. It's a fun project!

  3. Those trees are incredible! And they tricked the poor Papillion so badly, poor little guy.
    Loved the story, I can't wait to see another one :D

    1. Thanks Musume! Despite his claims that he is a great dragon hunter, little Papillon is very easily duped. It's a good thing Hakkon is there to keep an eye on him.