Sunday, June 5, 2016

Le Papillon, Dragon Hunter Extraordinaire!

There is a new Realpuki in the neighborhood. A small, fearless creature who lives to hunt dragons, he has taken up residence in an abandoned mushroom. The dwelling is tiny and has no windows. What's more, judging by the smell, its last occupant was a large toad. Papillon doesn't care. So long as it affords him room to sleep in and to lay his sword, it will do until he finds something grander.
He emerges into the light of day hoping to make progress in his search for dragons.
"I am Papillon," he cries, "and I am the dragon hunter. Come forward, dragon, and meet your doom!"
Something has heard his cry. Could it be? Is it...a dragon? Its legs go on forever...
"Do you mean to jab that thing into my foot, little man?" says a voice from on high. "Put it down before you hurt yourself."
The fearsome creature comes closer. It looks like a man, not a dragon. On the other hand, it could be casting a spell that makes it appear like a man. No. That's impossible. Papillon's sword glows when a dragon is near. It's not glowing now.
"I am Papillon, the dragon hunter," he says. "Who are you?"
"My name is Hakkon. I only hunt when I'm hungry."
"Are you hungry now?"
"No. My belly is full. How can you see dragons from way down there?"
Papillon allows that it is difficult to see great distances from where he stands. It must be much easier for someone as tall as Hakkon.
"I can raise you up in my hands so you can see farther," says Hakkon."If you are not afraid."
"I am not afraid."

"Then watch where you put that sword. I don't wish to lose an eye or an ear today."
"Turn me around so I can see better."
"Aah! Marvelous!" Papillon wonders how much farther he could see if Hakkon were to stand up. Over the treetops, to be sure. And how much farther could he travel in a day with Hakkon's long legs beneath him! If only I could travel on his shoulder, Papillon thinks.
Hakkon looks like he might be thinking the same thing. Papillon holds his tongue so as not to put words in the giant's mouth, but a little Puki magic never fails to influence.
"I could show you where the dragons are," says Hakkon. "Would you like to travel with me?"
"Thank you, kind sir." I thought he'd never ask!


  1. I'm dying of cutenes!! What an epic adventure is about to start :D

  2. Thanks! I'm eager to get on with it, but I need for the rain to stop so I can take more photos. I had to have the lights on to take the first batch, which is not ideal because it throws the colors off.

  3. That wink plate just slays me..and the tiny sword! Your Aileen dragons better keep a low profile!

    1. I think I bought Papilio on the strength of the wink plate alone. As for the tiny sword, it's a vintage cocktail pick. The perfect size for a Realpuki. The homely giant is my repainted Vito Jin.

  4. OMG this is just so cute!!!!! Loved it!!!
    And congrats on getting Papillon, he is simply too cute :D

    1. Thank you! I swore that I was finished buying Realpukis, but this little one insisted on coming home. I only wish FairyLand hadn't switched from glass eyes to acrylic eyes. At certain angles they look odd. I need to find him some glass eyes.

  5. Oh boy -- I hope that your new RealPuki comes to this week's meetup! I have a 1:12 scale sandbox for the beach party theme. :D

    1. Of course he's coming! I'm painting his shoes today, but maybe he'll prefer bare feet for playing in the sand.