Sunday, May 29, 2016

Souldoll Vito Jin and Withdoll Dark Elf Angela

Winter's orders continue to trickle in. This week's bounty included an unplanned doll that was offered to me in trade. Ordinarily I say no to trades. Even if it's a doll I wanted, either the resin is the wrong color or the face-up is wrong. Withdoll Dark Elf Angela not only had the wrong color resin, but she lacked the face-up I would have chosen had I ordered from the company. And still I said yes. Why? Because Dark Elf Angela was a limited edition and might not be offered again. Also because a dark resin would be challenging to paint. That might be an automatic no in some collectors' eyes, but I felt up to the challenge.
My trading partner removed Angela's most recent face-up, so I received her ready-to-paint. The resin color is called Rosy Brown. To my eyes it looks more like a rosy dark gray. The doll is a few years old, so it's possible there has been some slight color change. Rosy Brown or rosy gray, she needed a face-up. I set up my materials and went to work. Usually I work with Holbein pastels and Derwent watercolor pencils. This time I decided to use Jacquard's Pearl Ex powdered pigments instead of the pastels. I have used them sparingly on past face-ups.The colors have a pearly luster that I had hoped would make the finished makeup glow. Unfortunately, the MSC has a tendency to tamp down that effect. The fact that I applied the pigments over my regular pastels may have had something to do with it, too. What would happen if I used them straight up?
The result was the glow I was seeking. It wasn't bright, but it was there. I made repeated applications, followed by repeated MSC. To the naked eye, the finished colors are subdued and lovely. To the camera's eye, it looks like clown makeup. This is the same camera that hasn't the foggiest idea what color resin this is and gives me a different shade in every photo. Nonetheless, I'll have to redo her. Her eyebrows are placed too high, giving her a perpetually surprised expression. The MSC left spots here and there. Too much humidity when I applied it, perhaps? Or was the occasional breeze the culprit? Vermont's long, narrow, north-south valleys are wonderful conduits for wind. Bad for spraying MSC outdoors.
The long and the short of it is that you can expect to see Dark Elf Angela again with slightly different makeup. Her outfit is based on Gracefaerie's #14 MiniWardrobe for 43cm Narae. She is wearing 11cm light green Eyeco soft glass eyes and Monique Gold's Pretty Girl wig in brown black/blonde.
And I see that WithDoll is re-releasing three limited elves (not Angela, this time). They are Elf Hunters Emma, Ruby and Ash. With bows and arrows. Yes! Good-bye money, hello elves! I'm thinking Ruby this time.

Jin, a Souldoll Vito, was the week's other arrival. The Vito line up until now has consisted of 52cm male dolls. In April Souldoll introduced its first Vito girls; they measure 51cm. I have one on order, so you will see them together when she gets here. I knew going in that Vito boys are hard to shop for. Souldoll tends to produce a full-set outfit with each new doll. When it's sold out, that's it. Not that the full set necessarily holds any appeal. The fact remains that there are no regular clothes to choose from. I did find one pair of pants that he could wear. You've heard of boyfriend jeans? Boy style jeans for girls to wear. Well, Jin ended up with girlfriend jeans. The hip-huggers were made for Dollmore's Zaoll girls. They're a little loose in the seat for Jin, as obviously the girls have slightly wider hips. I also turned up a sleeveless tee from Iplehouse. I've had it a long time and no longer remember which size doll it was meant for. It could have been the old YID line (discontinued, of course, so not a source for future tops). News flash: shoes for the current nYID boys fit!

I didn't expect wigs to be a problem. The guys wear a 6-7. I have an entire plastic bin full of wigs in that size. Surely something would fit. I hadn't counted on the shape of the male head. Side-to-side it's narrow. Front-to-back it's quite deep. The ears are set farther back on the head than I would have expected. They got in the way of every wig we tried on. The best fit I found was a Jpopdolls Kana/Monique Gold JoJo. I have four of these in different colors. The JoJo is fuller. I don't know if that holds true in general or if I just happened to get one with more hair. Neither is a perfect fit, as the wigs tend to creep up when you aren't looking. I need to try some of my cheap fur wigs. None of the other dolls wear them, so I wouldn't mind cutting around the ears to get Jin a better fit. (Gosh, I hope the girl won't have this problem!)
I wish Souldoll had provided photos of Jin's unpainted head sculpt, not to mention a shot in full profile. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the sculpt features an extremely pointed nose. The very first thing I did before painting him was to take a sandpaper sponge to the end of his nose and round it off a bit. Souldoll's face-up for Jin didn't appeal to me so I ordered him blank. Now, looking at the way I painted him, I wish I had ordered the face-up. Sigh! Another face-up to redo.


  1. Congrats on the arrivals! Both sculpts are very pretty!!
    Love how you are giving face ups to them too! I've used pearl powder on mine and since matte sealant will always make it dull, it is good to apply in the end, where less layers of sealant will cover it up, but still I'm glad you achieved the subtle glow you were going for, it must look really nice in real life!

    Face ups are never perfect or at least I'm never 100% happy with mine, but I'm sure you will get your dolls to look like you want them in no time, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Fantasywoods! I'm rarely satisfied with my face-ups. Luckily I don't mind redoing them however many times it takes to get one I like. Both of them will get a different color palette next time. I'm only waiting on the weather.

  2. Congrats on Angela, she is so pretty!!! And on getting Ruby :D I love Withdolls, so I can tell you are withdoll-ed xD

    Also, you Vito boy is handsome! You got a Vito girl, too? Wow, congrats!! Can't wait to see her with your crew!!! :D

    1. Thanks Musume! Yes, I have fallen hard for Withdoll. The trick will be to keep the numbers in check. The same thing happened with MiniFees: before I knew it I had seven. Finally I looked at them, decided which three I liked best and sold the rest.

      I put off buying a Vito boy for years. As soon as I ordered one, the company debuted their first girl. Now I face a dilemma. The boy was intended as a partner for my Zaoll Luv. It looks like the Vito girl will come between them.

  3. I love her dress so much, and I can see how the pearl powder gives a nice shine! Jin is interesting, but I can see how the nose would suprise you--it doesn't seem to fit the rest of his features!

    1. Thanks Fishcake! Angela looks completely different now. It will be interesting to see how the camera and computer display her new look.

      As for Jin, looking at these photos again I don't think his new face-up was any improvement. Part of the problem is the way his mouth is sculpted. Paint tends to collect in a channel at the mouth's lower right side. Wish I had ordered a different head sculpt.