Sunday, April 17, 2016

Prince Pink and the Maiden (a photostory)

(Note: If this looks familiar to some of you, it's because I posted a shorter version to Den of Angels a few days ago. I've amped it up since then. Just because.)

Contrary to popular wisdom, the vampire does not require an invitation to enter a victim's chamber. Invite the vampire in? Fiddlesticks! What is one supposed to do? Stand at the open window and call out, "Yoo-hoo! Any vampire in the vicinity, please come in. I'd love to meet you." Rubbish. If a passing vampire wants in, he's coming in. No bones about it. Don't believe me? Observe.

Prince Pink: What is this? A lovely maiden, half asleep. Waiting...perhaps...for me?

You'll notice that he has not been summoned. And yet he is inside the house. Unless the lovely maiden has wandered into his house, which is unlikely. Did he encounter an unlocked door? Again, not likely. The vampire goes where he wants to go. How he gets in is his business.

Let's look in on the current object of his interest.
Prince Pink: Let her sleep a few moments longer. At my summons, she will wake.

Cue the sleeping maiden.
Prince Pink: "Give me your hand, fair maiden."
Maiden: "Who are you?"
Prince Pink: "Have no fear. I am Prince Pink."
Maiden: I feel strangely lethargic...unable to move from the sofa. What sorcery is this?
Maiden: Oh dear. He comes closer.
Prince Pink: "I am love's tenderest dream."
Maiden: He is so full of it. But let's see where this goes.
Maiden: "Oh...!" He's not wasting any time.
Prince Pink: "It is useless to resist."

Maiden: Watch your hands, Bozo.
Maiden: "Oh! Okay."

Okay, so technically she has invited him--by giving her consent. Obviously the child vampire has charmed her with his round face, delicate little fangs and quaint manner. What of it? You use what you have to get what you want. As he did. And I guess, in a way, she did, too.

Prince Pink was played by Dollmore's Dollpire Kid Boy Shiloh.
The Maiden was played by Dollmore's Dollpire Kid Girl Definition of Hazy: Roo.


  1. You truly have the gift of writing! I thought the writing was very clever and the photos very nice :D

    1. Thank you very much! I enjoyed both the photographing and the writing of it.

  2. That was highly entertaining! The Maiden is no pushover, too :D

    1. Thanks! In a way, she doesn't take him seriously. He's such a cutie patootie, there is nothing about him that will scare anyone. :)

  3. Loved this story!! You write so well!
    Please, do share more of this pink vampire :D

    1. Thank you Musume. I have several dolls that Prince Pink can seduce--I mean interact with! :)