Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Arrivals. Oh My!

I ordered an embarrassing number of dolls over the winter months. No, I didn't wake up one day in a vault full of cash. (Don't I wish!) It's simply that after the holidays, after months of inactivity the dolls I had up for sale finally started moving out. That freed up funds to place orders. The two that arrived this week were ordered in February. There is still one January order that hasn't shipped yet. If there's one thing this hobby teaches, it's patience. Wait. Wait. And wait some more.

First to arrive was a Lumedoll Meissa elf.  Lumedoll is a small artist-run company based in Florida. They offer a limited number of head sculpts, each of which can be ordered as either a male or a female. I had never seen a Lumedoll in person. The measurements were compatible with my Raccoon Doll girls, however, so I took a chance and ordered Meissa as a male. I knew he would be a tiny bit shorter than my Raccoon girls in high heels, but hey, that happens in real life, too.
He arrived swathed in bubble wrap inside a cloth bag surrounded by foam peanuts inside a shipping box. (Who says you need two boxes to provide adequate protection?) Even though I knew his measurements, his size surprised me. This is no will-o-the-wisp fairy creature. This is a muscular guy. Happily his small head did not come as a surprise, although seeing his S-hook lodged sideways and surrounded by extra elastic did. Never saw one with that configuration before!
Lumedoll does not offer face-ups. Given the head size, I did wonder how I would manage to paint it. My eyesight and hand-eye coordination aren't what they used to be. So far I've given him two face-ups. I overworked the first one so I wiped it and tried again. Still not sure about number two. The paint blobbed in the corners of his mouth and then resisted my attempts to remove or fix it. I'm giving it some time. If it doesn't grow on me I'll try again. I could send him out for painting, except I hate to pay for something I can do myself. I just wish I could do it better.

We tried on a lot of clothing. I thought for sure he would be able to share clothes with my Model Delf but that proved not to be the case. Meissa's narrow waist and hips refuse to hold pants up, even if the legs fit otherwise. The pants that came closest to fitting are a pair I made for my long-gone Limhwa Mono. If I can figure out which pattern I used, I'll make Meissa some with a smaller waist. In the meantime he is wearing an Iplehouse outfit for JID boys. It's too loose in the waist and hips, but the laces on either side allow some customization in fit, provided you overlook the bulge of excess fabric at the top (artfully hidden in the photo).

The week's other arrival is a Dollmore Zaoll The Song of the Night Luv. While I have long admired Gu Mi-Jung's lovely sculpts, none of the face-ups on the limited or basic dolls grabbed me until this one. It's a happy combination of everything I like in eye makeup and lip treatment. Plus I like the full set.
Song of the Night full set
Luv took her sweet time getting here. Until now, all my Dollmore orders were filled within 4 to 5 weeks. Allowing for Lunar New Year and a couple of other holidays, Definition of Hazy Roo and Song of the Night Luv each took just over 2 months. I realize this is par for the course for many doll companies and fast compared to some, but I have been spoiled by faster turnaround times in the latter half of 2015. Of course, Dollmore always sweetens the pot by including numerous thank-you gifts. I was hoping for something Zaoll-related and Dollmore did not disappoint. They sent jeans, shoes, bloomers and a pair of stockings, in addition to a bookmark and paper doll. One of the stockings was too tight to go over Luv's calf, so I ended up giving the pair to Roo. The bloomers also look a bit small in the waist, so again my Judith girls benefit.
Wrapped like a mummy!
I am absolutely delighted with the doll. She is a new size for me. At 52 cm (slightly taller with shoes and a doll stand) she is the "missing link" between 1/4 and 1/3 scale dolls. Naturally that poses a problem with clothing. What fits? Here is a surprising find: at the moment Luv is wearing the skirt and Roo is wearing the shirt and vest from L'Ecoliere, a pattern by MHD Designs for 18-inch Kaye Wiggs girls. While I no longer own any Kaye Wiggs dolls, I have plenty of patterns for them. This opens up so many possibilities.
L'Ecoliere skirt; Iplehouse wig size 8-9

We spent the afternoon yesterday trying on wigs, clothes and shoes, including some things I ordered for her before her arrival. The stuff I had on hand was pretty much hit or miss as far as fit. Luckily the clothing items I bought fit, mainly because I shopped for items with an elasticized waist. I needn't have bothered. Checking her measurements, I find that Dollmore misstated her waist measurement. It's not 21.5 cm, it's 16.5 cm. That's a big difference! It means that she is shapelier than I had thought and that standard 1/3 size clothing may fit after all. Length will be an issue, as she is unquestionably shorter than other 1/3 scale dolls. On the other hand, with the trend in doll clothing running to very short skirts, even the shortest dresses and skirts won't show her underwear when she bends over.
Size 8-9 wig by Iplehouse (Love this one on her, but it's loose.)

Luv's fullset includes a size 7-8 long blonde wig. I went through my stash, trying on both 7-8 and 8-9 wigs, to see what else she might like. We didn't try everything--I have a lot of wigs--but I discovered that I like her better in darker colors, especially shades of red. A few of the 7-8 wigs were too small, and most of the 8-9 wigs were too large, depending on the company. I had less luck with shoes, no doubt because my stash is smaller. I have a pair of shoes that I refer to as my Cinderella shoes. No, not glass slippers. They are a pair of shoes that so far have refused to fit any doll that has come through this house. No big surprise that they didn't fit Luv, either.
Jpopdolls wig Reiya Autumn Moon, size 7-8
If I have one quibble with Meissa and Luv it is that, with the exception of Meissa's arms, both dolls are single-jointed. Single jointing not only limits the doll's posing ability, but also may require sueding or wiring to allow the doll to stand solidly. No problems at the moment, but it's early days.

And because I haven't done a comparison photo in a long time, here is a size line up of several girls in my collection: (from left, back row) Iplehouse nYID, FairyLand Moe 60, Dollmore Zaoll, Raccoon Doll, Dollmore Judith; (front row) FairyLand MiniFee, Iplehouse KID, FairyLand LittleFee. The nYID's stand adds about 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) to her height.


  1. Congrats on the arrivals!!! Both are gorgeous dolls~ I'm also waiting for many dolls atm thanks of the funds I got selling others haha :D It's quite exciting!!

    Thanks for the comparison shot, so useful!

    1. I figured it was time for a comparison--the last one was several years ago and consisted entirely of Iplehouse girls.

      I'm still waiting for 5 dolls (the one ordered in January and 4 more). I feel guilty ordering so many, but what do you do when doll companies come out with new, must-have dolls at the precise moment when you have money? You spend, that's what you do. LOL

  2. I agree with this hobby teaching patience! And congrats on your arrivals!
    Meissa is handsome!I love the faceup you gave him :D
    And your Dollmore Zaoll is very cute! I didn't knew they included so many gifts :O
    That line up was also very interesting to see, I didn't knew that the Zaoll had such a little height difference with Feeple60s!

  3. Thank you Musume. Zaoll is even closer in height to FeePle Moe 60 than it appears in my photo. Everyone in the back row has high heels on except Zaoll, who is wearing flat shoes.

  4. In a world with Amazon Prime, it must be torture waiting so long for your dolls!

    1. Hi Julie! I tried to delete your duplicate comment but part of it still seems to be there.

      Even if these doll companies distributed their dolls through Amazon, there would still be a wait because they don't make the doll until it's ordered. Patience is a virtue--or so I keep telling myself.

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