Sunday, April 10, 2016

Anna's New Skirt, a New Doll, and a Doll Meet-Up

I had a chance to see Frozen again recently, which brought home to me just how short my Anna's skirt was. With Anna scheduled to show off her outfit at a fast approaching doll meet-up, I rounded up my fabrics and patterns and started an entirely new skirt.

My original skirt was not only too short but too full and too stiff, due no doubt to both my fabric choice and the fact that it was fully lined. This time I would use knits to give the skirt better drape and make a separate slip instead of a lining. Going back to the Frozen patterns I selected the skirt from Elsa's coronation gown, which was already floor length on the 18-inch play doll. I then added to it the scalloped edge plus bottom band from Anna's skirt pattern. I didn't make a muslin. There was no way this skirt would be too short!
I have a very large plastic bin full to bursting with knit fabrics. You'd think I would have all the colors I could ever need. The truth is, I do and I don't. The skirt's bottom band should have been a royal blue. I have the color but only in a rib knit. Fine for a sweater; not so fine for a skirt. I made the band in aqua. I also came up short on green for the appliques in the decorative motifs. (I limited the embroidery to a back stitch on the stems and French knots among the leaves and flowers.) Only after I settled on a dark olive green and cut out all the appliques did I find the green knit I had been searching for. It was stashed in a different bin with the other fabrics left over from the original project. Too late. I wasn't about to cut out all those skinny leaves again, especially after using up the tissue paper pattern pieces. It is what it is.
I didn't take any in progress photos. The photos I took at the meet-up show the completed skirt. It's not as uneven as it looks in the top photo. The doll stand (necessary because Anna/Lacrima can't stand in the Iplehouse boots) had hiked up one side of the skirt and I didn't notice until I edited the photos.

Also making her debut at this meet-up was my Dollmore Dollpire Kid Girl Definition of Hazy Roo. (Who comes up with these names?) I don't know that I would classify this doll as a Kid. The head sculpt (Roo) is from Dollmore's Kid line, but the body is from the Judith line, making her a company produced hybrid. There are others, for example my Ballerina Kid Pirouette Zinna, whose head is from the Judith line and body from the Ballet Kid line. You'll notice that in this case the company classified the doll as a Kid because of the body. Following that same reasoning, Roo should have been classed as a Dollpire Judith. But that's just me, nitpicking.
Because Saturday deliveries always come later in the day than weekday ones, waiting for Roo made me late to the meet-up. First I opened the box and freed her from her wrappings. Then, without the computer on for reference, I dressed her to the best of my recollection. The outfit includes both a short, lacy peignoir and an underbust corset. Which goes on top? I tried the corset over the peignoir but it was too tight to fasten. So I put the corset on underneath. Now that I check her sales page, it appears the corset goes on top. But it doesn't fit! Doesn't matter. She'll wear her widow's weeds mostly at Halloween anyway.

Roo is a gorgeous doll. Her voluminous full set came with a black wig. I ordered an additional blonde wig because I thought it played off better against the black fabric. It does, but she is still difficult to photograph. The camera sees all that black and opens up to let in more light. The flash goes off, another photo ruined. (My Iplehouse KID Lisa has the same problem when wearing her full set.) I removed Roo's full set when I got home and found her something else to wear. She was much easier to photograph the second time. Next month's doll meet-up will have a Steampunk theme. I have an outfit I made for JID girls that I can alter to fit her. That way she can make a reappearance dressed for photos.
And because there were other dolls besides mine in attendance at the meet-up, here are photos of some of them.
(To be identified)
Hujoo Freya and 2 Spiritdoll Bastets ride a telescope
Xagadoll and 3 to be identified
Custom House Petite Ai Uriel and Sariel
New Barbie full figure girls
Bimong Meronica and U-noa Zest (minus faceplate)
Soom Faery Legend
U-noa Lusis and Sist


  1. Meet ups are so fun!! Your Frozen girls looked great, and that thing with fabrics also happened to me -finding out the right one just after settling with a replacement.
    Cnograts on your new girl! She is such a beautiful sculpt, and I think the blonde looks amazing on her.

    1. Thanks Musume! Roo is a lovely sculpt, but too mature looking when she's on a Kid body. The Judith body is perfect for her. We need to try on more wigs to see what looks good on her. I'm thinking red.

      I'm much happier with Anna's new skirt, even if some of the colors are wrong. I didn't want to buy new fabric when I needed so little of each color.

  2. I love the cats on the cannon picture :). And congrats!

  3. Thanks Mia! The cats are a Hujoo Freya (in kimono) and two Spiritdoll Bastets. The cannon is actually a telescope/spyglass and will feature in next month's Steampunk themed meeting.