Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

As promised, here is the revised Irish step dancing costume. I replaced the original bodice with the one from the blouse in Steampunk for MiniFee (Adams-Harris). Because it's a blouse that is meant to be tucked in, I added two small darts at the waist to reduce the bulk and cut off the excess fabric at the bottom. The top is still looser than I would like on a doll with a small bust, but at least it will accommodate a larger bust if desired. This pattern allowed plenty of overlap in back for snap sets. The dress should have a high neck, but no collar is necessary, so I omitted the collar and turned the neck opening under. I reused the sleeves from the first bodice. I had to redo the embroidery.
The model this time is MiniFee Mirwen. She is accompanied by a wee leprechaun who is nervously guarding his pot of gold. He shouldn't worry. Mirwen is so intent on her dance that she hasn't noticed it.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!