Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Anna Project, Part 5 and Done

It's done!  At last.  Well, all but the mittens and I'm still debating whether or not I want to make those.  To tell the truth, I'm a little tired of this project. I want to move on to other things. On the other hand, they're just mittens...
Thank goodness I made a muslin of Anna's cape and bonnet, because it took those practice pieces for me to figure out how to put these two items together. At one point the cape directions sent me to Elsa's coronation outfit cape for the next step. Or two or three. When do I go back to Anna's cape?  I guess when the directions stop making sense. The cape muslin also showed me that I had cut out the wrong collar piece. No wonder it didn't fit! To save time I pinned the bonnet muslin together but didn't sew it. Bad move. Even though I thought I understood the directions, I still sewed the bonnet brim wrong. Finishing the muslin might have saved me from taking out a lot of stitches. It was so much easier once I did it the right way. The pattern actually fit as printed, but into account the inch-and-a-half extra length I gave the skirt, I lengthened the cape slightly as well.
Probably the greatest amount of time went into the gimp braid. I could have made a fabric trim instead. The Simplicity pattern included pieces for it. But no, I liked the fancier look of gimp. It's funny, but in all the times I've worked with narrow gimp I've never had a problem with unraveling. This time I bought half-inch braid, only a little wider than my usual. It was too thick to fold over the ends, but I didn't want the tape that was holding it together to show. I thought it would be safe to sew across the braid near the tape and cut off the end. Well, doing that cost me at least three inches of braid before I was able to stop the unraveling. And those three inches meant I didn't have enough half-inch braid for the collar. I looked at the narrow braid that I was going to use for the bonnet. Would there be enough leftover from the bonnet to do the collar, too? Though it didn't look like it, there was just enough. Project saved.

The bonnet pattern called for a piece of cording to go inside the brim. Not sure what that's supposed to do, especially as Anna's bonnet in the movie is trimmed with a piece of fur. I substituted a fur-like trim for the lumpy cord. It's actually a tiny feather boa that looks like fur from a distance. It's messy to work with and impossible to clean up. I'll be inhaling tiny feathers for a while until I can vacuum. But the look is worth it.
I will probably devote one more post to the completed project. There wasn't time today to set up and photograph both girls together, especially as I didn't get around to ironing my other backdrop.


  1. She is looking stunning, I love how that cape is looking!
    Pattern instructions can be hard to understand some times, but you figured it out! Hooray! :D
    Can't wait to see both girls together.

    1. Thank you Musume. Frankly, I see several things I could/should have done differently. In the end I just wanted to be done with it. That said, today I made the mittens and took more photos. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow.