Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up January 9, 2016

Four of us attended yesterday's meet-up: Nerdy Victorian, Modern Wizard, Lyrajean and myself. There was much talk about actors and/or characters in the new Star Wars movie, although it took me a while to figure that out. That's what happens when you wait for movies to air on television. Frozen, which I saw for the first time on TV, was dismissed as being irrelevant, with no plot, uninteresting characters, laughable music, etc. And me sitting there with my newest FM60 dressed and faced-up to resemble Elsa.

Here are Modern Wizard's dolls: (top) Elfdoll Hana Angel head on Hujoo wings body; (bottom) IOS Infernale head on Angeldoll massive girl body, with a couple of teddy bear friends.
Lyrajean's dolls included: (top to bottom) Custom House Petite Ai Uriel and Sariel; Volks Date Masamune with Volks Dollfie World Cup #1; Bimong Meronica.
Nerdy Victorian brought: Mattel 17-inch Monster High Elissabat shown with Spiritdoll Stayne; Volks SD Kira shown with Maskcat Ronia.

My group included: Resin Ellowyne Wilde shown with 2007's vinyl Essential Ellowyne Redhead;
my Raccoon Doll crew, left to right: Sarah, Sweet Mocha Gene, Natural Mika, and Sweet Mocha Lucy;
and my Fairyland FeePle60 Moe Lacrima as Frozen's Elsa. Lacrima will get her own post in the next few days, as soon as I find a suitable backdrop fabric. The American Girl winter scene shown here is a little too short to allow her any sweeping arm movements.
I brought a second wig so Elsa could let her hair down. It's a new Monique Gold style called Bea.


  1. Love seeing the variety of dolls that turn up at meet-ups like this!

    1. The themes make the meetings fun, too, especially when the dolls come dressed to suit. Next month we'll celebrate Valentine's Day--expect hearts, chocolate, and lots of the color red.

  2. I hope I didn't say anything to dismiss Frozen...I don't think I did. I'm sorry for any insult that I caused.

    I hope you know that I always love checking out your latest sewing endeavors, whether they are inspired by movies or not, and it would be great to see "Elsa" and "Anna" together when you finish the Anna outfit. [Did you mention what you're going to do to replicate all that embroidery??]

    1. Don't worry--it wasn't you.
      I haven't started Anna. I'm still collecting materials. The embroidery will be either embroidery, applique or fabric paint. Embroidery would look best, but my skills are iffy. I'll need to practice first.