Sunday, January 3, 2016

Raccoon Gene and Lucy Home at Last

Although expected the Monday after Christmas, Gene and Lucy arrived a day later. Mind you I'm not complaining, because both girls were definitely worth the wait. Both are in a new resin color: Sweet Mocha. What can I say except it's gorgeous! Much like Iplehouse Real Skin resin, but a little pinker. That may just be the newness of it. I suspect my Real Skin Iples started out looking like this and then faded/yellowed a bit. Again I'm not complaining, because it's still a beautiful color.
Above is one of my earliest photos of Gene (on the left) and Lucy (right). Both are wearing the For My Doll wigs shown on their Raccoon Doll sales photos. I ordered Lucy's short wig and Raccoon included Gene's wig as a special gift. The girls are wearing the dresses shown in progress in my previous post. I decided after taking a few photos that I really didn't like the big flower on the front of Lucy's dress, so I replaced it with a smaller white flower.
Gene wearing a Monique Gold Pretty Girl wig (brown black blonde). She looks good no matter what style or color wig I put on her.

I love the new slim body. The only place it's slimmer is in the hips and thighs, which you can't see with the fuller dresses, but it's just enough to balance out the small bust. I haven't ordered a Raccoon Doll with the larger bust, so I'm not sure how the smaller hips and thighs affect the overall proportions there. I expect I'll be sticking with the slim body small bust from now on.

Lucy wearing Monique Gold Yuri (blue blonde). This girl has a very strong profile, with the most prominent nose of the four. I chose a camera angle that minimizes the ski jump effect. But for Musume, who wanted to see Lucy in profile, here is a semi-profile, which is as close as I can find in any of my photos:

Over the last few days the girls have switched wigs several times. Wigs are one of the fun things about collecting BJDs. You can change a doll's appearance completely by a change of hair color and style. I still need to photograph Lucy in her finished pantsuit, which she wears with the Monique Paris stripe punk wig. The only thing holding me up is that I want to make a hat to go with the suit. I should get to that today.
Coffee and a bagel for two.
Portrait with coffee cups.
And because someone on Den of Angels asked to see Gene as a blonde, here she is in Monique Gold's Shaine (champagne). I don't know if this wig naturally has a lot of flyaways or if the problem is static caused by winter dry air, but I couldn't tame this one. The color still looks great on her.

I'm looking forward to some sunshine so I can get better pictures. The weather has been gray all week, which limits my photo-taking to a few hours of bright gray light each day. I also want to take photos of all four Raccoon Dolls together--other than the one below, that is.
The eternal search for shoes that fit.

From left to right: Lucy in FairyLand MiniFee high heels; Gene in Iplehouse JID patent leather pumps (probably not real leather); Sarah in Iplehouse JID pink and gray pumps; Mika in Iplehouse JID patent leather heels with the ankle straps removed. The Iplehouse JID shoes are a tiny bit loose, so stockings help assure a more secure fit. The pink and gray pumps are the loosest, so I added felt insoles inside the shoes. The scale of the Iplehouse heels works well with these girls, and the arch is a perfect match. The MiniFee heels are a perfect fit on bare feet but will not accommodate stockings.
And one pair that didn't fit.

On the right (worn by Iplehouse KID Lisa) is a pair of shiny gold pumps from LeekeWorld in size D for 4.5cm feet. I had hoped that these would fit Raccoon girls' 4.7cm feet because the length of the shoe matched that of the MiniFee heels to the left. Unfortunately, Leeke gave only the height and length of the shoe, not the width, with the result that the LeekeWorld shoes were not wide enough to fit. It's not a total loss as Lisa gets to play dress up in shoes that actually fit her.

This week I need to get back to my Elsa Project. I feel some urgency because my FairyLand order status has changed to Before Shipping. Just my luck--the doll will be here before her outfit is finished. I only hope we get a short spell of warmer weather (i.e., above freezing, with no precipitation) so I can do her face-up.

While I'm in editing mode, here is Lucy's finished pantsuit with my silly little hat. It's an attempt at a garrison cap. I didn't use a pattern. I looked at a few online, then played it by ear. I forgot to add seam allowances, so it ended up smaller than intended in some parts.


  1. Congrats on getting your girls! The Sweet Mocha skintone is gorgeous!

    Both of your girls looks gorgeous, and the dresses fit perfectly! Would you show a profile pic of Lucy? I do love dolls with strong profiles!

    Can't wait to see your Elsa project :3 And will send you good vibes so your doll arrives soon!

    1. I have added a semi-profile of Lucy. I haven't taken a full profile yet. I have also added photos of the finished pantsuit.

      FairyLand has shipped my FM60 Lacrima, so of course I didn't do any sewing today. She'll have to wear something of Mirwen's when she arrives.

    2. Thank you! Oh, I do love that nose!!
      Congrats on the shipping of Lacrima, hope she arrives soon!

      I also tagged you on the Liebster Award, here:

    3. Thanks for the Liebster Award tag. I'll give some thought to the questions and answer them soon.

      Lacrima arrived on Wednesday and I finished her outfit yesterday. Now I'm on my way to present her as Queen Elsa from Frozen at a doll meet-up. I'll post photos!

  2. Congrats! They are so beautiful. A friend of mine just got her's and she has problems adjusting to the head size. I think they look perfect in the pictures.