Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mirwen Snow Queen

I'm always surprised when I look in my stash of unpainted heads and faceplates to see how many there are. Most are event gifts. I add one to the stash each time I order from FairyLand during an event. There is another coming with the Basic FM60 Lacrima I ordered. It's either MiniFee or LittleFee size but probably the latter, as I ordered the doll with no extras this time. (Lacrima is the doll I will be styling as Frozen's Elsa.)

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of a warm day (in December--yes!) to paint some faces.  As you may remember, I needed a third LittleFee elf to bring to the holiday meet-up. Luckily I had an unpainted Juri 2013 event faceplate that I was able to paint and put on LittleFee Lishe's body. Here she is. I'm quite happy with how she came out. She does have eyebrows, only you can't see them through the bangs. She will inhabit Lishe's body until I decide Lishe needs to come back.
Around the same time I saw a beautifully painted Mirwen sleep head on Den of Angels, which made me wonder if I had one. I don't always buy the sleep head with a FairyLand doll, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it. The trouble was it already had the default face-up. I remember I ordered it blank. FairyLand sent me an e-mail saying they had painted it by mistake and did I still want it. I accepted it as is, even though I didn't care for the face-up. It appears I placed it in the faceplate/head box and forgot about it.

So, on that same warm December day I wiped off the default paint and repainted it. I'm sorry now I didn't photograph it first to show the difference before and after. Essentially her makeup is now more subtle. When you think about it, what woman goes to sleep heavily made up? So I painted her using the principle of less is more. In my photos she wears a winter white gown trimmed in fur, with a matching hat and a white wig. I love the effect of white on white. It's perfect for a snow queen. Here she is. Enjoy!
Just for fun I played with some PhotoShop filters. The second photo has a light flare, the fourth has a diffuse glow, and the last has a blizzard effect. I also smoothed out her visible shoulder joint.


  1. Both Juri and Mirween turned out gorgeous!
    And I agree with you, white on white looks just perfect <3

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed painting both of them. I love Mirwen so much I made her my avatar both here and on DoA.