Sunday, December 6, 2015

Li'l Frost and the Starshine Elves

Before you go looking for actual dolls named Li'l Frost and the Starshine Elves, let me say that Li'l Frost is my LittleFee Shiwoo (wearing a Soso faceplate), while the Starshine Elves are Star (my LittleFee Ante Elf) and Shine (my LittleFee Lishe). Shine will soon become a Juri 2013 elf. For the time being she wears her default Lishe faceplate because I only got around to painting the Juri 2013 this afternoon. By the time I finished it was too dark to take photos.

Three outfits in progress
So why the role playing?  Next Saturday the Vermont Doll Lovers will hold our annual Christmas meet-up. My MiniFees are going as carolers, which doesn't require a change of character, only the addition of coats and boots.  I thought it would be fun to dress the LittleFees as Santa's elves, but as I started assembling fabrics and patterns a whole other story emerged. I'm using left-over, rejected and extra fabrics from the Elsa Project (I had to take a break from that in order to dress up the little ones) which means I have a lot of blue, blue-green and silver. Icy colors. So instead of Santa's elves we have Jack Frost's elves. They go about the countryside on Christmas eve touching everything with snow and frost to guarantee a white Christmas.

Tights (and leggings) done
With three costumes to make, I am working in assembly line fashion: three pairs of tights, three tops, three hats, three vests. It's quicker this way. Of course where I have a color change or a change from knit to woven fabric, I try to do all of each at one time. Anything to get it all done by Saturday. (I could have started sooner but I tend to procrastinate.)

The tights, tops and hats all come from the same pattern: Happy Little Jack-O-Lantern from The House of O'Brien. I've made the entire outfit before so didn't anticipate any problems. I guess I got lucky the first time and the knit I used was just the right weight. This time I hit a snag. One of my knits has two-way stretch only. The resulting tights might fit a PukiFee but they don't go up past a LittleFee's knees. The other knit has four-way stretch so I cut three pairs of tights without testing one first. They had to fit, right? The first pair was so tight going on that I didn't sew the feet on the other two. Abracadabra--leggings! With shoes you can't tell. The tops, on the other hand, fit just fine in both fabrics. The hats will be pinned to wigs, so fit is not an issue.
Shine's shirt is almost finished.

That leaves the vests--or tunic and dresses, I haven't decided. I'm using the bodice from 1800 Ange Ai by Adams-Harris Patterns. I'll probably attach a short skirt to it for the girls and something to turn it into a vest for Li'l Frost. You'll notice he is wearing sturdy shoes. That's because he will be donning roller skates for the meet-up. Though ice skates would be more in season, I don't have any in LittleFee size so we make do with what we have. Either way, he is guaranteed to terrorize the other meet-up attendees.


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love them all!!! Will you be posting photos of them finished? I am in NY and still want to get out to one of you guy's Vermont doll meets. It's about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive for me. Someday! You guys look like you have so much fun!!!

    1. Of course I'll be posting finished photos! :) We'd love to have you join us sometime. I'd suggest summer when the days are longer and you can make the trip by daylight. When I was in grad school in Albany, I used to drive back to northern Vermont every weekend. When there is something you want at the other end, it's not a long trip at all.

    2. Hi April. We'd love to have you! We welcome all doll lovers, no matter where they're from. If you want to follow the official VTDL blog with more photos, check it out here: