Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers November 2015 Meet-Up

How many of you forgot that we are now meeting monthly? To those who weren't there:  Missed you, but we had fun!

ModernWizard brought a groovy 60's style roombox designed for the American Girls Mini dolls and named, aptly enough, the AG Minis Groovy Room. The explosion of psychedelic colors extended to the neon colors of the occupants' hair.
I love how the walls show the influence of Piet Mondrian's abstract style. The dolls, from left to right, are Jujube (an Elfdoll 14cm Winky), Dorothy (an Elfdoll 14cm Dodo) and across from them Jeff (an Elfdoll 14cm Kai). I remember being tempted by these small dolls when they first came out. I didn't realize at the time how small they really are (14cm = 5.5 inches). The room is narrower at the far end than at the front, which gives a wider angle of view for photos. Way cool!
Her Submit, who previously sported an Elfdoll Doona Kathlen head sculpt, has acquired an Elfdoll Hana head and set of faceplates. Hana originally came in two versions, angel and devil. This is the devil set, and is another Elfdoll I wanted way back when. The angel set never appealed to me--the expressions seemed simpering. The faceplates in the devil set show more attitude.
Shown with Submit in the previous photo is a Mattel Megabloks Monster High playset, a small set designed for the Monster High dolls to play with. Works for other dolls, too, including DragonGems' hand sculpted 1:6 scale Russell, who was absolutely fascinated with all the interactive pieces in the set.
Russell felt the cold weather coming on and dressed for the occasion in a new hoodie, distressed jeans and knit cap that DragonGems made for him. She also made the man purse. Here's another view:
Except for the way he's dressed he reminds me of a realtor I once worked for.  My boss was more into the professional 3-piece suit look.

I brought six dolls to the meeting. Oops! Make that seven. I added one more before leaving the house. First up is Wilde Imagination's Resin Ellowyne Wilde. I bought Ellowyne as a blank doll, which gave me the opportunity to paint her myself. Not sure if this is her final look, but she likes it for now. She is wearing the Robe Nuage dress I blogged about earlier.
Also appearing at her first meet-up is Dollmore's Judith Girl Arasa Blue Zinna, my fabulous Russian Princess. She goes by the name Zora. Dollmore's Dollpire Kid Shiloh makes a reappearance, this time in period dress and a different wig as her undead love interest, Count Timofey. He may look younger than she does, but the child vampire is at least 200 years older. Unfortunately he is also hungry and keeps trying to nip at her wrist, to her embarrassment and displeasure.
"Not in front of everyone, Timofey. Have you no discretion?"
"Just a sip, Zora dearest. To remind you that you belong to me."
"Behave yourself. We are being observed."
"So luscious. So forbidden. Your words stab me to the quick."
"Melodramatic little turd," thinks Dollmore's Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna, standing behind them. "How can she stand to let him touch her?"
Alida, my Maxima Suntan Zinna, is wearing the denim suit I sewed for her. She popped a button as soon as we arrived. The metal studs attach via prongs that pierce the fabric and are bent down on the other side. Apparently the jacket waistband was too thick to allow the prongs to attach securely.
RaccoonDoll Mika (on the right) is making her Meet-Up debut. RaccoonDoll Sarah (on the left) has returned to keep her company. I took a knitting class last week--mainly as a refresher because I hadn't knit in so long I couldn't remember how to start. The day before the meet-up I decided to knit a cape or shawl for Mika. I have a large stash of yarn from abandoned craft projects and from it I chose an eyelash yarn to match her dress. It worked up into a thick, lush, almost faux fur-like fabric. But was it ever hard to do! I kept finding extra loops on my needle, no doubt from picking up eyelash threads instead of yarn, and had to stop frequently to count and decrease. There was no pulling rows out, because I couldn't see the loops to put them back on. It was full steam ahead regardless of the consequences. Luckily, the result couldn't have looked better. Yay, me!
Sarah pretends to be Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate. As for Mika, well, sometimes a girl likes to show a little leg. (A little?)
Meanwhile, looking grandly out of scale is Iplehouse nYID Oscar in his Imperial Guard uniform. Oscar was disappointed not to find any larger girls at the meet-up. ("Just when I get a few hours leave, all the cool girls are gone.") Hmm, maybe Sarah is trying to get his attention rather than channeling Marilyn Monroe. Come to think of it, that might account for Mika's leg thrust, too. Ellowyne wants to know: "Are you making fun of me?  He's twice my size!"
Ignoring the female commotion he had caused, Oscar stalked to the other side of the room to sulk.

For more photos of this meet-up, see ModernWizard's blog:

Next meeting is Saturday, December 12th. It's time for our annual Christmas extravaganza!

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