Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Second Raccoon Doll - Natural Mika

I hope Raccoon slows down a bit, because my wallet can't keep up with him.  Of course, no one said I had to buy every doll he sculpts.  And I have to save up in case the next one he sculpts is the one I have to have above all else.
Raccoon Doll's box illustration
That said, I couldn't resist Mika.  She was offered in two versions:  Natural Mika (with a softer makeup) and Qipao Mika (with more dramatic makeup).   As much as I loved the Qipao version, the makeup reminded me too much of Sarah's, so I went with Natural.
Mika's box of goodies

Sarah arrived almost three weeks to the day after I ordered her, with no advance shipping notice.  Same thing with Mika.  What's funny is that in each case the doll arrived, a couple of days later I got a notice of delivery, followed by a second notice of delivery, and a day after that a shipping notice.  I think Raccoon's computer program needs tweaking to reverse the order and timing of those notices.
Mika in Qipao

Natural Mika is a sweet Asian beauty with a partly open mouth showing a bit of teeth.  Normally I don't care for toothy dolls, although my collection holds exceptions like the sultry Judith Dolls, the impish RealPuki Soso, and the lovely Narae, who gets so little of my time.  (One of these days I'll have to remedy that.)  Mika looks ever so slightly amused.
Wearing Monique Yuri wig in Blonde/Blue

I ordered the Qipao with the doll so that she would have something that fits her right out of the box.  I do have a few outfits that I have bought or sewn since Sarah's arrival, but I wanted something uniquely Mika's.  From the moment I tried to dress her in it, however, the Qipao gave me trouble.  Thank goodness for the top snap, because that was the only fastening that worked.  The frog closure has too small a loop for the size of the ball.  The bead loops are too loose to hold the beads securely.  No sooner would I loop one and move on to the next, then the previous one would pop open.  I sewed snaps between the beads, which seems to have solved the problem.  I also had to re-attach one of the beads when the thread's knot pulled through the fabric to the outer side.
Wearing Monique Paris wig in Stripe Punk, a brown/blonde combination

In addition, the armholes were sewn so tightly that I had to ease one seam open in order to get Mika's arm through it.  I e-mailed Raccoon to let him know of the problems.  He e-mailed back that he checked all the Qipao and fixed the problem.  He also awarded me some points (used for discounts) as recompense for my trouble.  That was super nice of him.  I didn't expect anything like that when I wrote; I merely wanted him to be aware of the fit issues.
Mika's high heel shoes

A few days after I ordered Mika, Raccoon listed her black high heels for sale.  I meant to add them to my order but forgot.  Imagine my happy surprise when Mika's box revealed an extra item labeled "Gift".  The black high heels!  Thank you, Raccoon!  The shoes have a substantial platform base, which makes Mika taller than Sarah in her MiniFee heels.  That actually works well in the scheme of things.  Put any two people together--how likely is it that they will be exactly the same height?
Sarah (wearing Monique's Jojo in Brown Blonde) and Mika

Raccoon's first two girls--Sarah and Lucy--have not been re-offered for sale.  The two Mikas, however, are an open edition, as is the newest girl, White Emma.  I have not ordered Emma.  I see a slight asymmetry in her sculpt that bothers me.  I had the same problem with Iplehouse Lahela.  As soon as I perceived that she had one eye smaller than the other, I couldn't un-see the asymmetry and ended up selling her.  I know people's faces are not perfectly symmetrical, but there you are.  When it comes to a doll I need both eyes to be the same size and shape.  *Edited to add that Raccoon has added a Black Emma to the dolls available.  Her makeup is reminiscent of Lucy's pin-up makeup but with darker red lips.  The heavy black eye makeup actually makes the eyes look the same size.  I'm in trouble.
I think I prefer the Paris style for her.

I still have a number of dolls listed for sale on Den of Angels.  Until they find new homes, I won't be ordering anyone new.  The last order I placed was for a basic edition FairyLand F60 Lacrima:  no outfit, no wig, no face-up, no extras of any kind.  It's the only way I could afford her.  She'll need high heel feet, which I don't believe are included in the basic doll.  I'd better check and then order them separately.  After that I'll be sitting on my hands so I don't press any more Buy buttons.

Now I'm off to finish sewing a dress and jacket for Resin Ellowyne.  I just need to close up the jacket lining and add embellishments to both pieces.  The pattern includes a hat and purse.  Maybe I'll make them.  Or not.  We'll see.


  1. ooo Mika is gorgeous! Those Raccoon dolls are a treasure! (And the box still amuses me) :) Congratulations!

  2. Thank you! The box amuses me, too. That's why I showed it again. :)

  3. Hi, how did you address any customs issues? I have not had this experience and I would like to order a Raccoon Mika next year. I live in California.

    1. Hi Susan,
      There are no customs issues. US Customs classifies dolls as toys and there is no customs duty on toys.