Sunday, October 4, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 8

At another time, in a palace deep in a great Northern forest, the characters assemble:
Dollmore Judith Girl Arasa Blue Zinna as Princess Zora
Dollmore Judith Girl Bitter Biscuit Zinna as Countess Oksana

Princess Zora awaits the arrival of her gown so that she can finish dressing.  While she waits she picks out a plaintive melody on her bouzouki.
Before long the Countess Oksana, her Lady-in-Waiting and cousin, enters the bedchamber with the Princess's finery.
Oksana:  I've heard more cheerful music at a funeral.  You're not still moping over Kolya's disappearance, are you?
Zora:  I miss him.
Oksana:  He'll return when it suits him.  He always does.  Now put aside your instrument so I can dress you.
Zora:  Yes, cousin.
Zora:  I wish Timofey Grigorevich would return.  I have not seen him for several months.
Oksana:  He is another one who comes and goes as he pleases.  Such is the way of men, Zora.
Zora:  I wish I could come and go as I please.
Oksana:  You are a woman and a Princess.  Your place is here.
Zora:  But as a Princess, may I not command the ones I love to attend me when I wish it?
Oksana (stifles a chuckle):  You may command them, but don't be surprised if they don't obey you.
Zora:  Kolya belongs to me.  He should come at my command.  If he doesn't, it may be that something has happened to him.  And Timofey...
Oksana: a dangerous man who obeys no one but himself.  If he stays away from the palace I say good riddance to him.
Zora:  You don't know him as I do.  If you did, you wouldn't say such things.
As Zorah leaves the room, Oksana stops to put away the bouzouki.
Oksana:  Ah, my sweet cousin.  If you knew Timofey as I do, you'd stay away from him.  He is no good for you.
He is no good at all.

To be continued...


  1. Intrigue, romance and beautiful gowns! You have it all <3

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed putting this one together.

  2. Wow.... the room setting in this photostory is beautiful! Intriguing beginning, as well.

    1. Thank you. The search to find just the right fabric for the "wallpaper" held up the start of the story. That and the bouzouki. I really wanted a balalaika but couldn't find one in the right size.

  3. Wow!
    Ps. I've never heard of a bouzouki but that is awesome too!

    1. Hey Julie! A bouzouki is a plucked lute related to the mandolin. From the shape and the decoration, I'd say this one is based on the Greek bouzouki. There is also an Irish bouzouki. The instrument resembles the Russian domra (also related to the mandolin), which plays melody in balalaika ensembles.