Sunday, October 11, 2015

Impulse Buy: Resin Ellowyne Wilde

Years ago I collected Ellowyne Wilde fashion dolls.  I would have kept them once I got into resin, except that I had no room to display them.  As far as I'm concerned a doll in her box is a doll I may as well not own, because if I can't see her I can't enjoy her.  So I sold all the vinyl Ellowynes but one, a basic redhead.  I planned to sell her, too, once I found her stockings and the missing half of her powder puff.  (Still looking for those.)
My interest was reawakened when Wilde Imagination announced their first resin Ellowyne.  Breathlessly I awaited the photos, only to feel let down when they appeared.  Yes, she was resin, but I didn't care for her.  Considering the high price, her styling just didn't appeal to me.  I could have purchased her anyway, wiped off her makeup and repainted her, but that seemed a waste of money.  I put resin Ellowyne out of my mind.
Fast forward to October 5, 2015 when I received an email with the intriguing subject line: The Wilde Imagination Body Shop Is Open!  Body shop?  Unsure if this meant headless bodies or something like a doll hospital, I opened the message to discover that blank resin Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly dolls were available.  I followed the link to the website.  Even better!  The price was reasonable.  No wig, no makeup, no costume--just a basic doll ready to customize.  The price includes two pairs of acrylic half-round eyes, not that I need them.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how picky I am about my resin dolls.  The workings of elbows and knees should appear as nearly seamless as possible.  I want to marvel at how smooth an elbow looks in motion, not see an ugly display of mechanics.  How likely am I to buy a doll whose engineering isn't demonstrated in plenty of photos?  Not very.  And yet I ordered Ellowyne based on a single front view photo showing no motion other than a slight crook of one elbow and one knee.
She was ordered on Monday, shipped on Tuesday, received and painted on Thursday, photographed on Saturday (only because it rained all day Friday) and now blogged on Sunday.  How's that for speed?  Unlike Asian dolls that are manufactured only after an order is placed, the resin Ellowynes are in stock in the US for immediate shipment.  I'm so accustomed to waiting months for new dolls that my head is spinning!  One caveat:  this is a Limited Edition of only 50 dolls for 2015.  Depending on how they sell, I expect she'll be back in 2016 or later.
Ellowyne's promo photo makes it hard to see her joint lines, so I couldn't wait to unbox her and see for myself.  First of all, her resin is silky smooth, with all seams sanded.  I was afraid that my basic doll would have a minimum number of joints.  What a surprise to find that she has almost as many joints as my Judith Dolls!  The real surprise was the swivel (i.e., mobility) joint in the upper arms.  Nice touch.  She has them in the upper thighs, too.  There is a three-part torso, which aids in sitting and in slouchy poses.
The elbows are not perfect but better than some I've seen.  The peanut shaped piece between the upper and lower arm has a small cap that helps soften the line when the elbow is bent.  The knee has a cap that can be maneuvered to hide the string, which is nice, but the fact remains that the upper leg piece still ends in a sharp edge that looks weird under stockings and tights. (See photo above.)  The ankle joint is a poor fit.  The ball at the end of the foot does not go all the way into the lower leg piece.  It's a space where stockings or shoe straps can get caught.
Resin Ellowyne's hands are larger than those on the vinyl dolls.  While they look nice, they make it hard to dress her.  I was looking forward to seeing her in the Ellowyne Wilde fashions I have accumulated over the years, so I was unhappy to find that I couldn't get her hands through any tops with narrow sleeves or that ended in fitted wrists.  It's possible to remove her hands to dress her, but that involves fiddling with tiny S-hooks and tight, narrow elastic.  Frankly, that's too much trouble for the average collector.  Only one of my outfits fits her, thanks to cuffs that snap closed.  Thank goodness I have a pile of patterns--also accumulated over the years--that I have been using with other dolls.  Looks like I'll be doing a lot of sewing.
Resin Ellowyne wears size 6-7 wigs in Monique Gold and other stretchy styles.  I have not yet tried her in hardcap styles from other makers. She wears 12mm eyes.  She fits into vinyl Ellowyne shoes without stockings.  In some pairs the arch of her foot does not appear to fit the arch of the shoe, but if you move her foot back towards the heel of the shoe the fit is better.  Vinyl Ellowyne's boots fit well with stockings.
All-in-all I am very pleased with her.  If I could make one suggestion to the folks at Wilde Imagination, it would be to make flat feet available, too.  Right now she comes only with heel feet.  It would be nice to let her go barefoot sometimes.

*Wigs shown are a Jpopdolls Kana Wavy (two tone with bangs), and Monique Gold Pretty Girl (dark) and Ginger (light).  Endangered Species (butterfly catcher) outfit from Wilde Imagination; Plaisirs d'Ete (halter dress with bloomers) pattern from MHD Designs.


  1. Congrats on getting her! And wow, that was a fast shipping!
    Your girl is really cute, I hope you will share more of her :D

    1. Thank you! I will definitely share her again, especially as I begin to make outfits for her. And seeing as she is off topic at Den of Angels (fashion doll), this is the only place where I will be able to show her off.

  2. Do you find her joints unstable? I sold a nude Weeping Violets Ellowyne because I couldn't stand how hard it was to pose her (I think her stringing was tight,and the high heeled-feet didn't help with her stability), but miss her now. Thinking of getting another resin Ellowyne but wondering if she'll have the same problem.

  3. I haven't noticed a problem with her joints. If anything I'm disappointed that because of her hands I can't get her into most Ellowyne fashions. I'm spoiled by my MiniFees, whose hands are held on with magnets that come off easily for dressing. I would sell Ellowyne except I don't want to deal with ebay.